Thursday, May 21, 2009

Leapin' Lizards!

Has it been a nutso week for y'all too?
Sorry to cop out with a photo post, but my tired brain is already asleep between some flannel sheets.

Here's what led to a mini freak-out for Mommy when she arrived home the other day and Mr. Daddy mentioned she might want to upload the photo card...

What, you don't see it?
Well Itty Bit does... and he's gonna pick it up. Everybody say EWWWWW with me.

Not only does he pick it up; he actually doesn't get grossed out or panic (two of my favorite options for this scenario).

Though I must admit; that as the photos progressed, I began to get less worried for Itty Bit, and a bit concerned for his reptilian friend.

Here he is surrendering... don't eat me!

Then Mr. Lizard starts doing some goofy acrobatics - and looks more and more desperate.
(actually, if you know Itty Bit, you know that this expression is "I think this is fun, but I'm still a little nervous!)
I am in denial that he actually spent the afternoon playing with this little guy. Though the lucky kiddo got to wash his hands about 46 times when he came in the house.
Here's one last shot for you - Pam D - figured your Bug Hunter would be able to tell us more about our slithery neighbor.

And if you doubt what a long week it's been for us... I just peeked at Mr. Daddy. He is sound asleep at his computer.
And his index finger is still clicking on the mouse.
Sorry, is that not flippin' hilarious?!?!
I woke him up after realizing that he probably wouldn't be too happy to realize he'd erased his hard drive or something in his sleep. All those boxes and menus popping up were making me nervous, LOL.
Is that another "you know you're addicted to blogging when..." qualification? :)
Good night y'all. Hope to catch up soon!


Pam D said...

Go, Itty Bit! yay! (and thankfully, Mr. Lizard didn't chomp down on his finger and scar him, both literally and figuratively, for life.. ). You need to send me a Picasa link or email the pic to me so I can look close up.. I can't tell what kind of lizard, although it does look sort of skink-ish. And VERY cool.. can't wait to show Bug Hunter! He'd be giving high fives to Itty Bit if he was there...

Kameron said...

Yup, the little boys sure do love the crawly things! Nathan's new obsession with worms, ants and anything else that creeps me out is real fun!

Mr. Daddy said...

OK DEAR!!! If you are gonna rat me out, I think it is game on!!!!!

He & Me + 3 said...

Those pictures are so cute and that little lizard is a real trooper. LOL Wonder if he will be back to play anytime soon. :)
Mr. Daddy falling asleep at the computer is hysterical. Jane posted a picture of her little girl doing the same thing last week. Who will be next. Where is the picture?
That would get you in real trouble. But I would totally love to see it on Wordless wednesday. snicker!

Cindy said...

Don't you just love boys? He is so cute! Im with you on the icky and freak out part! LOL!

BenLand said...

i would totally freak out too....i was asked to come outside and view a snake trying to eat a frog in my neighbor's took everything i had not to run the other way....but, i was worried my little guy would try and save that frog....and i was not about to let him pick that snake up!!!! i just wish i had my camera!
boys are so much fun!!!

Brooke said...

I would be a nervous wreck if I had a boy!

brian said...

Oh, man...for a little boy, there is NOTHING more fun than catching a lizard...pure entertainment.

In fact, I'm gonna go outside right now and look around in the garden :)

brian said...

Oh, and a John Deere ball cap too... truly a MAN'S man :)

Carebear said...

LMAO at "And his index finger is still clicking on the mouse." Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!!! That is so stinkin' funny. You should've videotaped it before you woke him, LOL!! Loving the pics of Itty Bit with the lizard - ewwwww. But really, he is such a pretty boy. I know, I know, I'm supposed to say handsome but with his coloring - he is BEAUTIFUL!

Unknown said...

Really adorable series of pictures!I just LOVE his John Deere hat! Perfect! said...

No fear! Cool ")

Stacy said...

Really?? You are all grossed out by lizards and stuff?? Aren't you outdoorsy?? ;) I used to collect lizards, snakes and frogs, but there really wasn't much else to do on the farm in the summer. We only got one tv station and had a black and white tv. What else are you going to do LOL!?

Pam said...

Ewwwwwwwwwww! I still can't shake the shudders I getting over this post. I believe I would've just passed out had my child not only picked up but then proceeded to play with that, that THING!

Can't even talk about it anymore. Gotta go!

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