Monday, July 06, 2009

Swappity Doo Dah

(alternatively titled, I've had two cups of coffee and that song is running through my head)

Mamarazzi's Red White & Blue Swap was fun! I was tickled pink (err, red?) to be matched up with someone I had just met via bloggyville!

In fact, I just just won a giveaway from Liz at LovingMom2Boys right before seeing her name as my swap partner!
(just noticed the fantastic overuse of the exclamation point thus far... apologies!!!)
See? How cute is this bag? There's a little pocket in a complementary fabric on the inside and the colors are more vivid than in the picture. Cute, no? Thanks Liz!
Onto the swap... I left a little note in the package I sent, because the wrapping job was a bit of a mess. Considering I had a 3-year old helper, I don't think it could have been otherwise :)
I love getting boxes in the mail... how bout you? Yes, it definitely felt like Christmas in July getting to unwrap all these sweet gifts!

I love the BLUE and WHITE notebook... - as mine somehow end up being hijacked by Mr. Daddy or filled with a toddler's scribbles. This one is mine, all mine. Love the stripes!

And the RED water bottle has a great little freezable center to keep drinks cool this summer.

A great big beach towel inBLUE and WHITE stripes. Have I told you I have a thing for stripes?

The RED box of chocolates has already been hidden. Ahem, what remains of it.

Anyone else looove that BLUE Tahiti Sweetie lotion? I have had to confiscate this twice already from Itty Bit. Apparently he thinks he's the Tahiti Sweetie. But ohmygosh - it smells so YUM, so I can't blame him.

Check out the RED package of gum. Yeah, that's the one responsible for a Not Me Monday moment ;)

The BLUE candle is Midsummer Night - don't you love Yankee Candles?

And last but not least... that '68 Mercury Cougar has already been in several races with Lightning McQueen and Mater. He's apparently doing very well and is a fan favorite.

Thanks so much Liz - I loved opening up all your thoughtful gifts and hope you enjoy yours as well!

Thanks to Mamarazzi for putting this together! Head over, she'll be starting another swap soon!


He & Me + 3 said...

That bag is to die for. I so have to buy one. Love your swap. I am doing this next time!

Elaine at Matters of the Heart) said...

How fun was that. Love the bag too. Liz is great and so creative.

Emily said...

Cute bag and what a fun idea!

Unknown said...

How fun is that!

Sara said...

That was a cute bag! Sounds like a fun swap! :)

Foursons said...

What is this swap you speak of? And why am I just now reading about it? I guess I'm gonna have to look into this some more.

Kameron said...

I was jealous at first when Liz told me she got you as a partner. I was like, dang, I wish I got someone I knew! Of course my partner turned out great and I'm glad your package was awesome too!

Stacy said...

How fun is that? I bet you had a great time opening up that package of goodies and going through your loot. Fun stuff!

brian said...

BTW...your little "What You Talkin' About.." widget on your sidebar? I could play with that thing all day....

Jen said...

Love the notebook too!!!


Super swap swag you received!