Sunday, May 31, 2009

Not Me Monday

Craziness this week, I tell ya… craziness!

Would you believe it’s Not Me Monday already? I sure can’t.

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This week, it was not me who freaked out when her brand-spankin-new 3-year old smacked into the bathtub, then pronounced, “Me have a loose tooth!”


Not me who felt more than a little vilified when the “Independent Medical Examiner” caught a peek at my little bump on my wrist; winced and said to Mr. Daddy, “That’s BAAAAAD”

(ya think? check it out here if you’re not squeamish

Not me who let their kid play in a wading pool on a hot day this weekend. Cuz apparently that wading pool has been classified a “work of art” and you aren’t allowed to cool your heels in it anymore.

So that’s not my kid…

And that’s not my new camera that got soaked .4 seconds after this shot.

And that’s not my kid in front of the sign that says “stay out of our work of art”.


And our kid does not take after me. He did not fall down and get thoroughly soaked. Nor did he howl like we were beating him as we hauled his wet butt back to the car.


I did NOT get hit on by a woman this past week. Not me. Not STRAIGHT me. And Mr. Daddy is not NOT finished razzing me about it. And the comments on the post about the non-event were not almost as crazy as the fictitious story.


Is that really how you spell fictitious? Cuz my fingers were offended just trying to type it.


After the last post, my husband did not look at me in disbelief and say (and I quote), “Those ain’t YOUR feet, right?”


As totally “with it” as I am… I wouldn’t have only slightly panicked as I was driving in an unfamiliar town today, put on my sunglasses and suddenly couldn’t see.

(Can you imagine why a deaf person would kinda panic if they thought that was happening though?)

I did not rip the sunglasses off and get totally confused as to why it had happened; cuz suddenly I could see again.

It did not take several minutes to remember that I was wearing my contacts (cuz I was dancing, remember?) and I had just put my prescription sunglasses on - on top of them. Well, DUH.


Head over and see what everyone else didn’t do this week!

And don’t forget that tomorrow is True Story Tuesday! Where we share the REAL story behind a Not Me, or link to something outrageous, amazing, or hilarious – and mostly true! :) Still working on Mr. Daddy to make up for his missed post and write it tomorrow!


Unknown said...

Puddles are so fun! And I have Not everput my glasses on when I have had my contacs in...Never! Or gone looking for my sunglasses forlong periods of time when they were alwasy on top of my head!Nope NOT me!

Alicia W. said...

Love your Not Me's this week. You had me laughing over here. :o)

Cindy said...

cute post! Mine is nowhere as good this week! OHHH and about your bump, I had one of those! I forget what my doctor called it, it was about three years ago, but what is weird, is that it comes and goes. But it was so funny when I went to the doctor the first time about it. After looking at it, he opened the door to the exam room and called to his nurse (loudly) GET ME A BIBLE STAT!! The nurse came in looking at him crazy along with me, and he said in the old days (for what ever that bump is called) they used to hit it with a bible, because they thought it was a form of evil in the body. The three of us (him, I and his nurse) all laughed. It will go away and come back probably he said, and said I would be fine... and I have been. I'll catch you a picture of mine when it comes back. Mine is on the back of my hand and pops in and out of those bones that run down the back of your hand, (icky I know). I didn't see your post on this bump or I would have told you sooner.... sorry. BUT yours looks just like mine!

Foursons said...

OK, I am definetly coming back to your blog! I have to find out all the other little things you are referring to in this post! And what is WRONG with your wrist? How did it get that way? Do tell! And I did not tell my boys that we were going to find out a way to sneak into the neighborhood pool that we are not allowed to use.

Unknown said...

Oh, that is very funny! : ) Wading pools are the best, aren't they? said...

Signs don't count when you are 3 right! Right?

I had one of those "I'm LOST" moments on the freeway on the work today... Pretty unsettling!

Looking forward to a great True story out of your camp tomorrow!


Pam D said...

And I certainly did NOT have absolutely no time to run with the tag you did ... no, not me. But I promise I will! And I did NOT give you something over at MY blog.. but you can come see, if you want!

He & Me + 3 said...

OH my..these were good ones today. I was cracking up about your glasses. Too funny. The puddle looks fun too. Stunt Man would totally been in there with him having a splashin good time. Cute.

Stacy said...

I hope Itty Bit doesn't have a loose tooth now...or that it firms up on him.

Anya's teeth hit Kai's head last night, so our tooth saga continues. I think it's alright, but who knows!

Oh, and is that the first time Mr. Daddy looked at your feet?? What does he expect when you spend so much time on your tippy toes?? ;)