Sunday, May 17, 2009

Not Me Monday!

It’s Not Me Monday again!

Little Stellan has experienced a bout of heartrate issues since returning home. Praying for healing and for good news at the doctor's tomorrow.

Hopefully there were some fun Not Me's that balanced the worry for MckMama this week. Come join for some free therapy!


Not me.

I do not have a nice little bruise on my forehead from my kiddo getting too excited about hiding from daddy. He did not soundly clock me in the head with his Thomas the Train.


Wouldn’t be me who has concocted several less-weenie sounding versions to explain the injury to my coworkers.


Those same coworkers who jumped out from under my desk and nearly caused a lack of bladder control… well, they surely didn’t throw a surprise party the next day either (thanks girls, you made up for a really sucky day)!


The birthday diet exemption extends for a full weekend, right? Cuz it’s not me who ate any and everything my little heart pleased the past few days. Not me who wasn’t the least bit put off by Itty Bit face-planting in my Tiramisu. Can’t let the good stuff go to waste, no?


Not me who shamelessly begged all my good bloggy friends to join in a giveaway that I ended up kicking myself for making too difficult. (Thanks y'all for giving in and making me feel loved). Then it wasn't me who stayed up until 2am fixing the links on the winner post. That would mean I have a serious blogging problem.

(Oh wait, I do?)


Cruising to the grocery store, windows down, sunshine… when for some odd reason, Mr. Daddy did not decide to suddenly spit his gum out MY window. Oh no, the gum wouldn’t have made a nice THWACK as it landed on the inside of my door.
Umm… thanks hon.


It was not me who laughed until I couldn’t breathe when Itty Bit scared himself in the bathtub.

Not me laughing because he saw a couple of bubbles pop up between his legs, then freaked out, jumped up and looked behind him. Wouldn’t have splashed water everywhere in a total panic. All for what? No, my kid did not scare himself with his own little manly fart.


So… go check out what everyone else didn’t do this week!


Hey y’all – come back tomorrow for this week’s
True Story Tuesday – where we link to stories that actually happened… ya know, in real life. Join in – we’d love to hear the unedited version of a Not Me episode!

16 comments: said...


Now I am going to wet my pants with the ity bity farty story!


Paige said...

Too funny Rachel! Love the fart story. By the time he's Sydney's age, he'll be announcing it with pride! And the gum thing sounds like something my husband would have done. Ha!

Shana Putnam said...

Love the fart story! My son cracks up every time he does it. In the bath or not! How do boys know these things are funny?!?

Lisa said...

Funny! Can't believe Mr. Daddy would try to make it look like you were the one spitting out your gum, instead of him! Itty Bit is too funny, too!

Kameron said...

I always feel bad when I laugh at something Natey does that is not funny to him. Don't they realize we can't help it though? I would have cracked up too!

Carebear said...

Hahahhahaha - cracking up at the Itty Bit in the bathtub story. Too funny - haha!!! Your contest was really fun - too bad I'm a total dork and submitted my entry too late. Duh! Oh well. I'm still glad I played along!

Elyse said...

Itty Bitty cracks me up! Your NMM this week is HILARIOUS!

He & Me + 3 said...

The bath tub story was too much. funny.

Brooke said...

I could just picture a scared little look on his face in the bathtub! Too funny. Hope you had a great Monday.

Stacy said...

I can just imagine how Itty Bit was scared of his farts LOL! I would have laughed, too. :)

Happy belated Birthday to you! Glad that your coworkers were able to make up for a sucky day by throwing you a party. That is so sweet of them!

Sorry I didn't participate in your giveaway quiz. Yes, I was a bit busy, but my excuse was that I'm also forgetful. I was planning on doing it, really! I'm sure I had a memory at some point but it appears to have gotten lost. ;)

Killlashandra said...

The last comment about the bubbles in the bathtub is too cute. It is a surprise the first time and then after that W.W. just thinks it's hilarious to "toot" in the tub. ;) Sounds like an excellent bit of birthday celebrating you had going on. I would have let the diet extend well into the weekend too.

Anonymous said...

Wow! Couldn't stop laughing! The bubbles in the tub was a cute story.
Can't wait to read your blog next week.

Take care.
Terri from Ontario, Canada

Pam said...

Itty Bit must be totally at home in the bath with all of his bubble making and pee-ing straight up while laying down. You would think that HE would think it's all just funny versus him being startled. Hmm. Go figure.

And just WHO got to scrape that gum off the inside of the car door? That might possibly be just as bad as in going in someone's hair. Although not as big a shocker, for sure. ;-)

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