Friday, May 08, 2009

Friday Funnies

We had a bunch of random pictures, but no real coherent post to pull them together. So (taking a hint from Mimi), joining Friday Funnies should be, well... fun!

It all started when I headed to a sandwich shop to grab one of their famous lunches for Mr. Daddy. The business next door had a large truck covering part of their sign.

I did a doubletake, then a tripletake, then broke out the camera.

Nothing too exciting, right?

Well, what if that truck had been positioned perfectly?

Yes, this is most definitely is a PG-rated blog; but you'll understand when I gasped, then started laughing to myself. I'd heard of other "excuses", you know: honeymoon, anniversary, babymaking, make-up, etc. I had never heard of Payday S*x.
I am cringing to see the first comment from Mr. Daddy on this one...


And nevermind the bigger sign below - which definitely ties into that double entendre above... but check out that little feed store sign.

I'm thinking Mr. Daddy didn't realize he could have gotten me on sale :)
(though, you know, I figure you should buy the best you can afford, right?)

And literally two blocks south, was this feed store's sign. Apparently it's chick season?

Whoa buddy. Though it might be tempting to save on chick supplies (which in my book include all manner of primping items plus a particular piece of jewelry - and over a lifetime these are gonna cost some major $$), you gotta realize that FIVE chicks are bad news. You're gonna get pecked to death.


All of these pictures were taken on the same stretch of road (see why Mr. Daddy likes living outside of town?) , but I saved the best for last...

I took some righteous glee in this last shot.
See y'all... the recession does have some GOOD effects!

When it puts the adult industries out of business, you know it's serious.
Can I get a WHOO-HOO for this one folks?

(nope, not even going to apologize for being firmly convinced that nakey-butt should not be a business)

Though I will spare you the litany of "ooh, I wonder what HALF-OFF means?" comments from a witty Mr. Daddy.
I'm pretty darn certain you'll come up with some good ones yourselves :)

Thanks for playing along!


Kim @ Homesteader's Heart said...

Man I'd be cracking up all the way down that road! LOL.
Thanks for playing along and come back any time!
Happy Friday

Mr. Daddy said...

Ok DEAR!!!!
Does that mean I have to wait for payday??? Or is this just another ploy by the government to STIMULATE the economy??

And DEAR.. all other chicks might be 40% off but you are priceless... :o)

(and to offset that one & why can't I just quit when I am ahead????)

being pecked to peices by one chick is plenty enough to deal with...LOL
(love you madly DEAR)

And you just got to wonder???? what happened to their STIMULUS package??

Alicia W. said...

I needed this laugh today! Go by my blog when you get a moment and let me know what your favorite 80's thing is.. Some of the comments are hilarious!

Sarah said...

You are hilarious! You had me rolling!

He & Me + 3 said...

Gotta love some crazy signs. Those were priceless. You are too funny and then reading Mr. Daddy's comments top it all off! LOL

Pam D said...

Hilarious, girlfriend... although it seems as though you have a one-track mind right now. (not that Mr. Daddy is complaining, right?) And wow.. paradise at half price? What a deal! (now I've got that song "They paved paradise, and put up a parking lot" running through my head.. oh no!)

Mr. Daddy said...

Pam D. You have no idea girl, I took my walker for a stroll the other day to her office, I walk in to a cat that got the canary look from Rach, and some very lascivious looks from her co-workers..

I couldn't get that puppy turned around and outa there fast enough..

It qualified all three of them for an immediate if not sooner refresher course in Diversity training...

And anyone that believes that a guy can not be harassed by the feminine gender, is not living in the 21 century. ROFL

Elaine at Matters of the Heart) said...

I am rolling in laughter over here. The photos were funny enough, but then you add Mr. Daddy's commentary, and it is just hilarious. You two are a great pair.

Rachel said...

Oh DEAR... did you really want to start this?

The funny conversation that Mr. Daddy walked in on had to do with the recent post about Mr. Daddy getting mistaken for Itty Bit's grandpa. So... the conversation quickly morphed into his previous concerns that people would make assumptions why a younger chick would marry him...

You see where this is going?

I had nothing to do with the iterrogation that occured once my lovely coworkers couldn't stop giggling.

And I knew you guys would all crack me up :)

Pam D said...

Heh... just how bold WERE your girlfriends? Inquiring minds want to know.... (Mr. Daddy, I'm thinkin' that for Father's Day, Rachel needs to get you a Segway to replace that walker. Totally hip, baby... or "DOPE!!" as Randy Jackson would say).

Rachel said...

Ay-yi-yi... so much for this being a PG blog, eh?

Can I just preface this by saying it was the end of a VERY long and hellish workweek.

Basically the two options that were bantered about, were that people would assume that Mr. Daddy was either loaded, or ... gee... umm... ahem... "blessed".

(girl, I am totally BLUSHING right now!)

So of course they were going to ask Mr. Daddy if he was loaded. The poor man had no clue what he was walking into.

And yes - those Segways are totally dope! ;)

Mr. Daddy said...

AAAAaahhhhh! Pam D.
they were plenty bold alright...And I suddenly feel no need for a walker or segway.

It's a MIRACLE!!!! I'm telling you..

And company policy is that the three deviants in question go to immediate if not sooner Diversity training class. said...

Thanks for the endorphine release!!!

Loved these!

Unknown said...

Oh my goodnessyou guys are a hoot! Happy Mother's Day Rachel!

Paige said...

You guys are cracking me up!

Pam D said...

Hmmm. I think we'll just leave it at that. Because the road of tmi almost always leads to the land of regret. But there's no going back...
But it was fun hearing about the great Mr. Daddy revival... and just know that I have a "big" imagination.... heh.

"Hello... It's Me Again..." said...

Thanks for the laugh!

Anonymous said...




I can't...



The post was bad enough, but then the COMMENTS! BAHAHAHAHA!!

And shame on all of you guys for forgetting what a RACK Mr Daddy has! ;)

And that's all folks, this chick's headed to's....


I couldn't help it...

Carebear said...

Oh my goodness. I go to work for ONE day and THIS is what I miss?! You just tell those girls you married Mr. Daddy for his big... vocabulary, LOL!

Lisa said...

Carebear's comment TOTALLY cracked me up! Sincer her and Mr. Daddy have a running dictionary thing going. Oh, my. That just reminded me of an at least PG-13 if not NC17 TST post! I will have to pass, since my family reads the blog daily.... lets just say the words "Spelling Bee" and "Misspelling of 'diction' THREE times in a row" was HILARIOUS to us 7th graders. Gee, you guys put my mind in the gutter! LOL LOVED the pictures, too, by the way.

Pam said...

Love all the pictures. How did you ever get home with all of the stops?

And I'll refrain from commenting any further because everyone before me has done such a stupendous job, there's nothing more I could add!

Oh, other than, you two absolutely crack me up! Especially when you begin to spar in the comments. It's like having a ring-side seat! L.O.V.E. I.T.!!!!

Y'all have a great weekend,

brian said...

"Chick supplies"

If only it were that easy!

Stacy said...

You guys are too funny! I love seeing those signs with double meaning, too. :)