Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Random and the Rachel's Famous Fajitas

Doesn't it drive you batty when someone throws together random posts? Sorry, but it probably is unavoidable here here...


First off - I want to apologize to my mother for the last True Story Tuesday post. I know that those medical decisions wer not easy for her and I am so thankful that she tried everything she knew to do - for what would give her daughter back her hearing. I love you mom. You are a beautiful person and I want to be like you when I grow up.

Forgive me if anyone came away feeling sorry for me in that last post - since you know it's just a funny family legend by now about when I went all karate on that nurse.


Yes, I think Mr. Daddy owes us two True Stories in a row, don't ya think?


Can somebody please tell me why my 3-year old thought it was funny to throw my bra into the shower with me, then giggle "boobies!"??? They grow out of this kind of humor, right?


Just to clarify, no those ouchie feet in the recent post were not mine. What I found so fantastically funny is that my husband has known me for 13 years and never looked at my feet closely enough to determine if they were that obscenely beat up (my apologies to Paloma Hererra - an amazing dancer, who allowed Life magazine to take that photograph - no, I have not sacrificed for my art like that!)

Stacy from Land of K.A. called me out about that fajita recipe.

Here's my confession:

I usually brag on it without sharing the recipe - cuz I'm so embarrassed that my secret ingredient isn't actually anything that I've come up with as a gourmet chef. (You snicker one more time Mr. Daddy...)

Here it is - you guilted me into it Stacy! But to be fair, I'll beg Mr. Daddy to post his fresh salsa recipe later - and that one is gourmet!

lick the pan clean fajitas

2 lbs of stew sliced steak
2 medium bell peppers
2 medium or one large sweet onion (Walla Walla, if you can get it)
lots of lime juice
fresh ground pepper

These are just the things you cook with.

Start off by slicing the stew meat into strips and let them soak in a puddle of lime juice (appetizing description, I know)

Don't do this overnight - cuz it'll actually start to cook the meat - just the prep time for this meal is enough.

Then slice the bell peppers into kinda thin strips and put them in a room temp cast iron pan as it heats up. Slosh with lime juice.

While those start cooking, slice the sweet onion(s) super thinly. I like mine cooked through and a teeny bit roasted (this is one time in the kitchen when I actually slightly scorch things on purpose!)

Umm yeah, add more lime juice when you dump those babies in with the bell peppers.

Let the mix get soft and cooked through, with a nice little seasoned edge on the veggies, then dump them into a holding bowl.

Of course, a little splash of lime juice never hurt...

Dump your lime-soaked steak into the same pan. It's gonna sizzle baby - and that's what fajitas are all about!
Remember that steak will continue cooking after you've removed it from heat... so don't overcook it. Just season a bit with some fresh pepper and let it kinda sizzle.

Before it starts to cook off all it's juices, drain the meat and return it to the pan.

Since this is the doubled recipe, I use two doses of my super-sekrit ingredient.
Yep folks, introducing my good friend Mr. Lawry:

*more on Mr. Lawry later

Dump the super-sekrit ingredient on your meat and add the water specified on the packet (which I think is 1/4 a cup per package, but I'm out of seasoning - which will be explained below).

Mix it up and let it heat through - then add the veggies and stand there in awe of the insane amount of hunger the smell triggers.

Outside of the cooking - there's a million ways to make this recipe yours:

Tortillas - white, corn, wheat, no-carb, sundried tomato basil, jalapeno cheddar
Beans - refried, black, pinto, any kind of gas-inducing legume
Sour cream, guacamole, tomatoes, cilantro, (ahem) lime juice, hot sauce, taco sauce.
Oh - and AVOCADO! Check out the one Mr. Daddy had sent from Hawaii for my birthday... the poor avocado slicer doesn't stand a chance!

Then eat it - preferably with an additional tortilla beneath to catch the extra lime juice.

It pairs perfectly with Mr. Daddy's salsa... and I'm sure Stacy and Brian can tell us which non-redneck beverage would compliment it :) Now I tag y'all to share your fajita recipes!


And since stuff happens to me that I swear never happens to other people... here's the story behind Lawry's...

I went to Albertson's and had a grocery cart full of the additional 214 things that weren't on my list. The checker tried to ring up the Lawry's seasoning but kept looking confused. Finally he called the manager over.

We waited and waited and Itty Bit picked the sticker off the handle of the grocery cart and stuck it in his mouth. Finally the manager came and said, "sorry ma'am, we can't sell this to you."


"It's been recalled."

Okay, but they're still on the shelf. What's wrong?

"Oh nothing ma'am - they just redid the packaging and forgot to note that there may be nut and flour products in the seasoning."

I've used this stuff for years - I'm not allergic.

"Sorry, can't sell it to you".

(Can I admit that the thought of throwing a $5 at him and running out of the store with the packets really appealed to me at that moment? I am totally onboard with how important it is to label those things correctly though.)

So we left the store without our beloved seasoning.

To return home to a strange message.

"This is Kroger - we're calling regarding the seasoning that our records indicate that you purchased at our store... it has been recalled. Please return it to the store and we will issue a full refund."

Okay - first thought was how freakishly Big Brother that the store identified what we had purchased and hunted down our phone number. I knew those grocery store cards were a front! ;)

So the next time I go to Fred Meyer... there are NO super-sekrit packets available. And on the bottom of my receipt... it says "Ms. Rachel, our records indicate you have previously purchased..."



Kameron said...

I am actually a fan of random posts, so rock on! And you are married to one heck of a smart a$$ so you should know they never grow out of that humor!! Ha!

Alicia W. said...

I'm with Kam on this one - One of my favorite posts is "random". We get to learn so much about eachother. :o)

brian said...

I tried to read the recipe, but I got stuck on the other story :)

And no, they don't grow out of it. Mr. Daddy didn't tell you?

Stacy said...

Oh, that sounds yummy! I'll have to pull together my recipe for my fajitas, but it also involves copius amounts of lime juice. Yummy! I'm definitely going to try that...if I can track down the seasoning packet that is. ;)

I'll be looking forward to the fresh salsa recipe as summer is a great time to make that!

LOL about Itty Bit, too. Of course, I think it is in their genetic code to like boobies. Kai told me the other day, so matter of factly that he liked boobs. LOL! Um...okay, son...good to know you are JUST LIKE EVERY OTHER MAN out there. Yep, it starts young. ;)

Shanda said...

Love fajitas so will try your recipe soon!

Laughed like crazy that you considered throwing $5 at him and making a run with the spices! ;) I'm thinking I might have played the "I'm sorry, I can't hear you...." card...(horrible, I know!)