Saturday, August 01, 2009


Finally, a slow Saturday morning. Itty Bit's cough has kept us from our planned trip to the coast, but it's nice having the downtime.

I make a 3am trip to the bathroom (remember, mini-bladder?) and nearly wet myself when a large spot moves on the wall.

I race to the kitchen, grab a glass bowl with a top and take custody of a very angry intruder.

Seriously y'all... this is a small bowl... look how big that dude is. Umm was. (Sorry Bug Hunter)


Mr. Daddy is off for a haircut, I'm sorting through the mail (that's a story for another time), and Itty Bit is watering the flowers on the patio just a few feet away.

He comes in every 23 seconds asking me to refill the cup he's just dumped. So when I feel his footsteps at my side, I automatically reach for the refill.

Only he says, "broke it".

And I look down in horror to see jagged edges of glass from what was the bottom of the cup he was using.

My first thought is that I don't see any blood and I let out a fearfully relieved sigh.

Until he turns his head.

And the heat runs into my face and my ears start ringing.

Oh Good Lord... where is he bleeding?

He's scarred his sweet face for life.

Stay calm, stay calm, stay calm. Rachel stay freakin calm.

Where is Julie when I need her, and why can't I deal with blood?!?

The poor little guy sees my suddenly freaked-out face and brings his fingers up to his cheeks.

Fingers that have blood all over them. Dripping blood onto my own fingers. Head still ringing, I grab the paper towels and start trying to figure out where he's actually cut.

Would you believe (HUGE SIGH OF RELIEF) that all that blood would come from one little cut on his fingertip?

One that is proudly wearing a Lightning McQueen bandaid. All that drama for one morning.

Is this real life or what? The scary thing is, this is a slow Saturday morning for us!


Foursons said...

Oh goodness! I'm glad he's OK! And yeah for slow Saturday mornings.

renee said...

so glad he's alright!

Pam D said...

Girl.. you GOTTA learn how to get it together with a boy and blood. I'm tellin' ya... it WILL get worse. I'm glad Itty Bit is OK and that it only takes a band-aid to make it all better. Just wait til he does something like, oh, ride a bike full-tilt down a steep part of the driveway and slam into concrete blocks (thank you Lord that he ALWAYS wears a helmet, cause it got a real deep scratch and dent, and that WOULD have been his head). I'm just sayin'....
As for the spider, the Bug Hunter officially does NOT like spiders anymore. If he'd been there, he'd have done the same thing... except that it would be flatter. Thumbs up... good job!

Floortime Lite Mama said...

whew thank goodness he is okay!!!
H ehe he your slow mornings are quite nerve shattering LOL

Unknown said...

I'm always one to over dramatize on the kiddos owies also...I'm working on it though! hey I hope you enjoyed the rest of your day!

Emily said...

Yikes, I hate when those little cuts have so much blood with them! So glad he was OK. And as for the spider....EWWW!!!

He & Me + 3 said...

Oh My Gosh! I was so nervous for him. So glad it was only his little finger. "broke it" sounds just like Stunt Man. Always breaking something.

Rissa said...

whew! glad it wasn't much worse..looks like as he gets older hes going to be a HANDFUL!

Hope you guys are having a blessed weekend!

Brandi said...

Oh gosh, my heart skipped a beat. I cannot do blood either. . . Just wait till he starts losing teeth. They get so excited about it and it is just disgusting ~ makes my knees weak. Glad he's ok. :)

City girl turned Country Girl said...

Oh the spider story did make LOL!!! Isn't that so scary when something like that happens!! A few years ago when my DD was in the 2nd grade she got the tip of her ring finger on her right hand chopped off in a door at school...Talk about being HORRIFIED!!!! Not so fun :(

Kameron said...

Girl@ What are you doing givving a toddler (like our crazy boys) a glass cup?? Plastic all the way next time. I am relieved that he just cut his finger. That face is way too cute for scars!! said...

That is so scary. I know, I am supposed to say "no problem" but when a little one is bleeding...that's scary.

I always freak out when my own get hurt. I do better with other people's kids who are bleeding.

I am glad he is okay!