Sunday, August 16, 2009

Not Me Monday - and a GIVEAWAY heads-up!


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Howdy folks. We skipped a couple of Not Me Monday’s… but unfortunately the ammunition for the theme didn’t take a hiatus.

Join MckMama for more Not Me Mondays!

This past week did not include Mr. Daddy reporting what his son said in the bathtub:

“No wash my face Daddy. Just wash my butt when the poop comes out”

I have no idea where his son might have picked this up, but a recent conversation between Mr. Daddy and I may have possibly maybe included a dialogue somewhat similar to this:

Hon, did you wipe him?


Seriously? Cuz I just undressed him for a bath and a little turd fell from between his cheeks into the bathwater.

Riotous laughter.


Not me who can’t believe I just started another post with poop. Does that just come with having a BOY?



Considering that our BOY is surrounded by little girls, I have no idea why he would correct me every time I say undies. Not my kid who claims he wears panties.

(please feel free to tell me how stinkin’ cute May-May is when she giggles like that :)


Not me who has ONE MORE post about that accident. Cuz trust me, y’all are not gonna believe what happened after court!


Not Mr. Daddy’s birthday post that got completely out of hand in the comments section. It did not culminate in Lisa calling me a “fake boob slinging beauty queen”.

And it is NOT ME who is directing your attention (desperately) to this post to clarify that I DO NOT HAVE FAKE BOOBS. And I surely would never be mistaken for someone who might. I am not blown away that someone would remember that ancient story, but well… it was rather memorable, right? :)


Not me who had to bring Itty Bit shopping with me to pick up a Rock Band set for Mr. Daddy (think Guitar Hero with a drum set and mic).

Definitely not my kid who somehow recognized the wrapped box later and started screaming at the top of his lungs:





Mr. Daddy was not confused and amused at the same time.

And yes, my 3-year old is NOT better than I at the drums. Posh.


I did not allow my kiddo, niece and mother to hitch a ride on my car down the driveway.


No way, not me. Those are not windshield wipers in the photo.

And where the heck does May-May get those curls?


I am not TOTALLY pumped watching the hit counter approach 30,000.

Seriously y’all??? :) Gee I feel so loved! Loved enough to share one my good friend’s talents with y’all. Cuz you made it all the way through this post and you deserve a shot at a giveaway! So come back tomorrow for True Story Tuesday by Mr. Daddy – then we’ll start the giveaway!


Liz {Learning To Juggle} said...

ah yes...boys and life is full of these things!!

Lisa said...

While Dylan was on a visit with his dad last week, he took off his dirty diaper and slung POOP everywhere. And he isn't even to the stage where we can tell him mean things to do yet! LOL

I it was not me who used to play with her great aunt's "fake boob" that she 'hid' (not so well) in the night stand by her bed, when we would go to visit. Nope. Not me. Not why I totall remember the story and feel some fake boobie love with Mrs. Rachel.

I also did not admit that in someone else's comment section, either.


Shanda said...

May-May is just plain adorable.

Blessings as you begin a fresh week!

Foursons said...

Ummm yes. I think the poop stories are so prevalent because of the boy. Just seems that those boys love all things poop!

And I literally Lol'd at him calling his underwear panties. BAhahahhahahaha!

I'm gonna have to go back to the boob story. I think I missed that one.

And I have NEVER ridden on the hood of a car. Nope, no way! Ahem.

No need to do a contest, you can just send the prize to me and I'll make sure to thank you on my blog. :)

Stacy said...

Oh yes, what is it about poop?? I try to get my kids to not think of it is the funniest thing ever, but then their friends just add fuel to the fire!

Mr. and Mrs. Nurse Boy said...

Poop=Boys. Even true for my GI Nurse husband who loves to talk bodily fluids and sounds. I know, you are so jealous. Well, he is all mine.

May-May is adorable, but I could eat your son up!! Too cute!

Can't wait to hear what happened after court.

"See" you tomorrow!

Mrs. Nurse Boy

Kameron said...

I had to think if calling them undies (which is what I call them) was right!! Thanks for the laughs. I'm having a freakin day today, and I really needed them!

Eyeglasses & Endzones said...

Oh I am laughing sooo hard right now because we do NOT have poop conversations at our house either...;) Story of life with boys!!!

Jersey Girl in Louisiana said...

so funny!!

daddies definitely dont do things like mommies!

and only one of the boys in the picture is mine, the other is in my care 50 hours a week :o)

Pam D said...

Oh man.. who got the 30,000 hit? I was 30,047. Dang girl, you have more than twice as many hits than me (and more than twice the followers, too). Of course, you're also more than twice as funny, AND you have Mr. Daddy... ( that a positive or a negative? JUST kiddn'...) Love your Not Me's (we're not so much with the poop talk around here, but the aereated version.. yes). And May May, who definitely has a cute giggle and even cuter curls. And .. and... oh, you know. Rock on... you da bomb!

Emily said...

Wait...what happened after court?
And I just read the fake boob story...that poor woman!
And the poop...ROTF! And May-May...cute as a button with that giggle-y face for sure!

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