Saturday, July 18, 2009

Not so speechless

Remember my late night ramblings from yesterday?

Where I was blown away witnessing a big bad biker dude - a'la Toby Keith - wearing what appeared to be a lovely silk ruffled blouse?

(Yes, Pam D - why do these kind of crazy moments happen to ME? )

First off... if I had been able to capture the scene in megapixels, you bet your sweet bippy I would have grabbed the nearest digital device.

Except, I didn't have a camera with me,
my phone camera is circa 1987,
(what does a deaf person need a cell phone for anyway???),
and me and the dude were approaching eachother at 45 mph from opposite ends of a curve.

Kinda bad timing to be fumbling for a phone, eh? Not to mention, I am adamantly convinced that taking photos of large men in questionable attire is unadvisable. Remember???

So... remember I was telling you before about my lovely friend,
I am convinced that this woman can find something positive to say about anything (she's a Labor and Delivery nurse... I bet that comes in handy during transition, no?)

Soo... this is what she had to say about Mr. Showing Off My Chest Hair While Riding My Harley in a Silk Ruffled Blouse...

See what I mean? Everyone needs a nice friend like her. Especially on the first hot day of the year, and you realize that none of last summer's clothes fit you anymore.

They all shrank. (No comments Mr. Daddy - thankyouverymuch).

She gave him a good excuse. It might have even worked, if she hadn't seen this:

Just imagine black polka dots on it, the beautiful way silk moves in the wind, some curly chest hair and a goatee and you've got my big bad biker dude.

Now, if he's going to a Renaissance festival or a pirate convention in this outfit, there is no doubt in my mind that this dude must be able to kick most people's butt.

(umm, except my dad's. cuz, ya know, my dad can beat up everyone else's dad. thus sayeth me in fourth grade.)

I'm thinking he's more Charlie's Angels than Hells Angels?


Mr. Daddy said...

I told you to buy that nice green tshirt when we were at the store today.....

Rachel said...

Hardy-har. I was too embarrassed to go back after I knocked the t-shirt display down.

Oh wait... did I just admit that?

I'll have to order some new "non-shrink" clothes online, right? :)

Pam D said...

Mr. Daddy obviously needs to get you a new dryer, or at least have someone come turn down the heat cycle on your existing one. It is obviously set waaaay too high and is ruining all of your clothes! pfffft.
And really, I have no great story, unlike Julie and her brave fireman, on what a manly man might be doing in a flowing silk blousie. I am just glad that no Rachels were harmed in the making of that post. Amen.
p.s. ohhhh LAWD.. I am just rolling like a dog in roadkill over all of the exposure I'm getting over here lately! the love.. OHHHH .. the love.. :<)

Unknown said...

I couldn't help but laugh! I loved the last part! If he is hells angels god help us all lol.

Brandi said...

I saw your comment on Foursons advising her that maybe she should just change her real name (made me giggle). I had to come and check your blog out. :)

Elaine at Matters of the Heart) said...

I always enjoy reading the comments over here as much as the post. You guys just crack me up. And yes, we love Julie too. ;)

Foursons said...

Oh yea! I sent a reader your way! I'm certain that favor will be repaid. 'Cause ya' know, I don't do ANYTHING without expecting something in return. :)

Foursons said...

OH! Is Elaine talking about me? Me- Julie? OMG- If so, I think a speech is in order. Gosh, if it's some other Julie I might just curl up and sob my way through another post. Oh, but if it's me- I AM LOVED! I always hoped to be loved! Oh, but if it's another Julie, then my ego is bruised even further. OH, but I so hope it is me!!!

Foursons said...

Mr. Daddy,

Great answer to my email. I mean GREAT! I will for sure remember to stand on Rachel's right side with my hand over my mouth so that you and I can talk about all of her dirty little secrets- when we meet in IRL of course.

I'm going to have to go back and reread the park post. I must not have remembered it well.

And Rachel- you have a huge, big ol' teddy bear of a husband. Awwwww!

And thanks for answering my questions- I'm a details person and in order to understand your writings better, it helps to know those details. :)

Rachel said...

hey - why y'all picking on ME now???

Yeah Julie C - he's a big ol' teddy bear until he tells people how to play tricks on his poor deaf wife.

You're not buying the whole "poor deaf wife" thing?


Foursons said...

OK, so I'm pushing your comments number up on this one post.

I just reread parts 1 & 2 of the park incident. I laughed just as hard this time. I guess I completely forgot the whole using sign-language as an "in" thing, oh and that it was a CHICK! bahahahahaha!

And FYI- I took 2 semesters of ASL in college and I did alright by my own standards. (But I did receive "A's" from the prof too) Honestly- I LOVED it. I found myself signing in everyday conversation while I was taking the classes. The only sign coming to mind right now is "tree" though. How random is that?! LOL. OK- what part of the states do you live in, and how far is it from me? My fingers are cramping from all this typing. It'd be so much easier for us to sit and chat and lip read. :D

Foursons said...

Crap. Who is this other Julie you speak of? How dare she have my name? And how come people love her? I guess I need to start following her, that way maybe by default people will start following me and in turn get confused and love me instead of her. Or at least love me too. Dang it- that pity post is coming soon folks. Get ready.

He & Me + 3 said...

You are so right about Julie. Always looking at the positive. Not thinking he was on his way to a pirate convention. That would be just too funny.
Love all the comments. Julie from Foursons is cracking me up. She is a hoot & in case she pops back over to leave another comment...I love ya Julie:)
Did you knock over another rack or was it Itty bitty again?

Rachel said...

Yes! We love both of our Julies! Actually, we love all of our readers, followers, bloggy friends, and everyone that keeps us in stitches here!

Umm, unfortunately I, was the one who knocked down the clothes display this time Mimi. Now I know where Itty Bit gets it!

Floortime Lite Mama said...

Gosh you guys are just so adorable

Foursons said...

Rachel- way to be politically correct and say you love EVERYONE! Gotta love the "give peace a chance" motto. When I'm Mrs. America the one thing I want is "World Peace." Bahahahahaha. Boy, I'm full of it today. But no really- I love you too!!!! (But not that lesbo love- I think you cleared that up in the park post- parts 1 & 2.)

And Mimi- Oh girl, you are the light of my blogging life! No seriously- I love ya! And, I've been meaning to tell you- you better go buy some good locks for your doors, 'cause Actress and Model are gonna have some male visitors pounding it down soon.

OK Rachel and Mr. Daddy- I'm done talking to others on your blog. Back to you....

Lisa said...

This has cracked me (and my family) up. The whole biker incident. My mom's first comment was "I guess there are gay bikers too" so she AMENED your "Charlies Angels" reference! LOL The picture of the shirt really puts into a better mental image!

brian said...

Julie, Julie, Julie!

Everyone LOVES Julie.

Julie this. Julie that. You're soooo wonderful Julie.

Now there's TWO Julies?

That's it. I quit... said...

LOL at all of you!~

I actually read this the other night and now I remembered I had to shut it down before I had a chance to comment.

I for one am still going with the Ren. Fest. especially after seeing the flouncy shirt in mauve. Yep, that must have been quite a sight...chest hair blowing in the wind...Be still my beating heart.

Because of all of this craziness, I now have met an awesome Julie...Julie C.

Oh, did you know I am Julie C. too! Love it, it CAN get just a bit more confusing!!!

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