Monday, August 31, 2009

True Story Tuesday: Tag team edition

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Take Me Out to the Ball Game

Thanks to Rach's Dad being an excellent golfer, and his vacation coinciding with the tickets that he won in a tournament, I had a most excellent birthday present...

Two All-Star Suite tickets complete with parking pass for the Mariners ball game at Safeco field...

(Rach in: I still don't quite understand running around a manicured lawn whacking at a little white ball, but I'm sure glad you're good at it, Dad).

Wow were we treated in royal style - park, proceed up to the sky walk, quick camera bag check, and waltz right on into the suite…NO LINES!!!!!

As we walked in the Host and Hostess took one look at our trepidacious approach, sadly shook their heads and asked…First time here?????? We looked at each other and said…Yeah, up here.

(Rach in again: "trepidacious"?!?! Oh come on... I was totally embarrassing you dear... I was giggling and skipping and you only held my hand to keep me from introducing myself to everyone).

(Mr. Daddy in: You were worse than an excited teenybopper at a Hannah Montana concert, dear).

The nice gentleman took us firmly in hand, and began to explain the rules of the genteel class to a couple of backwoods three hundred level cheap seat rookies…

Over here we have the desert bar with seven different deserts with your choice of about twenty different toppings.

And here we have the bar, which you can start a tab or pay as you go, every thing else is compliments of the house.

Now down past the bar is the salad bar complete with crackers and cheese and just about any condiment that you could imagine for a salad.

Just on past that is the table with prime rib complete with the little guy in a big chef’s hat to serve you; steamed red potatoes and corn.

If the prime rib is not to your liking (but it is most excellent), we have a rosemary lemon chicken. These are all served though the seventh inning.

Along the wall was a complete bar with hotdogs and several assorted accoutrements to top off a Ballpark dog. Popcorn, both regular and carmel. And what ball game would be complete without fresh roasted hot peanuts???? With two big refrigerators (one at each end of the room) full of soft drinks and water. All of this available until the end of the game…

With that (and an order to pace ourselves because he expected us to eat all the way through the 9th inning) and a kindly smile, he sauntered away to greet other people.

After about a gazillion trips to the prime rib server and salad bar…(for me) Rach is too much a lady to make a pig or be gluttonous beyond reason.

(Rach in: I stockpiled my plate to the point where food was falling off it... and ate fast when Mr. Daddy made his multiple runs for more prime rib... he only thought I wasn't eating my way through it).

We were ready to go out on the balcony and enjoy the start of the game.

(Rach in again: I would have been hitting up more of the prime rib, if Mr. Daddy hadn't surreptitiously snuck a quart of horseradish under the bite he lovingly offered me, and sent me into a sneezing fit in our lovely setting. I love you too, honey).

I grab a bag of peanuts and a bucket of popcorn, (just to tide me over till later in the game when I could waddle my way back in and grab a Dog, with the works).

We make our way to our cushy seats and the place is immaculate. We look around, and Rach whispers to me go get us a container to put the peanut shells in… Now in my accustomed 300 level cheap seats we just shell them on the floor (right)???? What do you do in the posh section????? You listen to your smart wife and go get a container to up the shells in. RIGHT??????

(Rach back in: ladies, we all know that I "subtly" mentioned it to Mr. Daddy, he laughed at me, and I went and got it myself)

Every thing is going good until about the third inning when a guy and his mom show up and ask to be let in to the seats next to us. They sit down and he starts shelling his peanuts and just shucking them on the floor. This was way too much for my beautiful smart wife…

She leans over and in her best deaf whisper says: LOOK AT THAT SLOB, HE IS JUST THROWING THEM ON THE FLOOR….

(Rach in: OMLORD, I cannot believe he is sharing this. I am totally embarrassed)

Me: (quietly) yes dear I see that….

Thinking to myself: (self, I hope he didn’t hear that!!!!)

A couple of outs later, he leans over and says:::: First time here Eh???

Me: (rather dubiously) Yeah! Why???

Him: looking at our container of neatly stacked peanut shells…. Yeah I did the same thing the first time here, but one of the attendants came and chewed me out for cheating the help out of a job in these troubled times and dumped my whole bag of peanuts out and said…. The same rules here as out there for peanut shells.

Me: (snickering as Rach excused herself to the lady’s room…)

(Rach back in: ooooh! And that bathroom had lotions, mints, floss, hairspray and all the girly stuff!)

When she came back she ceremoniously picked up the container of shells and dumped them on the floor….

The guy started laughing.

I looked down and the woman in the seat in front of us had put her jacket on the back of her seat and it had slid off and was laying on the floor and Rach had dumped the whole batch right on her coat….LOL

We very quickly and quietly clean it off and slip back on the seat back, snickering and guffawing all the time…

(Rach in: Excuse me DEAR?!?! I was mort-i-fied... and you were laughing loud enough for a deaf chick to hear it in a stadium full of roaring major league fans. Yeah, I always know you got my back :P)

We settled into a comfortable routine and finished the rest of the game and had a wonderful time… (Rach still hasn't gotten her voice back).

Heavy sigh::::: I don’t think the I will enjoy the cheap seat as much ever again….


Mr. Daddy said...

MckLinky appears to be down - and Mr. Linky isn't working right... please just leave your links in the comments and we'll get them up as soon as we can! :) Thanks and have fun y'all!

Lisa said...

You guys so crack me up. I needed this. I shall link up (comment up), oh, say in an hour! LOL

Megan said...

OMGosh! This is frickin hilarious! Thanks for the laugh!! =D

City girl turned Country Girl said...

BAHAHAHA LOL!!! You guys totally crack me up!!! I always love your stories!!

Emily said...

I'm pretty sure I couldn't go back to the cheap seats after an experience like that!
Y'all are cracking me up...I wish a video team would just follow y'all around sometimes! ;)

Brandi said...

Funny, funny!!! I would have died (or just passed him the bucket and said really loud "honey, you dumped the peanuts on that lady's jacket.") :)

Lisa said...

Okay. Here's my link.

He & Me + 3 said...

That is too funny. Loving how Rachel kept hi-jacking your post. Cute ya'll. I am sure that watching another game in the cheap seats will not be the same! We have had the royal treatment and the cheap seats too. Huge difference:)

Unknown said...

I absolutelt LOVE your True Story posts! They make me smile every week! One of these days I'll get my hubby to start witing up his True Stories and join in the fun. He's the storyteller in the family. :D

Foursons said...

Here's my link. I'll be back to comment.

Mr. and Mrs. Nurse Boy said...

Here is our link:

Will be back later to read your story!!!

Kmama said...

Great post!! I look forward to these every week.

Here's mine:

Floortime Lite Mama said...

Oh good ness sooo funny
really look forward to reading about your stories every tuesday morning

Kameron said...

First the spa and now the luxury box??!! Soon you'll be high fallootin (spelling??) snobs! Ha! Just teasin!

McCrakensx4 said...

That is just down right funny there...kept me giggling the whole way through...loved how Rachel kept putting her 2cents in!!! Would love to see a ball game like that...we are destined for the cheap seats I am afraid!

Here is my link!

lsnellings said...

You always make me laugh!!

here is my link:

Foursons said...

This is the BEST TST y'all have done yet. The whole time I was reading it I was picturing y'all on the red couch in the movie When Harry Met Sally. Y'all are a perfect couple! *barf*

Lisa @ Boondock Ramblings said...

Very, very funny post. I would have done the same thing as Rachel, mind you! I would have been so embarrassed too!

Here is my link as well:

Sarah said...

What a delightful splash of family!

Blessings to you froM Costa Rica,
Sarah Dawn

Mr. and Mrs. Nurse Boy said...

You guys are so funny!! I love the back-n-forth!!!

Mrs. Nurse Boy

Ruby Red Slippers said...

That WAS funny!

Lisa said...

Okay, I know this makes 3 comments, but I just HAD to come back and read that story again! LOL It was so great. I have been in the "Golden Club" section before, but it wasn't nearly as posh as this sounds. No free food, etc., just great seats and people who bring your orders to you. Still better than the cheap seats.

And I am with Rachel, I couldn't throw the peanuts down on the floor like that either!

Shanda said...

Wow, you all have been living it up lately! First massages and now prime rib at a ball game?! Good for you!

Loved how you went back and forth sharing parts of the story and Rach I would have been m-o-r-t-i-f-i-e-d too!

I left you a couple awards on my blog (from Tuesday - running behind!) said...

That was a wonderful story!

Well told.

I want to see a ballgame now (only under the same conditions though :)

Pam D said...

Now I know why I never have a good True Story. I don't get to go to places with waterfalls and day spas, nor do I even SMELL prime rib at a baseball game. It's hot dogs all the way for me, baby, so no matter how we act, we fit right in. I need some highbrow experiences so I can get some good material here. Of course, having Mr. Daddy around is just bonus, isn't it, Rach? (although, the trombone we have just acquired may prove to be good true story fodder all by itself....)

Unknown said...

ps - I added mine since you insisted :-)

And I LOVE your story - you crack me up - so fun hearing it from both perspectives!

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