Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Andale andale!

Am I allowed to say it's been one of those months? Not just a week or a day, but a whole month of craziness?

And y'all would be nodding in sympathy, cuz it's been crazy for you too?

Instead of, you know, throwing virtual tomatoes at me for being so behind on passing along some lovely awards? :)

This post has been sitting half-finished in my computer... mocking me every time I log in. The sheer number of links was terrifying to fathom, ha ha. Here we go!

Sarah from Standing Tall Through Everything passed along the True Friendship award. She's a bloggy veteran (from before I even knew what a blog was!) and manages to mix the serious make-you-think stuff with a sense of humor. Her post about donuts about convinced me to drive 45 minutes for one of those HOT NOW Krispy Kremes! Thanks Sarah!


Pam D. from Life By the Creek passed along the Golden Heart Award. Ironic, because that the award exemplifies what I think of her! She has a ministry of encouragement via blog comments... When things are yucky, you can count on some pee-your-pants-funny comment love from our class clown. Then she turns around and blows you away with a heartfelt lesson. We love you Pam D. Even if you do think lizards are cool.


Our newest bloggy friend is Julie from Foursons, who passed along this sweet One Lovely Blog Award. Since she's so new to our blog, I'm guessing we haven't managed to offend her with our stories of un-lovely revenge and and general goofiness. Though quite frankly, her blog is a riot and she is my kinda girl - since she nominated me for my "gnarly wrist" ;)


Is it strange to consider blog friends part of a TRUE FRIENDSHIP? I don't think so... our lives can be so busy, that just opening your email and seeing encouragement, advice, humor, and prayers in your email inbox... is proof that friends don't always need to be next door.

Since I also consider these friends to have Golden Hearts and Lovely Blogs - I'd love to pass along these awards to them! Here are five bloggy frienships I've made - I hope you'll visit and become friends too!

Pam from Twenty Little Piggies. Yes - she's a frequent awardee... cuz she is just that kind of friend. She's been a listening ear at the other end of the keyboard and when she says she'll pray, I know she does.

Linny from A Place Called Simplicity. This woman puts me to shame and inspires me all at once. She's living the dream of having a boatload of kids.

Lisa from Our Life With Dylan keeps me laughing and one of those people who I know "gets" my funky humor. You definitely want her on your side while planning any kind of shenanigan :)

Shana from Blaze 'N' Crochet is a sweet gal with a heart of gold. And it's so easy to totally relate when she posts about how much she loves her own little miracle boy.

And Julie from Foursons... yes, I know it's not polite to do a tag back, so just take the other two awards and RUN! :)


And Shana tagged me for the Sixth Photo in the Sixth Folder challenge... let's see:

You're welcome Mom, for posting a picture of your butt.

Though let's be honest here... it's a rather cute little tush.

I'm making it worse, aren't I?

So let's talk about the three little munchkins hitching a ride. This was my sister's birthday (remember this?) That's Itty Bit and his cousins. And their chauffeur (with a cute butt). Tag... would love to see your pictures!

Thanks for sticking with me for this long (and long overdue!) post... catch up with you soon!


Sarah said...

I have diven 45 minutes for some Krispy Kreme goodness, I'd just like to remind you of that. There isn't one in Spokane, but there is one (that I know of) in The Valley.

Mr. Daddy said...

I have to mostly concur with what Rach says here... :o)

Just be careful with what you read from Pam D's blog in the next few weeks. *snicker* I think she might let revenge cloud her Christianity...(praying for you Pam) ROFL

And really I hope you had a fantastic Birthday!!!! :o)

Shana Putnam said...

Awesome, thanks so much! I get all three awards?!? I love the picture you posted and I didn't even look at your tush so there!

Rachel said...

Hee hee - that's actually my MOM's tush... we always hear that we look alike :)

Yep - you get all three awards!

Foursons said...

Not polite? Who says?! I'll take those awards and brag about them too. 'Cause we all know how I need that validation and now I can also na na na naaaaa na-I have more awards then you do. *sung in a very sing-song voice.*

Foursons said...

Oh and buthrog is hilarious. I'm so glad I'm not the only one who tries to read the word verifications. There have been times when my jaw dropped from the absurdity of it.

The kid in the picture next to hubby is my 2nd oldest. That was taken 2 years ago so now the boys are age 20,18,7,and a few days away from 5. Yikes!

He & Me + 3 said...

Congratulations on all those awards. YOu deserve them all and more. I love your blog & checking in often on your fun life.
I did think that picture was you pulling the wagon. I think the hair mostly.

Shanda said...

Oh I have missed you both! (vacation) Hope those "lazy days of summer" come your way soon!

Congrats on all of your blog awards!! I have a post that has been taunting me too...

Unknown said...

You deserve every blogging award there is. You are so clever and fun : ). And, your mom's butt looks tiny : ). Wow. She should be delighted to have a butt like that!

Alicia W. said...

I'm having my very 1st giveaway.. Check it out. :) Thanks for being a great blogger friend!

Lisa said...

Oh, my! What a wonderful surprise waiting after my "mini vacation" away from home since Tuesday! You deserve EVERY SINGLE ONE of those very lovely awards, and thank you SO MUCH for passing them to me! Sorry it took me so long to respond, I just got home about an hour ago! Again, Thanks so much!

Pam D said...
This comment has been removed by the author. said...

Congrats on your awards! You deserve every one an more!

Tonight I typed and typed and typed... guess what.

A True Story Tuesday post. I have figured out that if I wait til Monday or even (gasp) Tuesday, they just don't get done on time!

So this one is FINISHED and just waiting for TST! Yeah!

Pam said...

As usual, you are too kind! And generous with blog awards.

Especially since I still have like 3 other awards you've bestowed upon me still anxiously awaiting their time in the spotlight. But I do have to agree that the sheer number of links associated with posting and passing them on is just daunting. It's not getting any easier so I guess I better get off my tush and post 'em, huh?! I really need to know how to do that cool, scrolling thingey like you have your awards in!

But back to business. I don't have to say this because everyone already knows it, but I will because we women all love hearing it...You ROCK! As a friend. As faithful example to others. As a real person. And as a great blogger. You totally rock!

And about those "Hot Now" doughnuts, we had them for breakfast this morning and they're scrumptious. ;-)

Thanks for the love,

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