Sunday, July 19, 2009

Weekend Ketchup

So today didn't start out all that great. A rather rude awakening with a "your horse is out" call.

I'm not gonna say I told you so about the hotwire, but y'all can sweetly inform Mr. Daddy that I told him so about the hotwire.

Unfortunately, dad-in-law's vegetable garden was the casualty. I felt lower than the pile of manure sitting in the middle of his rows of corn.


The kid had a pretty awesome weekend... he got to take a few quad rides.

Please... take a moment to observe the atrocity that is Itty Bit's haircut... this was after interjecting a few "helpful hints" to the stylist.

"A duckbill"
"Maybe a little shorter here?"
"Number 2 setting on the clippers"
"Not so long on the bangs"
"Exactly like the kid sitting next to him"
Somehow - this is what we wound up with. I cut his bangs in half after giving up with the hints. *sigh*


Then he got to go on a for-reals train ride with Thomas the Tank Engine.
Think he had a good time?

He got nervous by the constant "peeping" that Thomas was doing. He kept saying, "it's alright Thomas!"
They had activities for the kids, and of course Itty Bit wanted to hang out and play with the trains the whole time.

Don't let me get started about spoiled kids who terrorize the rest of them while their tanned and pedicured parents stand idly by and do nothing. Yes, I mean you, Ms. Pretending Not To Notice Your Blonde Un-Cherub is Screaming "MOVE!" at Every Other Kid in the Place.

I love how my mother just subtly places herself between the boys to keep Itty Bit from getting mowed down again.

Seriously, we sat right behind Thomas himself! I couldn't figure out why there was room up there when we were almost last on the train.

Turns out, the windows don't open in that car... and it was HOT! We sweated our way through a wonderful ride with many happy children.
Look, it's Thomas right in front of Itty Bit!

After the ride, a staff member barely escaped the phenomenon known as Rachel Mouthing Off.

See the picture below? If you wanted to pay $72.99 and have an "official" picture of yourself with Thomas, you could stand in line with all the other unlucky folks who forgot their cameras.
Otherwise, you could do like us - and the 50 other people who ultimately ended up just posing in front of Thomas and snapping away.

The dude in the tent for some reason singled us out and started hollering at us.


(while his partner was positioning people next to Thomas at the tracks)

Oh my gosh - then maybe they shouldn't be making mega bucks by holding events on the train tracks.

Apparently the risk is tolerable for him, as long as someone is paying to stand on the tracks.

Oy. He escaped without a talking to, but everyone else within earshot got to hear my disbelieving "ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!?"

Whatever. Itty Bit still had a wonderful time, and the poor kid happily crashed while holding Toby (who he hysterically calls "Tooby").


If that were not enough... the next day was LAKEFAIR! The annual carnival and parade at the waterfront. It was a beautiful day!

(side note: you spend decent $$ to get a lovely boat like this, and this is the best name you can come up with? OUCH)

I was totally convinced that this ride and its fast turns would be too much for Itty Bit. I told Mr. Daddy it was a lose-lose situation. If he got scared, he was gonna cry. If he liked it, it was gonna be a lifetime of begging to go on all the crazy rides.

Take a peek. And what cracked me up, was that I later realized Mr. Daddy had gotten my still-nervous smile in the reflection below the ride, ha ha.

Remember last time we tried the roller coaster? This time was much better!

Then he was having so much fun driving a dump truck, he just couldn't stand it.

This was a favorite... the controllers made the spaceship go up and down. He was DRIVING!!! (Everytime I try to get a shot of him having fun lately, he shoots me that underbite smile - too funny)


This is life around our place... a hard working Mr. Daddy taking a break to carry a dirt-mover-crazy boy over to play on a new toy.

This shot makes me feel so blessed to have these boys in my life.


And what could possibly be better than ending your weekend eating oatmeal cookies on the couch while watching Princess Bride for the first time ever?

I got it good.


Foursons said...

OH that last picture is the BEST! That is a very busy weekend- I'd be exhausted and ready for another one if I were y'all.

Anonymous said...

Oh be still my heart....

OK, first: ya gotta have another kid, if for no other reason than you made such a handsome one already... ;) (Mr. Daddy, God said go forth and multiply....)

Secondly, OMGosh I love the pictures!! They were wonderful, like I was there with you. Gosh, I loved that.

I'm jealous of everyone else's vacation. Darn it.

And you are so pretty!!! I love seeing pictures of you, you just always look so very happy! You are my kind of people...

I personally LOVE the haircut, although it does make him look older and that tugs at your heart, but seriously, I think it's darn cute and perfect for the summer!

He & Me + 3 said...

What a fun weekend. I have always wanted to do the Thomas the Train thing when it is here at the Village, but have never gotten around to it. Looks like such fun.
Love the last picture. What were they both laughing at? So sweet!

McCrakensx4 said...

What a fun weekend! My boys have never been into trains although I had wished they were when they were younger! Loved all the pictures and I would have said the same thing to the guy taking the pictures....ARe you kidding me?! Too funny. Thanks for taking me along!

Heather said...

Oh darn, I missed stalking you at Lakefair!!! We were there again this morning, for hot dogs and shortcake. Mmmmm. I can't wait until Aidan's big enough to enjoy the rides!

For some reason, I can't open your link to the haircut, but I like Itty Bit's hair now. I love short, short hair on boys anyway (although you wouldn't know it with my long-haired kid!).

Um, the Thomas the Train people are weirdos. I can't picture you EVER mad, but I bet it's hilarious!! : ) heehee

Unknown said...

Awesome post!

Brandi said...

Wow! Busy weekend, but it looks like y'all had a lot of fun. The haircut doesn't look bad. He's so darn cute, he'd look good bald. I know what you mean though, because I have a time with the hairdresser just following simple directions. Why don't they listen? ;)

Anonymous said...

We went to the Lake Fair last Thursday and now reading your post, I wished we have gone together! Awwwwwww. Abby rode three (!) rides. Yeah, it's hard shelling out bucks for few minutes of thrill. But Abby literally begged for it. So we gave in. She was all smiles afterwards. :-) I enjoyed your post and we NEED to get together soon.

Pam D said...

What great pics! It looks like you had a makes me remember the time when Bug Hunter loved those rides, too. Now it's all big and zoomy and fast and scary (and makes mom throw up!). Be glad for the kiddie rides!
Oh, and I am SO sorry about your dad's vegetable garden. I cannot TELL you how sorry I am about your poor dad's sweat and labor going to waste because SOMEONE didn't listen about the hot wire. *sigh*

Lisa said...

Tee hee Pam D. Rachel, those pictures are fabulous, and I agree with some one above (I already forgot who lol) I felt like I was there! Great pictures and glad there were no train track injuries! LOL

Floortime Lite Mama said...

what a fun trip .. those are some gorgeous pix - your lil guylooks so cute.
Love the picture at the end - your boys looks so nice and sweet and adorable

Shana Putnam said...

This was an awesome post! Loks like Itty Bit had a blast!

Alicia W. said...

Damn, your weekend totally put mine to shame! You guys did all sorts of FUN stuff.. well, besides the horse getting out and pooping right in the middle of everything he ate, lol.

Kameron said...

I'm so glad you guys got to go see Thomas! I was wondering where you were in relation to the RR. I couldn't tell from the link I sent. I am trying to play catch up from a whole week of not blogging, but here I am trying to get back in the saddle!

Oh, was he supposed to have bangs?

Jaime said...

Wow, busy and FUN! Great pictures!

Mr. and Mrs. Nurse Boy said...

How fun to find another husband and wife blog team!!!! My husband actually started our blog and then slowed way down on posting, so I took over. He does join me when he can or when he gets inspired. He really is the better blogger. I will definately be back. Your son is absolutely ADORABLE!!! I can tell he is surrounded by a lot of love! Thanks for stopping by our blog. I am going to go snoop around your blog now!

Mrs. Nurse Boy

Emily said...

I know this is weird, but the Princess Bride totally freaks me out. I can't watch it. (ET too). Looks like fun at Thomas...except for the bully. Ugh. And I think he's adorable regardless of the haircut. But I feel your pain, it drives me crazy when a stylist can't just give a little boy a simply little boy cut! I have that issue all the time taking Jack to get his hair cut!

Carebear said...

Hi Rachel, Mr. Daddy and Itty Bit! I've missed you guys. Itty Bit is so big and cuter than ever. We were at Thomas this weekend too - on Saturday. Fun, but so hot in that train! We did the King County Fair on Friday, so the little Beast and Itty Bit had very similar weekends. I hope you all are enjoying your summer! said...

Oh Miss Rachel,

You wouldn't mouth off! No! Is the really big writing the equivalent to shouting? Not that's some BIG writing, girl!

Looks like a FUN day for the ittybit!

The bottom picture is a classic. Love it!