Wednesday, May 13, 2009

A Party Game!

*UPDATE* Apparently a year older doesn't make me any wiser. Lisa is absolutely right - I forgot to enable Comment Moderation so that y'all couldn't see all the answers... oops! Thanks Lisa - I fixed it. If you leave a comment with the answers, please also leave another one saying that you submitted them. And of course, any other comments just to make us laugh will be more than appreciated! :)

Do we really need an excuse to do a giveaway game? Cuz we’re not quite at a round number of posts, or a special hit counter number (though I am pretty darn excited that 50 of y'all actually follow us!)… Does turning a year older suffice? Yup, the lovely Pam outed me during a recent flashback post . Thanks a lot chica ;)

So, let’s have us a good old party game – with a more grown up prize that the whoopee cushions I gave out at Itty Bit’s birthday yesterday…

Howsabout a $20 Amazon giftcard? To the person who gets the most correct answers in this Scavenger Hunt, Bloggy Style. Or in case of a tie, the person who also manages to give us an exercise in bladder control.

Here’s 15 questions, with a hint of when it was posted. Just leave a comment with your answers sometime before Saturday night bedtime (which is usually pretty darn close to midnight here).

Come on, this will be fun!


Of the two horses, which one is the fraidy-cat? (March 2009)

Bonus points if you can tell which one is which in this shot!


What creepy-crawly did Itty Bit befriend in Hawaii? (May 2007)


What is Mr. Daddy’s favorite ice cream? (March 2008)


What was Mr. Daddy wearing when he and Rach first met? (October 2008)


What was Rach’s wrecked car’s name? (March 2008)


What melted in our last heat wave? (August 2008)


What did Rach’s dad do with her school supplies according to his letter to her at camp? (September 2008)


Which favorite candy of Itty Bit’s prompted an entire picture story? (October 2008)


What is Itty Bitty’s bedtime dance? No way we would have posted a video of it??? (November 2008)


What bit of wildlife did Mr. Daddy snap on his cell phone and submit as his SOOC contribution? (December 2008)


Which five guys joined Rach in the shower? (October 2008)


What’s happening in this picture? (April 2009)


What local natural disaster did Rach freak out about after New Year’s? (January 2009)


What dizzying job does Mr. Daddy get to perform? (February 2009)


How much did Itty Bitty weigh when we brought him home. (Tough question - tiny mention in July 2008)

And no, one of the questions is not "What is Rach's age?" Unless, of course, you want to tell me how young I look. Cuz that stinkin' Wii says I'm like 43 or something (quit laughing Mr. Daddy).

Have fun - and I hope this little adventure into our bloggy past doesn't you know, freak y'all out from still being our friends :)


Mr. Daddy said...

yes DEAR!! and the wii doesn't lie... does it???? although I think it said I was 41 or something like that...LOL

Rachel said...

Oooooh, I knew you were going to bring that up. I guess we kinda do that for eachother? You give me gray hair and I make you feel younger?

(by the way ladies, Honey Do lists make men feel younger ;)

Lisa said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Lisa said...

You should put comment approval for this post because now everyone can see everyone else's answers, so it takes the fun away!

Shanda said...

Sounds like fun - great idea! Wish I had time to participate; but life is a little crazy right now.

Looks like Lisa is off to a great start!!

Praying for you all!

Stacy said...

Well, I know some but not nearly all! I'll try to come back and give it go a bit later. And really, expecting my memory to retain anything nowadays is asking a whole lot LOL!

Elaine at Matters of the Heart) said...

What a fun idea Rachel. I will come back, so I can peak around and see if I can find the answers I don't know, a little later.

He & Me + 3 said...

I know some too...hmmm. I'll be back I think. said...

Hello friends!

Life is so CRAZY busy. I would love join in this fun, but will have to pass this time.

Will you give the answer to the quiz later. I would love to know this family trivia. ")

Paige said...

1. I'm gonna guess Kona is the Fraidy cat. :) And I think she's on the right. (Either I'm totally right or totally backwards!)

2.Looks like a gecko! Did you ask for a deal on your car insurance?

3.Ben & Jerry’s Cherry Garcia

4. Welding coveralls and silly conductors hat

5. Ducky!

6. Butter.

7. Great letter! They gave your school supplies to an orphan.

8. M&Ms

9. Hop/running in circles until he falls down.

10. An Owl

11. Chicka, Lightning McQueen, Snot Rod, Ramone, and Sheriff

12. He's gonna smash that egg on her head! It's tradition.

13. Flooding

14. He's climbing up a tower that I would never be caught climbing! I'm not sure what he's going, but he's got a lot more nerve than I do!

15. 5 pounds?

OK... I did it! I didn't start reading blogs until a few months ago, so it was kinda cool to go back and catch up on some of your earlier stuff. said...

#1 Cassie is the fraidy cat and she is on the left

#2 The cutest little gecko I have ever seen

#3 Ben and Jerry's Cherry Garcia

#4 Welding coveralls and conductor hat

#5 Ducky

#6 Butter

#7 To an orphanage

#8 peanut m&m's

#9 naked bath dancing

#10 Horney reindeer

#11 hot wheels

#12 blown out egg smashing

#13 flooding

#14 climbing a communication tower

#15 5 lb

#16 I did this quiz cause I love you guys ")

Kameron said...

Ok woman, I just spent the better part of an hour playing along. I didn't want you to feel like no one cared. I liked looking back at your posts. You are really funny. You must get it from your dad. That camp letter almost had me peeing my pants!

Kameron said...

1. Kona is the fradycat and is on the right. Cassie is on the left.
2. I think that crawly thing is a gecko
3. Cherry Garcia is the fav ice cream. I prefer coffee coffee buzz buzz myself!
4. He was wearing welding coveralls and a conductor's hat.
5. Car's name was ducky...for obvious reasons!
6. your butter melted. That is gross. :o)
7. Your dad said he gave them to an orphan.
8. Peanut M&M's are Itty's fave
9. hop and run in circles til he falls down is his bedtime dance
10. Mr. Dadd's SOOC shot was an Owl. By the way you said this was in Dec 08, but it is in Nov 08! How's that for detective work?? At first I thought you were talking about the butt crack pic since that was being taken with a cell phone. I was like heck no is she calling a butt crack wildlife! Ha!
11. Cars joined you in the shower.
12. That would be the egg smash on the head game
13. flooding was your disaster
14. tower monkey...your words not mine ;o)
15. 5 pounds

Ok I am spent! I need some chocolate now! I hope I win, or else I'll probably cry! just messin!

Elyse said...

Ok, here are my almost late answers!

1. The darker horse on the left is Kona. The one on the right is the Fraidy Cat.
2. Gecko
3. Ben & Jerry's Cherry Garcia
4. Could not find what Mr. Daddy was wearing!
5. Ducky=car's name
6. Melted in heat wave=butter
7. Gave school supplies to an orphan!
8. Peanut M&Ms promted a story.
9. Bedtime dance...Itty Bitty hopping/running in circles until he falls down.
10. SOCC=owl perched on tree limb
11. With rach in shower=chicka, lightening mcqueen, snot rot, ramone, and sheriff.
12. Happening in pict: Guy about to smash girl (victim) with egg shells
13. Flooding was natual disaster
14. Dizzy job in Feb...could not find!
15. Itty Bitty Weighed 5lbs and was an itty bitty preemie!

I have to say that 13 out of 15 is pretty good! I had a good time searching too!

He & Me + 3 said...

1. Kona is on the right and the other is cassie.
2. Gecko
3. rocky road
5. Ducky
8. running in circles until he falls on the ground
9. an owl
10. Chicka, Lightning McQueen, Snot Rod, Ramone, and Sheriff
11. annual egg smashing
12. flood

I probably did bad, but that is the best I can do for now. I would love to know all the answers.

Sandi @ Life with Jessica said...

Drats! I'm probably too late, but I'll play anyway :-)

1) Fraidy cat is Kona (on the right), Cassie on the left.

2) gecko
3) Ben & Jerry's Cherry Garcia
4) Welding coveralls, conductors hat.
5) Ducky
6) Butter
7) Mom gave them to an orphan.
8) Peanut M&Ms
9) Hop/running in circles till he falls down.
10) Owl
11) Cars - Chicka, Lightning McQueen, Snot Rod, Ramone & Sherrif
12) Blown egg tradition - egg hunt and smash shells on each others head.
13) Flooding
14) Rigging tower
15) 5 lbs.

This was fun!

Sandi @ Life with Jessica said...

Just published my answers. I'm probably too late, but it was fun playing!

Elaine at Matters of the Heart) said...

So, I have to say you are so lucky. I just saw that you one that bag. Every time you have a giveaway you win something. Way to go.

Rachel said...

This is the original comment from Lisa that got deleted before comment moderation was turned on... sorry!

Lisa said:

1. Kona is the Fraidy Cat. Cassie Left; Kona Right.

2. Geckos

3. Ben & Jerry's Cherry Garcia

4. Welding coveralls, silly conductors hat & soot on his face. :)

5. Ducky

6. Butter

7. Mom gave them to an orphan, according to the outside of your dad's (cruel but funny) letter.

8. Peanut M & M's

9. Bedtime dance consists of hop/running in circles until he falls down.

10. owl

11. Chicka, Lightening McQueen, Snot Rod, Ramone & Sheriff

12. Blown egg tradition where you save all your egg shells (which you blow the egg out of) for the year, decorate, hunt and then smash eggs on each others heads. That is your aunt and her son, who is getting ready to "smash" her!

13. Flood where you live following a record snow.

14. One time he headed out to the mountain tops to help align a path for a new system that the tower monkeys are installing. Other times he gears up. He climbs towers. He gets to the dish that they have to work on. He ties off, and waits for the tech in the building to radio him to start aligning the dish. And sometimes pees in the woods or takes GREAT pictures from said towers. What is the actual name of his job? Couldn't find it. Did find all that other stuff, however. Fiber optics of some type, perhaps?

15. 5 pounds

16. Not really a question, but in case of another tie breaker needed: Rachel should turn33 on her birthday this year!

Carebear said...

1. Kona is on the right?
2. Gecko - cute photo!
3. Cherry Garcia
4. welding coveralls and silly conductors hat
4. Ducky
5. butter
6. gave away to orphan - your dad is funny. I see where you get it!
7. Peanut m&ms - my fave too!
8. hopping/running in circles until he falls down. LOL at the falling. hilarious even if he did get a little ouch. Cracked up when he went right back to it!
9. owl
10. the racecars from Cars. Fun!
11. Getting ready to smash a blown egg shell on her head - too funny!
12. Flooding - man it was a nasty winter here!!!!
13.rigging the tower - no thanks, but awesome views!
14. 5 lbs

Wow! That was hard. I've only been reading since February, so had to look up the older stuff. It was fun getting to know you guys better and I'll have to go back when I have more time and look more at your archives...

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