Saturday, May 30, 2009

You're Awe-Summ, and You're It!

Sweet Elyse from Following Him tagged us with the EIGHT THINGS questions. And in true Rachel fashion, I have only been able to get to them two weeks later, ha.

So… here goes!

Eight things I look forward to:

Mr. Daddy manning the grill all summer - the guy knows how to COOK!
Building a house this summer
Peonies blooming
Finally getting to take Kona through a jump course
Building a house this summer
Moms Night Out next week
Itty Bit’s first trip to SeaWorld
Building a house this summer – oh, did I mention that?

Eight things I did yesterday:
(umm, shouldn’t this be eighTY? I’m a mom, ya know)

Picked up 294 toy cars and tractors up off the living room floor
Pretended I was a gourmet chef by putting fresh basil on some pizza
Drooled over the photos of an Etsy seller
Toured the smashed police cars lot – scary stuff
Made a huge train track in the living room with Itty Bit
Seriously contemplate eating brownies for dinner after a hard day at the office
Check Mr. Daddy’s smashed finger (it’s been a week dude - if it still hurts, you need to have it checked out!)

Eight things I wish I could do:

Swing dance
Barrel race
Visit Italy
Write a book
A really great adagio developpe a ‘la secconde (will only make sense to a balletomane)
Cook (though I’m getting better – last time hardly anyone got sick)

Eight shows I watch:
(I actually cannot remember the last time I watched an hour-long show… just no time – but here are a few favorites if I get a chance).

Ax Men (DVR episodes are pretty much the only one all three of us can sit through)
Top Chef (hey, it’s educational, right?)
Little People, Big World (though I haven’t seen it in ages)

Umm… seriously, I watch so little tv. Howsabout a few favorites from back before I became a mom and actually had an hour to myself?
(yeah, I’m dating myself)

Eight bloggers I tag:

Melissa from Home is Where your Story Begins

Paige from Happiness Is
Elaine from Matters of the Heart
Pam from Twenty Little Piggies
Dana from Chaos to Grace

Pam D from Life By the Creek
Julie from Wife.Mom.Nurse
Heather from Adventures of Aidanpod


And Melissa from Home is Where Your Story Begins and Shanda from A Teachable Heart received this Awe-Summ award (congrats!) and passed it on to us!

We’re supposed to list seven Awe-Summ things about ourselves. Talk about awkward, LOL… Bear with me, this could get bumpy ;)

1. I have pretty awesome taste in men. I picked me a keeper. Someone once said, “Marry someone who makes you laugh”. And I definitely did that.

2. I have an awesome family. And y’all know TMI about them already, haha.

3. I like to think my fajita recipe is the most awesome on the planet. I’m rather protective of it… and the women in my family have been known to (ahem) eat the sauce off the cast iron skillet with our fingers. (The side story to that, is poor clueless Mr. Daddy getting attacked by three crazed females screaming “STOPPPPP!” when he went to rinse the pan out). Fajitas = AWESOME!

4. I am awesome at amusing Sunday School kids. Which may or may not be such a good thing. I have no qualms about using squirt guns, smashing (uncooked) eggs, or helping duct tape kids to the wall (don’t worry, they beg for it).

5. I have an awesome horse. She literally would hurt herself to try to keep her rider seated. A horse like that is worth their weight in gold. How many bricks is 1100 pounds?

6. I have an awesome memory for song lyrics. Why this would be remotely useful for a deaf person is beyond me ;)

7. I am a planner extraordinaire of awesome parties! I love theme parties and have been known to wrangle church members in to a hula routine to “Ito Eats” by Elvis. (If I ever get that tape back, I most certainly will post it… it’s guaranteed wet-your-pants funny).

8. And of course I have the most awesome bloggy friends! So, considered yourselves all “awarded” – cuz this applies to you! Pick up the button and share your seven Awe-Summ things!

Thank you Elyse and Melissa and Shanda!


Unknown said...

Ahh Rachel - thank you! You are just too funny - you do have an awesome family - I would just love to try one of your fajitias!Oha nad you so have GOT to find that tape of “Ito Eats”by Elvis - would LOVE to see that! Thanks for being such a wonderful blog friend - I am so glad to have connected with you. You take care and have a great Sunday!

He & Me + 3 said...

Congrats! That was fun to read more about you. I was just wondering though...are you building a house in the summer? I can't remember.
You are so fun!

Anonymous said...

You forgot to say WHERE you are building this house....somewhere between Pioneer Woman and me right?? LOTS of land between her and I for you to build this house and have all the horses you'd want. And you'd be so close to ME! :D

Please? Think O-K-L-A-H-O-M-A!

I'll practice my sign language on ya! BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA


Oh that's some FUNNY stuff!

But I PROMISE not to come onto you. ;) Pinky swear.

Mr. Daddy said...

Dana are you coming on to my woman????? Just kidding, I guess I need to practice rescuing her...

Tina said...


Building a house is so much fun.

Stacy said...

Oh, okay, won't share your fajita recipe and I've shared everything I make that is yummy?? Geez.... ;)

So is the house on this summer? Hope you guys are able to start on your dream home. :)