Thursday, August 13, 2009

Happy Birthday Mr. Daddy

Poor guy.

He's had a rough day.

I mean, first the whole aging thing.

And then spending half a day doing the court stuff with me.

Then forced to eat his way through a giant chinese buffet.

And spend the rest of the afternoon playing his brand new Guitar Hero.

(Yeah, he ROCKS in case any of y'all wondered).

And the coup de gras was our ever witty Pam D's (retaliatory) birthday tribute.

So if you're wondering what this is about... head on over :)


Lisa said...

Teee heee heee. At first I couldn't believe there weren't any comments on this post. Now I know why, they are all on Pam D's, along with my other one! LOL I will repeat, the little rose is a perfect final touch! LOL


Pam D said...

Awwww.... Brad found his way over here! That sneaky guy... he better leave my cute friend alone! hee hee...
Hope your Dentucreme was moist and effective, that your Depends didn't leak, that your scooter didn't tip over, and that your hearing aid batteries are goin' strong, Mr. Daddy! Oh... and now that you're on Medicare, I bet you're REALLY concerned with that new universal health plan, huh?

Floortime Lite Mama said...

awwwwww that is the sweetest
Happy Birthday Mr Daddy
Hope this is a lovely beautiful year for you becuase you are such a lovely person

He & Me + 3 said...

OH my just all the blogs tied into this one post is cracking me up. YOu all are a hoot and the comments only make the post 10 times more funny.
Happy Birthday Mr. Daddy! What a good sport you are. I know you will be plotting something:)

Mr. Daddy said...

Who ME plotting revenge????

No never.

Now this Brad character, I really don't know...

He might just be a loose canon!!!!

ya just never know about people you meet on these web sites, ya know!!ROFL

Ms. Sarah said...

Happy Birthday to Mr. Daddy.. He has a great day for birthday ;) My little man turned 6 on the 13th.

Hope your court went ok

Stacy said...

Happy birthday, Mr. Daddy! Sounds like at least part of your day was fun. :)

Oh my goodness that photo is HILARIOUS! Great job on that one, Pam LOL!!

Foursons said...

Oh no you didn't! You did!! Oh goodness, the retaliation is gonna be hell. Can't wait to see it start.

Kameron said...

Oh I so needed that laugh this morning!! Wait, I'm going to go look at it some more! :o)

Foursons said...

And Happy Birthday Mr. Daddy!

Anonymous said...

Oh that is funny! I am glad to see you weren't intimidated by the sleeping/mouth open pix he took of you and went ahead and posted the robe pix...This made my day! Happy Birthday, Mr. Daddy! :)

Mr. and Mrs. Nurse Boy said...

Happy Birthday, Mr. Daddy!! AWESOME picture! I am off to Pam's to check out some more!

Mrs. Nurse Boy

sarah said...

LOL nice picture.

Shanda said...

Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you; happy birthday Mr. Daddy, happy birthday to you!!!

May this year be your best ever!!

Jane Anne said...

How fun! How funny! Oh my, my husband would kill me... well, I would definitely have a killer payback anyway.

Mr. Daddy should come enter himself in my contest. It started on his birthday. Happy late birthday.

Lisa said...

Sorry to bring up the "fake boob slinging beauty queen," my dear Rachel over at Pam D's site, but that is when I absolutely fell in love with you! LOL And completely hetero-love there, Mr. Braddy-- I mean Mr. Daddy, so don't think you have another park incident on your hands!

Emily said...

haha! Happy Birthday Mr. Daddy!
Hope court went OK today Rachel.

Rachel said...

Oh my Lord... LISA!!! Oooh girl, you really started it this time, LOL!

For anyone still following this crazy comment thread... the "fake boob slinging beauty queen" thing had to do with what she posted on Pam D's post (linked in this post).

Still following me?

And she was referring to my very first True Story Tuesday - which you can find by clicking on the button on the right.

And it's a doozy.

Unfortunately, the lovely Mr. "Braddy" did not figure this out at first and guffawed like a 8th grade boy about the "fake boobies".

Seriously... I never thought those words would be on my blog.

I think you've finally reddened my cheeks Lisa.


Lisa said...

My dearest Rachel, So sorry to have reddened your cheeks. That was truly not my intent. Just to show some bloggy knowledge and spread the love! lol And I cannot take credit for "Mr. Braddy." Pam called him that first. It is classic, though.

Pam D said...

Why yes, I think we may have an official name change here, at least in the comment section. Mr. Braddy... nice. VERY nice! Mr. Braddy and the Beauty Queen... I think there's a novel in there somewhere.... (with a lovely photo section right in the middle....)

Alicia W. said...

Happy Birthday to your hilarious husband. Hope you all had a great weekend.

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