Wednesday, May 27, 2009

I never thought this would happen to me

I really debated posting about this.

Cuz I don't know quite where it fits.

Sure, it could be a goofy one where I lay it out and everyone laughs at with me.

Or a political one where I brave the waters of possibly offending every single one of you.

Just as easily, it could flip into the religion category with the same result.

Eh, enough overthinking:


We went to the park on Memorial Day - determined to spend some time outside in the sunshine with the 489 other families who had the same thought.

As we attempted to keep an eye on our combined three little ones (in the midst of a whirling vortex of screaming and running children playing on a giant pirate ship), my sister bumped into someone she knew.

She introduced us,

Hey Brandi, this is my sister.
Sis, this is Brandi.
Hi Brandi, nice to meet you.

Nice to meet you too.
Do you guys know eachother from school?
No, work.


Yep, I'm quite the conversationalist, eh? Especially when trying to lipread while also keeping an eye on a speed-of-light 3-year old.

(Yeah, I never told you about that bonus eye, huh? Comes in handy)

So I go racing off after Itty Bit and figure the little conversation is over.

Well, it was for me.

Apparently my sis ended up with quite a bit more conversation.

(cue dramatic music)

(or rather, the JAWS themesong)

They finished their conversation as Mr. Daddy, me, and my mom pushed Itty Bit and May-May on the swings.

Nothing could have prepared me for what came next.

So... she gave me her number.
For you.
(laughing hysterically)

Seriously, WHAT?
This is not funny.

(laughing hysterically)

You know she's a lesbian, right She thinks you're hot.

Does she know that man and that kid belong to ME?


Yeeeeeah... she says she likes them that way.


Yeah, she's into that.

No wait - I'm HAPPILY married - with a little kid.

I know, I told her that.
She just said you were hot and she'd make a convert outta you.


So, take your best shot.
Laugh while you can.
Mr. Daddy won't let it go.
He keeps pointing other women out, "so, is SHE your type?", followed by obnoxious junior high guffaws.


Hey, I warned you.
This is where the post flips around.

I wasn't flattered.
Sure, I was embarrassed.

And before anyone leaves comments accusing me of being homophobic - can I please say that I'm not. Look into my life - see my (straight and non-straight) friends, and ask them. Just because I don't agree with the majority of pro-gay/lesbian politics - doesn't automatically make me a homophobe - it means I have opinions.

Those opinions are based on what I believe my Bible says. It speaks strongly about this lifestyle. And it speaks strongly of ANY sin. Which every single person is guilty of. I am no better or worse - because I am imperfect. But again - not homophobic.

So what really bothered me this week... was the cavalier attitude that this woman displayed. Her enthusiasm to demolish something that was so precious to me. For what?

And through my disgust, I felt prompted to pray for her. All I could think of was how we get ONE shot at this life... and how sad it was that hers was wrapped up in this game. Did she have anyone she was committed to? Anyone who was committed to her? No. Only time after time of violent altercations with people who once had been temporary attractions. Just seemed like meaningless damage.

So while I'm still getting razzed about this - maybe it was a divine encounter. I actually wondered, as I prayed - if anyone in her life was praying for her. How easily I take for granted the fact that I can type a few words and friends around the globe will ask for God's hand in my life.

So I'm grateful. For you friends in my life.

And still praying.

And kicking Mr. Daddy every time he giggles.


Mr. Daddy said...

"O" DEAR!!!!! *snicker*, snort,.....

OUCH!!!! Ok Ok.... Sorry..

HE hehe..

Rachel said...

You are SO bad!

Just knew you'd hop right on and start making fun of me. And I still can't believe you actually made mom snicker too.

:) Though I do love you madly... you know, in case any lesbians are reading this...

Lisa said...

Oh my goodness... I am getting tickled at Mr. Daddy, but agree with you totally. What on earth was this woman thinking? If it had been a man, which it could just of easily been, would everyone (ESPECIALLY Mr. Daddy) think this was so funny? Well, Mr. Daddy might would have, lol, but it would definitely be looked at in a different light. I have gay friends also, and they know where I stand. It is difficult because people judge you for having gay friends when they are just sinners. No different than any other sinners, just doing something more public that we do not like. Gee, I guess I should have made my own post! LOL Well, at least you haven't "lost it" yet! and now you have someone else to pray for.

Shanda said...

I can see why it caused you so much thought before writing. I think you handled it all very well.

It is definitely a wake up call to the world in which we are living. I'm glad that you are able to pray for her AND that Mr. Daddy can be reminded of the valuable treasure that he has in you ;). (Now don't go taking my *wink* all funny or anything!) :)

Stacy said...! I totally see where you are coming from, too. I think anyone that has such casual relationships is only doing damage to themselves in the long run. They end up old and alone with no strong ties to look to from their past.

Oh, and Mr. Daddy...behave! ;)

Pam said...

You did the right thing. You did exactly what He asks of us...Pray for our brothers and sisters.

This person obviously has no concerns for anyone other than herself and what her desires are. That's sad.

My friend and I get that razzing frequently from her hubby because we're always together and we both have such short hair(not that you'd know that because I don't think there's a pic of myself on my blog. HA!). It all seems like fun and games (and annoying) until something like this happens. Crazy, huh?!

Susan said...

Loved the way you told this story! Having long-time educated myself on the plentiful medical information on what causes hetero- and homosexuality, my opinion is that it is a biological issue, rather than a biblical issue. I, too, have gay friends who I respect and who respect me, despite that difference in us. However, on a social level, everything this woman did was dead wrong. Had you been giving her clear signals that you were interested in her, which clearly you were NOT, then I could understand her confusion and response. She stepped WAAAAAY over the line with her careless disregard for you or your feelings because of her own self-interest and cavalier (yes, that was the perfect word!) attitude. She should be educated on how to be more respectful of others. Hard to believe she just met you and then insulted you that way, not caring that you obviously are not biologically wired the same as she. Her social manners leave a lot to be desired. It is entirely appropriate to say prayers for this woman to seek and find guidance--she clearly doesn't "get" the boundaries of simple acquaintanceship and could use some direction on thinking outside herself.

The bad thing is that Mr. Daddy is going to get a LOT of mileage out of this. Trust me....the tables will turn eventually. Such is life...especially when there are scores to settle. Are you listening, Mr. Daddy? Watch your back... :o)

Elyse said...

Well allbedarn...Mr. Daddy's comment surely cracked me up! I really have no idea what to say! Ummmmm..... I totally agree too what the bible says and am still at a loss for words...oh boy!

Kameron said...

The way I look at it, it would have been just as insulting if a guy did that, right? Some peol just seem to have a complete disregard for morality and boundaries. Why would anyone think it would be ok to tell your sister they were interested in an obviously happily married mom? Sometimes I just question people's sanity.

He & Me + 3 said...

I would have to agree with Kameron on this one. I also think it great that you are praying for her. Sounds like she is in need of prayer.
& someone else is in need of a good ole butt whoopin. LOL I'm kidding Mr. Daddy.

Elaine at Matters of the Heart) said...

Love that you are praying for her. I love how you handled this post...

Oh, and I can only imagine the fun Mr. Daddy is having with all of this.

Jaime said...

I have to admit, I laughed out loud! Not at the actual situation, but at the way you posted it. :-)

It's a shame that people don't understand boundaries. Like someone else said, it would be rude for another man to "hit on you" like that when you're obviously married. Wrong is wrong and that was wrong and rude.

Mr. Daddy should be flattered that someone else thinks his woman is a hottie. :-) At least he knows has good taste! :-)

Anonymous said...

Well, I did have a HUGE LOL moment, enough to bring the family running from the other room to see what I was laughing so hard over.

But, I have to say you are SO RIGHT!

Flattering, sure...

But it IS disturbing on so many levels, only the FIRST being how flippant her attitude was toward ruining a home and a family.

But your reaction to pray for her was SPOT ON! I do not dislike gay/lesbians in the least. I would welcome a friendship for sure! But their lifestyle IS a sin. (Again, like you said, not that WE are perfect, so there's no stone-throwing from ME!)

But, I believe God could have placed her in your path for a divine intervention. So many times Christians are so up in an uproar over their "lifestyle", they fail to see the person behind it.

One of the life-changing moments for me was having the SWEETEST gay man in the world tell me I was the ONLY Christian he's ever known that was actually NICE to him.

WOW. Talk about an eye-opener. If you don't hate me cuz I'm big and fat, I don't hate you for being gay. We've all got the sin, but we were blessed enough to have people lovingly teach us the Truth of Christ and His love. Maybe that's all they need....a point in the right direction.

WOW...maybe I shouldn't take up your entire comments section. But girl, I could talk to you all day...LOL

Anonymous said...

Oh and while I am realling stepping in it probably with BOTH feet....

If this were a MAN, I betcha Mr Daddy would not be laughing so hard. ;)

It's still a THREAT to his home and his family.

If it were a MAN, he'd have done a GOOD bit of ask kicking.... ;) said...

Would it be rude or politically incorrect for you to give Mr.Daddy a small kick on behalf of me.

OK, just kidding Mr. Daddy, I'm not against you. But this is no laughing matter.

Seeing a challenge to break up a family...

Not really a laughing matter.

Just looked up at mom of 3 darlings response...Amen sister!

Unknown said...

Oh my what a story...funny, but, no...not so funny at all. I'm with you on this. She crossed the line.

Unknown said...

oh man -
the most disturbing part is how she didn't care about the fact that you have a husband and kid - that's just sad. I mean if someone is going to live a lifestyle like that, the least they can do is be respectful of others' own life decisions! Anyways, I'm so glad you felt prompted to pray for her - it will do wonders for your heart and hopefully hers too! :-)

Unknown said...

Wow. That is so interesting. I don't know what to say. I am sad that she doesn't care that you are married with a baby. I am glad you are praying for her!

brian said...

I totally sympathize with you, Rach.

I HATE it when lesbians come on to me!