Thursday, May 28, 2009

Part Deux

OH GOOD LORD... there is a part two???

Yes y'all - unbelievably, there is a part two to the ongoing saga from yesterday's post. You might wanna check it out if you haven't caught up.

So... thanks to Mr. Daddy, the entire extended family - down to cousins of the in-laws are now familiar with "the park incident".

You'd have thought that was enough, right? End of story.

Oh noooo.
Little Sis came by my office today.

Said she'd gotten a text message from you-know-who.

Oh really?



She said she saw your reaction when I told you she wanted to hook up.

Uh... (trying to remember just how loud I was talking that day)

She said she was going to take some sign language classes and thought that would give her an "in" with you.

No way.


Folks, I couldn't make this stuff up.

Of course my coworkers were present for the retelling - and they about fell out of their chairs in hysterics.


May I please address a couple points? I promise - no politics or religion. First off... remember she wanted to give me her number? Umm... what exactly is a deaf person supposed to do with that?


My other point? After years of sitting through hundreds of "practice" conversations with new sign language students, I'd be more apt to run screaming from another one.

No offense, but I've done my time (disclaimer: I'm not really that coldhearted - but certain people just needed to earn college credit talking with ANY deaf person - we're just as good as the next guy at figuring out when someone isn't really interested in a friendship).

Mr. Daddy picks up quick, and right alongside Itty Bit - so it's no grief to communicate. But if he had tried to take up sign language to have an "in" with me 13 years ago... there's a good chance there'd be no us or Itty Bit!


And while Mr. Daddy is amused by anything that someone can give me grief over... he did want to point out that it wasn't so much the gender of the "hitter", but rather the mortified reaction of the "hittee".
He says he would have reacted the same whether it was a guy or gal.

(snort, guffaw, cough *yeah right*)


And DEAR... I know you claim that you're not the jealous type and all... but next time get off your laughing butt and RESCUE ME! ;)


(Ladies, we all know that guys will say that little piece about jealousy, right? Then they'll stare daggers into any male that looks kinda sorta into our direction, right? And if a guy dares to start a conversation, well - he'd better be prepared for the bone-crunching grip that will follow when our husbands introduce themselves. Can I get an AMEN?)


Mr. Daddy said...

Ok DEAR!!!!!!

A little gender bashing here Eay!!

And that bone crunching grip... If I break their fingers they really can't talk to you right???? I might not be the sharpest pencil in the box, But I do know how to protect my hottie...

Rachel said...

Oh duuuuude. That comment didn't exactly do wonders for your "I'm not the jealous type" argument.

Which frankly, is kinda shot by now, don't you think?

Girls (and Brian... cuz I know you wanna jump in here, right), don't you think he should have jumped in and rescued me? No matter WHO it was?

Don't make me put a vote button up DEAR! :)

Paige said...

You guys continue to crack me up! Although from a male perspective.. just guessing here, but my husband would be right in there fighting for my honor if it were another guy, but a girl.. hmmmmm... I'm afraid he'd sit back and watch... and then tease me senseless. Jason would have asked my opinion of every girl we passed by for the next year!

Mr. Daddy said...

"O" DEAR!!! I don't recall any argument about me being the Jealous type????*snicker*

The person was totally smitten with YOUR HOTTNESS!!! and the stunned look of disbelief on your face, and the total body language reaction was what was so funny about the situation...and the other two ladies sitting hand in hand on the log, on the path to the beach that looked so coyly at you, was what made your own Mother snicker if I recall...

I guess you will have to admit that you were having a totally Hottie day at the park, and yes I did notice a guy or two sneaking a peak at you also....LOL "snicker" *snort* wheeze, gasp chuckle.....

and totally refrained from crunching any knuckles or knocking any heads... ROFL....

Elyse said...

OH MY GOODNESS...Mr. Daddy cracks me up! AMEN sweet mama!

Unknown said...

Wow! EWWW!

Rachel said...

Umm... those two sweet ladies looked to be having some PRAYER TIME.

This is getting waaay outta hand DEAR.

As for a hottie day at the park... y'all would laugh if I showed you the pics... wild hair day, fluorescent white legs in capris, etc. Trust me, Mr. Daddy gets lots more attention when we're out and about.

See... I know that's why you always want to carry Itty Bit around, Dear... cuz all those chicks can't resist a man who is sweet with kids ;) Oh yeah, I'm onto you.

(and you *so* are the jealous type, you silly goose)

Lisa said...

Okay, okay... stop before I have to go to the bathroom! LOL I do have to give you a BIG amen on the jealously thing. Guys that don't even halfway like you get jealous over another guy, let alone your husband! LOL I have a friend who I would think would find Mr. Daddy, PI quite attractive, I might send him his way. See if he thinks it is so funny then! LOLOLOL

Mr. Daddy said...

Wow!! Prayer time (spelled in capitals) what ever could that mean dear???? A rose by any other name is still a rose DEAR!!!!

You got to admit your Mom snickered... :o) (and we know your Mom knows about prayer time... without the Capitals of course).

And Babe I can't recall the last time a guy,,,,or a gal wanted to give me their number...snicker...But if I keep up with this commenting thing, I think I am gonna drowned in a sea of Estrogen. So I think I will silently slither away into the night...

Nighty Night all

Rachel said...


Mr. Daddy said...

smile and wave boys, Just smile and wave...


Kameron said...

I'm dying reading your conversation in the comments. This is so going to haunt you for a long time, so you'd better just laugh about it and roll your eyes! said...

AMEN sista!

Teach her sign language...yeah right. Give her the phone # to the local community college!


Tina said...

How funny....

have a great weekend!

He & Me + 3 said...

Could someone sell that girl a clue. Sheesh. This could go on for months otherwise.
although it does make for a fun read. Who needs TV just visit Rachel and Mr. Daddy.
You are both too funny.

Stacy said...

Ah, you both are too funny! I like your comment about giving a deaf girl your number...I hadn't thought about that, but YEAH! That would be *just a bit* silly, eh?

Well, hopefully this weekend is less eventful for you both...unless you are just on the lookout for blog stories, of course. You could have totally saved this one for True Story Tuesday! ;)

Have a great weekend!

brian said...

Ok, I've been holding off on commenting...But I have to ask about this quote from Rachel:

"As for a hottie day at the park... y'all would laugh if I showed you the pics... wild hair day, fluorescent white legs in capris, etc. Trust me, Mr. Daddy gets lots more attention when we're out and about."

Does this mean that Mr. Daddy was wearing the Capri pants? With a John Deere cap? Because I'm getting a weird visual here :)



Elaine at Matters of the Heart) said...

Oh my goodness, this is great. I certainly needed a good laugh tonight. Whew, you all are too funny...

Floortime Lite Mama said...

too funny

jennie said...

hahaha lol!

one idea to blog about, how mr daddy finally decided to ask you out! that could put the "spotlight" on him!