Monday, August 31, 2009

And the winners...

of the most belated giveaway drawing ever…

(how on earth am I supposed to work around an internet outage?!?!)

and the soon-to-be proud new owners of photogenic masterpieces by Dana at From Chaos to Grace



Comment #7 by Brandi from My Three Bubs!


Comment #18 by Emily from Powell Power!


These chicks also left a couple knock knock jokes for little May-May:



Silly ladies, yes?  That first one took me straight back to the Sound of Music!


Just a bit of crazy “coincidence”… every single time I’ve hosted a giveaway, I’ve won something at the same time.  I’m three-for-three right now.  I’m thinking I should find a giveaway for a portrait lens, stick my name in it, then hurry back here and post another giveaway?!? :)

Check it out…

My first giveaway, and I won a perfect care package from Matters of the Heart.

Then my second giveaway and I won a cool bag from Loving Mom Two Boys.

And I post this one and get a Target giftcard from sweet Following Him.

See?  God has a sense of humor!


Congrats to the winners!



He & Me + 3 said...

congrats to both Brandi and Emily. They are both so sweet! What a fun giveaway.
congrats to you too on your winnings.

Emily said...

Wait!? I won!? Was it just random or based on the best knock-knock joke?? ;) Just kidding. Thanks!!

Foursons said...

I think this contest was rigged. I TOLD you that you were to draw MY name. What's the matter with you, you can't follow a few simple directions? Geesh. Some people.

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