Saturday, May 16, 2009

Giveaway Winner!

You guys rock!

We ended up with a five way tie! You guys are really good at digging for useless obscure information :)

The five super-duper Private Investigators (that joke was for you, Lisa!) were:



Here are the answers - they're linked them to the original posts:

Of the two horses, which one is the fraidy-cat? (March 2009)

Kona is the fraidy-cat. She’s on the left in the original picture from March 2009, but on the right in this picture. Cassie has a shorter head and bigger star; Kona's a bit taller.


What creepy-crawly did Itty Bit befriend in Hawaii? (May 2007)

He freaked out far less than his momma did about the little geckos. It was worse after someone told me they make chirping sounds! For some reason, I just kept seeing those big bad raptors from Jurassic Park, LOL.


What is Mr. Daddy’s favorite ice cream? (March 2008)

The one and only Ben & Jerry’s Cherry Garcia. But I am totally with ya Kameron, gimme some coffee ice cream! Though if you’re still enjoying that right now, your little one is gonna be one handful!


What melted in our last heat wave? (August 2008)

Yup, it was butter. Y’all got this one right. UGH!


What was Rach’s wrecked car’s name? (March 2008)

(sniff sniff), yes – it was Ducky. Somehow a Sonic Blue one just doesn’t drive the same. We had some good times girl.


What did Rach’s dad do with her school supplies according to his letter to her at camp? (September 2008)

Ah yes, dear old dad. That letter was a classic, and the icing on the cake was him telling me that my mother gave away my precious school supplies to an orphan. Not like I wouldn’t have shared or anything… but there’s just something about brand new school supplies. Am I the only one who got excited about that? Nevermind…


Which favorite candy of Itty Bit’s prompted an entire picture story? (October 2008)

OY! Heaven forbid we should run out of Peanut M&M’s! This one he actually gets from Mr. Daddy – I like ‘em, but he LOVES ‘em!


What was Mr. Daddy wearing when he and Rach first met? (October 2008)

Okay, so y’all found that story where I was a total dork and could barely get my name out when I met the guy.
Well, I was still trying to wrap my mind around his funny getup – while he was grinning at me and his blue eyes were twinkling. Think he knew that 10 years later we’d be married?
Yup, he was wearing welding coveralls and a silly conductor hat. With a soot-covered face, mind you.
If only I could find a picture…


Which five guys joined Rach in the shower? (October 2008)

Gee… did that question have no shock value or what? Y’all just came right out with the answers :) Chicka, Lightning McQueen, Snot Rod, Ramone and Sheriff were my surprise shower guests.


What is Itty Bitty’s bedtime dance? No way we would have posted a video of it??? (November 2008)

Ahh yes… that was six months ago and the kid did the very same thing last night. He loves him some hopping and running in circles until he falls down.
Please tell me this is something they outgrow?


What bit of wildlife did Mr. Daddy snap on his cell phone and submit as his SOOC contribution? (December 2008)

This was that cool owl he managed to catch on his cellphone. Still amazed that he got that close!


What local natural disaster did Rach freak out about after New Year’s? (January 2009)

The flooding that came up through the back pasture (which honestly, is more like a large backyard) was WAAAY too close for comfort. Though I did get a kick out of seeing the neighbors in a boat with a bb gun, “fishing”…


What dizzying job does Mr. Daddy get to perform? (February 2009)

He is a tower monkey when they need an extra hand setting up rigging and aligning dishes. He is safe with it, but always comes home looking like a little kid who spent the day at Disneyland.


What’s happening in this picture? (April 2009)

Yep – all of you got this one. My sweet aunt was about to get that blown egg smashed on her head. Definitely a favorite family tradition!


How much did Itty Bitty weigh when we brought him home? (Tough question - tiny mention in July 2008...)

He was 5 pounds even when we brought him home. It is still shocking to see preemie clothes at stores and remember that they were still big on him. According to his numbers though, he’s supposed to grow to be over 6’… I’m guessing he’s caught up?

So… you know I goofed at first and didn’t set up the comments for moderation. Which meant that the only way I could get Lisa’s answers out-of-sight was to delete them (sorry, and thanks for reminding me). So I re-posted her answers so you could see them. Dang she was fast!

A bunch of answers made us laugh… we had a hard time choosing.

But Kameron don’t cry – you had us both giggling with the butt-crack comment (and you were right that the date was wrong)… so you’re the proud owner of a $20 Amazon giftcard!

I’d say, “send me your email address”, but I kinda sorta already have it, since I bought those cute t-shirts from you!

So congratulations Kam! (And go congratulate her on her recent pregnancy announcement!)

Thank you so much for playing along. And sorry I shamed y’all into it :) Well, not really…


Lisa said...

Wow! 5 way tie! That is some great PI work, you are right! ;) We would have made Magnum proud. I had forgot I had to search somewhere different for the owl photo... i was all over your page that night, lol, I couldn't tell ya where I found stuff, even though you had it labeled! LOL LOVED this game. I like finding useless, I mean obscure information! I would do one of these again with out the prize at stake! LOL Congrats to Kam!!!! and all the other tie-people! And thanks for the comment on the prayer request on my blog. Also please remember the other boy that was in the jeep, who I am sure feels beyond terrible about the whole thing.

Kameron said...

Woo hoo! I love winning! I never win! I'm super excited. Like I said before, it was time consuming, but a really fun way to get to know you better. You and Mr. Daddy are truly a hoot! Thanks for the contest! said...

Wow, how did I get so many answers wrong "O


I couldn't find that owl pix, just a reindeer mauling you! OH well!

I'm glad I got a chance to know you guys better!


Elyse said...

LOVED the hunt for the answers :) Just wanted to let you know that I tagged you on my blog :)

Sandi said...

This was a lot of fun! Congrats to Kameron :-)

Shana Putnam said...

Hey, iwanted to do your contest but just did not have time to dig for answers. Next time I will be ready though!! The horse in my sidebar is Samurai and you almsot had it correct. He is Quarab, half quarter horse half arabian. he is beautiful though and he was a rescue also. Go figure. He was almsot 500 lbs underweight when we bought him from someone who obviously knew nothing of horse except he knew what his breed was. He said, well he had a little grass. WHAT?! So anyway now I call him barrel because his belly looks like a barrel.

He & Me + 3 said...

Yea Kam! That is awesome. She is a sweetie.
Tough questions...the ones from way back before I started reading.

Alicia W. said...

Congrats to everyone! This was such a funny post. Love it!

Killlashandra said...

Wow that was a heck of blog scavanger hunt that's for sure! Congrats to the winner indeed.

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