Wednesday, August 05, 2009

the truth hurts

I thought she loved me.

I thought we had something special.

She was Itty Bit's cousin/twin... my sister and I shared our pregnancies due 4 days apart.

So I got a boy and a girl to dote on all at the same time.

See... special...

She smiled and it made me smile.

She called me her She-She.

I called her my sweet May-May.

Then I couldn't resist those adorable cheeks.

And she realized it wasn't worth sitting one lap closer to the french fries...


Liz {Learning To Juggle} said...

Sadly a girl can only sacrifice so much for some french fries ;)

Emily said...

French fries win out for my girl too! She is too cute....I love those kissable cheeks!

Kameron said...

That is awesom ethat the cousins are so close!! Wow! Sadly, there's not much I wouldn't do for french fries, so I can understand her plight!

Foursons said...

That's what you get for laying smooches on those adorable cheeks! Those cheeks are only for admiring from afar.

Shana Putnam said...

You crack me up!

Sarah said...

Delighted to meet you and splash around with you. Oh those precious cheeks.

Hugs from Costa Rica,
Sarah Dawn

Pam said...

It was all fun and games until you started kissing on her!

"Move on. Nothing to kiss here. I'll find another seat close to those fries. Moving right along."

McCrakensx4 said...

She is such a cutie! And girl after my own heart...french fries!!!

Elaine at Matters of the Heart) said...

That is too precious. Sounds like the kids in my house. They love their fries.

Pam D said...

Wow. I would endure just about ANYTHING for good french fries.. that girl needs to toughen up a little! Heeee.. that really is hilarious that you caught that expression right when ya kissed her! That might be good for some blackmail later on... ;<)

Shanda said...

So cute! What a gift that your little guy will have a cousin so close in age and that you get to love on a boy & a girl!!

Hillary @ The Other Mama said...

Such cute shots!! Apparently the french fry was cuter. I kinda agree with her...and thus the state of my thighs.

Lisa said...

I am with Pam D. I would DEFINITELY endure much more than Auntie She-She's kisses for some good ole french fries! I'll let you kiss me on the cheeks if ya wanna share! LOL The pictures are great.

Brandi said...

Oh, that face is priceless! Too cute. :)

Paige said...

Don't you just feel so used! My kids often make me think they want to sit in my lap when really all they wanted was a step ladder! : )

Eyeglasses & Endzones said...

Hmm dilema here...Auntie or French Fries...I say go with the fries when they are warm and come back to kiss up to auntie!!! ;) Smart Girl!

TinaJewel said...

hi, you have made me laugh so hard that there are tears. this and other posts. glad to met you, i will now be following you for my dose of humor. thanks for seeing the lighter side of things

*side note "she-she" in japaneese means "pee" perhaps May-May just realized this when you kissed her...

Stacy said...

Awwww...such a sweet series of shots. I can't resist sweet little cheeks, either. :) That is such a neat moment that you and your sister were pregnant at the same time.

He & Me + 3 said...

I know what she is thinking...kisses weren't part of the deal She she. Darn my love for fries!
You are both adorable.

Eve said...

Oh - so sad, but so funny too! The expression on her face in that last photo is priceless!

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