Friday, August 07, 2009

Call Me


Last week we lost a follower. I was sad :(

Then overnight we gained two! (happy dance)

See, I did the "follow me for an entry into a giveaway" thing once - and it really didn't work. I realized quickly that it meant more to me to have a few people who actually read and took the time to share their thoughts about my random blurbs, than a zillion followers who hung around for giveaways.

(But stick around - we have a fun giveaway coming up. Just waiting to see that counter roll around to 30,000, then we can par-tay!)

So - one of those new followers, on her very first comment... decided to out me to y'all. And I laughed when I saw her comment, then laughed some more.

Remember the last silly post? Where May-May was all about the french fries and made it pretty darn obvious what she thought of having to endure her Auntie She-She kissing on those rosy cheeks?

Well, this is what Christina had to say:
This chick knocked it out of the park her first time up to bat!

I was kinda-sorta keeping quiet about the nickname that was given to me almost 8 years ago by this cutie, Little Jo.

She was an early talker, and we finally figured out that every time she said that random "She-She", she actually meant Aunt Rachel.

I just realized, I typed "she" five times in that sentence. Sorry to annoy those of you who are real writers :)

So "She-She" stuck. Wouldn't be much of an issue if it'd been outgrown, but noooo... May-May was born and the nickname stuck.

I've managed to keep it relatively under wraps, despite the many times we've been out in public and Little Jo or May-May has hollered, "SHE-SHE!!!!!" and anyone who knew Japanese or Hawaiian would turn and giggle.

Come on - I know I'm not the only one with an embarrassing nickname, right? (In the spirit of damage control, no comments about my other nickname being Miss Mini Bladder, okay Dear?)

Y'all know that Itty Bit has a few nicknames. He usually goes by Boogie around here. Only cuz Mr. Daddy wasn't overly fond of me calling him Bugsy all the time.

And the rest of these folks you may have already met if you've been with us for awhile. Yes, we are definitely a nickname family:


(geez girls, what's with the attitude?)

Walla-Walla Bip Boo - aka Grandma

(oh wait, those girls come by it naturally)

Brush Ape and Tiny Thing

Half Pint and Bubba

As always, Ju

(it pays to be the keeper of the photo memory cards)

Any funny nicknames in your family???


renee said...

my best friend calls me small fry. i'm somewhat altitudinally challenged. he thinks it's funny. never calls me by my name...ever. :)

He & Me + 3 said...

Love nicknames. No silly names over here. My name is silly enough. I used to hate it growing up. Got teased all the time.

Brandi said...

Co-workers used to call me "spud" when they found out I was born in ID - I quit. :P

Floortime Lite Mama said...

awwwww so cute
love the pics
r is called chotu - the little one

Stacy said...

When I was younger I used to be called Spacey Stacey...I have no idea why??? ;)

My BIL calls Kai, Butch for some reason and gets a kick out of it when Kai argues about how that is just NOT his name. :)

You sure do have some interesting nicknames in your family, but its not all that unexpected!

Oh, I used to be obsessed about how many hits my blog got each day, but notsomuch anymore. After one of my feeds got dropped it went way down, and I'm okay with that. It made me reevaluate that I'm blogging for me and those that actually come and comment and not the mass of strangers that would only comment if I gave something away. It's better this way. :)

Pam D said...

Hmm. I was known as "Mo" in college because of my last name (and it is WEIRD on Facebook now, because my college friends still call me that). And then I got married, and folks who knew my maiden and married names called me "MoJo". No one now really knows maiden and first married names, but if they did, they could call me MoJoDo, which would be really weird; I'd feel like a sumo wrestler. bleah. And Bug Hunter? He's actually known as Bug Boy at school; go figure.
And then there's hubby. He goes by Chuck. There are even some official things that show him as Chuck. His actual given name? David Wallace. So,when someone calls asking for Charles? We KNOW they have to be selling something! As for why he's called Chuck? Cause his mom liked the way it sounded....

Ms. Sarah said...

my sister wanted to be called ti ti blake calls her um titty *blush* we have been trying to correct him but due to speech issues we are having a huge failing.

Nathan we call tornator or nater tator because he is like a tornado. when he was born he was so yellow he looked like a tater tot.

Foursons said...

Boo to the follower who quit following you and yea to the 2 new ones!

As far as answering your question- to much work for my brain right now. I'll come back to it. :)

Mom Of Many said...

One of my brothers started calling me "Bones" when I was young. It stuck. I'm still Bones to him. And Mr. Dw? He calls me "Winny". And Of course I call him "Whitey"....corny but hey - next week we celebrate 31 years married, so corny is good!! xo

Lisa said...

Yes, keeper of the card is a great thing!

We have many nicknames here. I will run down a few.

I am Nee Nee, BB (for which I will NOT explain!), Lee Bob, Ookie, and Dawn. Shew.

My mom is Rosey, Nosey Rosey & Ro.

My dad is Home-boy, Homie & Homer John.

My sis is LAmy (like they were going to say Lisa but caught it and said Amy!), Jo Jo & Josie.

And Dylan is everything under the sun, but mostly Little Man or Big Stuff.

TinaJewel said...

thanks for putting my comment where all can see it, i feel all shy and silly. yes, i know an amazing ammount of random facts, most of which never come up in conversation. but every once in a while i get to look all cool and stuff. i am still blushing...
nick names, right,
my neices call me aunt crazy, first a mis-pronouncement, but i told sister-in-law to let the kids call me this. i like being the crazy aunt. i can get away with more this way...
glad i made you happy. have a great weekend!

Mr. and Mrs. Nurse Boy said...

We aren't really a nickname type of family. However, my initials spelled "HO" growing up. Since my name is Heather, and everyone else born in the early 70's was also named Heather, I had to go by Heather O. Everywhere I went. I mean everywhere. So, it didn't take too long before people started calling me "HO". I like to think it was because I was anything but during my high school years.

When my brother was a freshman and I was a senior, he met one of my guy friends. The guy commented that he must be "HO's" brother and my brother was ready to fight him just for calling me a Ho.

I am happy that nickname is long gone. Changing your last name can do that!

Mrs. Nurse Boy

Susan said...

I'm always sneaking over here from Pinkalicious to read your funny comments and watch Itty Bit grow--and he really has changed a lot since I started following your blog! Too, too cute, I might add.

Nicknames: Just a few from our family--
My sister, Marky, is "Aunt Malarky".
My brother, Julian, is "Frosty".
My son, Roy, is "Banjo Boy"
My daughter Erin is "Hank" (because her father never heard of the name Erin and thought I was saying Aaron, so he just wound up calling her Hank--after the baseball great, Hank Aaron.)
My grandson, Grant, is "Chachi".
I am Mah-nee to the youngest grandchild. (Probably means "Poophead" in Slovenia or the Phillipines or somewhere I don't know the language. :o( I'll have to see if any heads turn when he calls me that out in public... )

Anonymous said...

Yep, you make me laugh so hard *I* she-she.


Maybe I shouldn't have said that. :P

Ya know, I don't know if I'm an official FOLLOWER though...I read through Bloglines.

Anonymous said...

OK, there we go, girlie, you just gained another loyal follower. :D

And you looked seriously BEA*U*TIFUL in those pictures with your niece!

Emily said...

Love funny nicknames! It's a long story as to how this came about, but we call my middle brother "Miracle Ear Junior" ;) And due to her um, no so impeccable table manners, Melody is known as Melody Mess!

Heather said...

Would it be dorky of me to create some nicknames tonight, just so I can write a funny comment with all the hilarious nicknames in our family??? Uh, yeah.

No great nicknames here. Well, Aidan has a ton... and I guess Chad and I do. But none in the family. Brush Ape - that's hilarious!! And I LOVE Bubba. heehee

Ok, time to go "she-she" - I mean, pee!!

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