Monday, August 24, 2009

True Story Tuesday by Rachel

Hey y’all, ready for this week’s True Story Tuesday?

It’s a chance to give us the whole story of what exactly happened on that Not Me Monday. Or to share what seems too amazing/outrageous/miraculous to have happened in real life.

I know there are some great stories already waiting in your old posts… so it would be easy-peasy to just link up and share your stuff! So… please join along! Grab the button from the sidebar and share a link to your post about anything amazing, outrageous, hilarious, embarrassing, or miraculous, (and mostly-true) that has happened to you!


Jest Bein’ Neighborly and All

Every Thursday night was tv night. We had a routine… invite a buddy over, grab a couple pizzas, and the three of us veg out for a few hours in front of the tube.

First came Pretender (anyone else remember that show?)

Then Profiler (which I had to turn away at the morbid parts)

Next was ER (George Clooney and Noah Wyle anyone?)

And if we were all still somewhat awake after our gluttonous evening, we’d top it off with a recorded hour of Survivor.

Keep in mind, this was in a nice neighborhood – lots of nuclear families and manicured lawns.

So we stumble out the door after 11pm to see our buddy off … walking past our neat little lawn toward the cars.

Suddenly there’s a loud BANG.


We halfway duck back into the shadows of the entryway and watch the scene unfold.

(By the way, Stever, do you remember this? :)


What is absolutely comical is that the  neighbor from across the street is busy doing his own thing, while his wife is trying desperately to call him off.

It was the perfect performance for a deaf audience… full of emotion, pantomime, suspense, and a terrific ending.

See… the couple from across the street had four children in quick succession.  Which meant a lotta diapers.

And seeing as we were the only two living in the big house across the street, the guy (let’s call him Joe) had waited until late that evening to ahem dispose of some diapers in a trashcan that surely couldn’t have been as full as his.

Except that he hadn’t counted on a recent surprise party that left our garbage can full of wrecked decorations, paper plates, and empty pop bottles.


And at the precise time that we had stepped out the front door, he had swung the lid to our garbage can open and slung his radioactive payload onto our container.

Notice I said ONTO?  Yeah, it was already full.

So Joe does what any self-respecting garbage-can space thief would do.  He climbs on top of it.

In full view of the three of us.

Oh wait… make that the four of us.

Cuz Joe’s wife is standing at their porch, directly across the street from us.

Staring in HORROR at us watching her husband grunting

as he jumps up and down on the uncooperative Hefty bag that is now spilling diapers onto the street.





She is quickly walking toward him, flailing her arms as we giggle madly.




Joe is absolutely determined to get those diapers into our garbage can.  He begins picking them up with his bare hands and shoving them deep into the sides.

He finally picks up the last one, and triumphantly pulls the lid back over it… only it won’t close.

He thumps on it a couple of times for good measure, then decides it’s good enough.




By now she has run across the street, pointing and yelling while neighbors’ porch lights turn on.

Joe looks at her first in triumph…

Hey babe, I got them all in the…


As he turns around and sees what she is wilding gesturing at.

Yep, three sets of eyes half squinted shut in silent laughter.

Hey, umm… You know… umm…  you know…

Would you believe he never spoke to us again?



Sooo… I know you can outdo this! Join along and share your outrageous/miraculous/amazing story!


Emily said...

that is absolutely hilarious!!! Sounds like y'all could have had your own reality TV going on. Or at least an SNL skit!

lsnellings said...

That is so funny! I can't believe he never spoke to you. That situation definitely call for some humble pie and a group laugh-in!

Anonymous said...

NEVER spoke to you?? Again?? Seriously?

WOW...some people just need to get over themselves. ;)

Hehehehe, we USED to be trashcan-space thieves too, til the neighbors had a grandbaby that moved in and now their trashcan is full all the time too. Darn it.

But I DO have a picture of a past Christmas with Austin jumping up and down in the trashcan with Mike holding him steady. HAHAHAHAHAHA

Good to know we're somewhat heh.

Anonymous said...

*PS* and why is that they say "choose an identity" but when I type in Queen Dana it won't accept it?

;) heh. I'm full of it lately...

Kmama said...

LOL!! And does this neighborhood have some sort of rule where you can't have bags not in trash cans?? But even if that is the rule, how hard would it be to purchase another trash can?? LOL

Rachel said...

Just to clarify... these people had THREE trash cans out every pickup day... and had already hit up the other neighbors for space. I mean... without them knowing, ha ha.

Foursons said...

Really? He was stealing trash can space? Were you not allowed to throw trashbags on the curb next to the full trashcan?

And never speaking to you again? What a wierdo.

Kameron said...

How does all of this stuff happen to you guys?? You attract hilarity!!! :o)

Megan said...

LOL Hilarious!! Who does that? Crazy neighbor! :0P

brian said...

Great story...great visual...

I needed the laugh :)

Floortime Lite Mama said...

OMG that is soooooo funny

Mr. and Mrs. Nurse Boy said...

Neighbors never fail to provide us with great blogging material! Nurse Boy and I have actually THOUGHT about spreading our trash around when we are embarassed by how much we have, but we have NEVER done it! No, really. We haven't!

That is awesome that you caught him red handed!!!

Mrs. Nurse Boy

Anonymous said...

This is so funny on so many levels. My hubs is known to overfill our garbage (usually with yard debris) and is constantly standing on OUR trash can to shove more in. Although I know on occasion we have used the neighbor’s trash if theirs isn't full but we've always asked first and we still talk to them.

Gotta love neighbors they are what keep us thinking we are normal! ;)

Lisa said...

This is 'stinking' hilarious! LOL I cannot believe they snuck and did that. I mean, dude, why didn't they just ask, or get another garbage can for themselves? I agree with the above commenter, how do you all just attract these kind of people? Except I know that answer, cause we attract them too!

Brandi said...

Sooooo funny guys! Seriously, he could have just laughed it off instead of never talking again! We use our neighbors trash can all the time, but he knows we do it and he doesn't care. Heck, Daddy Bub is the type that would use it w/out asking because he would think it wasn't a big deal. He's the self-proclaimed "mayor" of our subdivision. . . but that's another story. :)

brian said...

Mz Rachel...Thanks for that link!

Those verses--it was EXACTLY what I needed! said...

Thanks for the laugh. We steal our neighbor trash space sometimes and yes, I always sneak when I do it!

He & Me + 3 said...

Oh that is just too much. I wish I would have been there to see that. Too funny.

City girl turned Country Girl said...

I promise you guys have some of the funniest stories I've ever heard!!! And boy do crazy things happen in your lives LOL!!!

Lexie Loo, Lily, Liam & Dylan Too said...

That is hilarious!!! What a funny story!

Lisa @ Boondock Ramblings said...

That is too funny! I'm getting in on this this week. Mrs. Nurse Boy from Poop on Jelly was doing it and I want to be cool like I have a "true story" that truly makes me look like an idiot and is funny to boot.