Sunday, June 28, 2009

Not Me Monday!

It’s Not Me Monday again!

Continuing to pray for Stellan - great that the little guy has had a good weekend!

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You gotta give me a break this week... blogging while recovering from wrist surgery is kinda tricky. Not to mention a very ill computer and a bum signal from Comcast. Sure didn't mean we had a reprieve from the dorky stuff I seem to get busted doing every week...


I did not shave one leg, then immediately forget which one and end up shaving them both again. I mean, I can maintain my sanity for the length of a shower, right?


Not my sweet little guy who went on a mission to “fix” things with a wrench.

So I didn’t step outside to see this…

Yes, my beautiful birthday lilies... which were from LAST year.

And that little fact is only important because I am not such a blackthumb that my family was shocked these things came back. They were doing quite smashing.


After yesterday's SOOC post, I did not realize that several readers had mistaken Cutie Left for Itty Bit. I didn't get more than a few chuckles out of having to explain that Mr. Daddy's grandson and son are a few months apart.

And while replying to an email attempting to clarify the fact... my dear husband did not take far too much glee in insisting that this should indicate to Ms. Pam D. that the elderly fellow has no need of a walker or any chemical aid (he made me write that) as he is quite capable even in his geriatric state.

Oy... not me who's gonna catch flak from both sides on that one...


Y’all know how paranoid I am with Itty Bit in public places, right? Especially little boy paradises like Home Depot. And there’s no way I thought Itty Bit ran ahead of Mr. Daddy’s cart – then peeked two seconds later and found him nowhere in sight. I did not immediately turn around and start freaking out looking for him.

He was NO WHERE in the aisle. Of course it was not me who started racing down the store, nearly shrieking his name. My shrieks did not turn into one horrible ragged gasp when I looked UP to see him standing at the very top of the rolling ladder!

Yes friends, in two seconds, my child did not manage to climb that darn thing and scare me to bits.


As I’ve said before… not me who cannot bake a simple batch of cookies. After burning the first set, I wouldn’t have turned off the oven and given up. And promptly changed my mind and stuck a second batch in. Only to realize 15 minutes later that I had turned the oven off. Then of course, to burn that batch too. Nope, not me.


I am not still totally freaking out that my 3-year old won't quit saying, “Me have a loof toof”. NO WAY!


I did not turn around at the grocery story to find Itty Bit merrily KICKING an apple across the produce section. That would have been mortifying!


Hey, remember that Not Me Monday, where my husband didn’t try to spit his gum out of MY window? And it didn’t instead just stick to the inside of my door?
Well, it was not me who decided to show him how it was done. And it wouldn’t have been me who chucked my gum across the passenger compartment, toward his window – only to watch in horror as it hit the inside door jamb and fell between his legs. Umm yeah, good thing he was only DRIVING.


So… go check out what everyone else didn’t do this week!

Hey y’all – come back tomorrow for this week’s True Story Tuesday – where we link to stories that actually happened… ya know, in real life. Join in – we’d love to hear the unedited version of a Not Me episode!


Tanielle said...

Thanks for stopping by! I've enjoyed reading through your posts, and love your "not me" Monday! Especially the leg shaving story.:-)

Have a wonderful Monday!

Kameron said...

Nice list this week! Nathan only tries to fix things with his screwdriver, which is good since it doesn't inflict that much damage. Sorry about your flowers. OUr boys are crazy!

Floortime Lite Mama said...

OMG so funny!

Alicia W. said...

Hilarious! My little brother is only 7 months older than my son Brody.. Same goes for my lil sister.. 7 months older than my Brea.. Crazy huh?

The Royal Family said...

WAHOO! You won my giveaway, I believe in Karma, and your the only person who wished the other moms good luck! Good for you!

Please email me your mailing address in the next 24hrs. And don't forget to enter my next giveaway I will be posting today!!!

The Buzz,

Foursons said...

Those poor lillies!

Question? Why didn't you just run your hand up your legs to see which one still needed to be shaved?

Heather said...

Love your list this week!!! I'm SO not taking Aidan to Home Depot when he's really walking! I would've FREAKED!! And is it just me, or is Itty Bit looking so much older??? A loose tooth already? What?

Ziggy Stardust said...

That little guy does keep you on your toes lol

Anne said...

now it is all making sense.

I was thinking...i don't even recognize ity bit one tiny bit in that pix.

Silly ol' me.

The Royal Family said...

a LOOF toof HA HA HA

Emily said...

So funny! who can blame him for kicking apples...they are the perfect sized little balls and there are so many! Once I shaved just one leg in the shower and didn't realize I hadn't shaved the other one until I got out and was practically dressed!

Pam said...

I knew a little thing like wrist surgery would only slow down your typing but all the craziness would still follow. I'm kinda smart like that. I guess I know all too well that life is NEVER boring around your place.

Thanks for all the laughs. Sorry about your lilies. They look like that were beautiful before "the mission" started. At least they'll come back again next year. Plus it looks like there are a couple of blooms still intact on some of them.;-)

brian said...

OK, waaaaay too much happens in your world in one week!

Great story about Itty...Love his sense of adventure and confident horticultural skills :)

How's the wrist doing?

Unknown said...

Oh my goodness you get me laughing! the apple, the ladder... wow what excitement he has brought into yopur life huh?!!

Megan said...

LOL I can't just pick one or two out this week. These are all hilarious! hahahaha!!!

Stacy said...

I don't know what is worse, cute little bunnies wacking off your lilies or cute little itty bit?? seems Itty Bit has your capacity to get into trouble, too. ;)

Oh, and the baking...that is why they make dough that comes from your freezer. I don't bake. Brian bakes when he gets a craving and then I eat lots of it. Which is why I don't bake. ;)

So how is his tooth? Anya's and Kai's have firmed up and I think Anya's is even getting lighter and not so gray. Just tell him to stop fiddlin' with it! I know...easier said than done.

Pam D said...

Ahhhh.. Mr. (grand)Daddy! Or, Mr. G-Daddy (sort of like P-Diddy.. cool, huh?). That shall be your new name... Mr. G-Daddy. And we shall love you and hug you and kiss you and pet you...
or not.
Anyway... Rach, I loved your "Not Me's"! Hilarious stuff... that's why you participate and I don't. Except for next Monday, because camp gave me some pretty "not ME" stuff. *sigh* It's good to be home.

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