Sunday, September 06, 2009

Are you sorry you asked?

Soo... a bloggy friend made the comment recently,

"You guys have been kinda MIA lately"

Yeah, we kinda have.  Though part of it has been an attempt to catch up on y’all’s blogs (umm… is it right to have two apostrophes in one word like that?)

You might be sorry you asked.  Here’s our Saturday in pictures:


The adventure at the park began with Itty Bit wanting a lift.  Since he’s usually a mile-a-minute on his feet, Mr. Daddy was happy to oblige.  Did this kid hit a growth spurt or what?!?



Counting ducks is serious business.



Notice the ever-present toy train that must accompany Itty Bit to any locale?

Thought this was a sweet photo-op until Mr. Daddy said something about “reclaimed water” and freaked me out.



Thanks hon.  Next time read the whole thing!



Then a quick break for a hug.

Notice I’m never in the pictures?  That’s cuz I’ve always got the camera.



Oh wait, there I am.

Insane hair day explained later.



And here’s why I’ve always got the camera.


(Absolutely… I did not enlarge this picture for obvious reasons! :)


Walking to a nearby coffee shop… Itty Bit realizing he had his own drink… priceless!



He is in awe at the thought of all that verboten sugar!



After the fifteenth take (and two cups of caffeine)… we gave up and got goofy for this shot.



And here my friends, is the quintessential Pacific Northwest shot…

A cool/artsy park, the sky is moody, the wind is whipping my hair into a rats’ nest, and I’ve got my fingers tightly wrapped around a dose of the coffee that is available at nearly any intersection.

Yes, I am keenly aware that my skin is an exact match to the alabaster rock on the path.  Photoshop doesn’t like me otherwise I’d look like I’d just gotten back from Maui.  Thanks for noticing.  (Mr. Daddy -  not.a.word)




Then we introduced our little juvenile delinquent to the joys of walking on the tracks.

Actually, we were just accomplices.  He really and truly begged.



Then we ended the day as it began.  With Itty Bit pulling himself into a hug; giggling at some shared silliness.



There… aren’t you sorry you asked? :)


Foursons said...

Not at all! These are great photos. And if my dairy aire was a little as yours I'd be flaunting it.

The photo of you with your skin matching the concrete is beautiful, don't you worry one bit about looking "alabaster."

And I so wish we were wearing sweatshirts and jackets. *sigh* Not for several more months at least. We're happy to be staying in the mid 90's for now.

Love the look on Itty Bit's face when he sees his own drink. AND I translated Verboten ya' know. I totally speak Deutsch!

So, I'm not sure who said you were MIA or anything...ahem. But I'm glad to see you back! Now, go comment on my blog!

Liz {Learning To Juggle} said...

Looks like my kind of day!!! I love the snuggly giggly shots of your sweet men!! (oh and nice butt :)

Tina said...

Looks like you had an excellent family day!!! Sometimes you must go missing from blogging, so that you are not missing from the important things, right??

Pam D said...

THAT's the kind of MIA I like to read about! Several of those pics are "I Heart Faces" entries, I'm thinkin'.. they're great! Itty Bit's smile could be quite useful this winter; I feel sure he could melt the snow right off the sidewalk. He is so precious; he and my Bug boy would have a blast. I'm still thinkin' we need to hook up with Dana in Oklahoma; the boys would have a blast, the dads could sit in their rocking chairs and discuss the merits of Ensure vs. Boost, and we girls could shop..and talk.. and take pictures.. and laugh! (mainly at the old guys in the rocking chairs). Whaddya say?

Brandi said...

Aw, you have a beautiful family and you are gorgeous Rachel, gorgeous!

I'm with Julie, if my butt looked like that, man I'd find a way to stick it in EVERY picture!!! Great shots (of the boys, I mean... not you're butt 'cause that would be weird).

Shayla said...

BEAUTIFUL pictures :)

I love all of the Starbuck's shots :) His tiny face was too adorable for words :)

and you are gorgeous!!!! I wish my skin was as flawless as yours!!!

Lisa said...

I am with Pam D on the I Heart Faces thing, sooooo many possibilites. And with Brandi on the booty thing. I would be like those chicks in car magazines... just happening to be bending over picking up Dylan's toys, just happening to be leaning over the dog, just happening to...........

I have been MIA this week also, so didn't know you were MIA as well!

And I keep meaning to answer your question about the doctor thing, but always forget when I post a comment because you guys always get my mind cracking up! I am okay, just a "thing" I HAD to do for a doctor, but let's just say I wasn't thrilled about it, but all went well. There were no tests, per say, just something that had to be gotten out of the way, and now it is. If that makes any sense without spelling it out. Email me and I would actually LOVE/desire to talk to you about it, if you don't mind. I know my email address is plane jane boring... I HATE the blank you get when signing up for something! LOL

He & Me + 3 said...

Cute pictures. Love the shot of you two with the caffeine. You are beautiful with that hair. Great captures. Being MIA to spend time with family is AOK

Ruby Red Slippers said...

No way!
What a lovely time you all had-the picture of your little guy and his drink-soooo darling!!!

Heather said...

I'm totally seeing that picture of Itty Bit with his strawberries and cream frappucino (that HAS to be it, right?? I love those!!) for I Heart Faces "Excited" week. What an awesome picture!!! And your alabaster skin is beautiful! Your pictures remind me I haven't been to the lake in awhile. We were kind of rained out this weekend, but maybe the sun will show its face again... : )

McCrakensx4 said...

Beign MIA for family time is too good to be's just not OK if you are MIA and not doing anything (like Me!!) Love all of the shots, looks and sounds like so much fun! Love the shots of Itty Bitty with his drink...priceless!

Puna said...

So sweet! And welcome back to blogging! There's an awful lot of caffeine in this post:) Are you German? I just asked because you said "verboten"...

Mr. Daddy said...

Yes girls my gal has a fine derriere. is it any wonder that I photo op any time I get the chance???

and yes Lisa I just might happen to get her Just bending over to pet the dog, or Just bending over the car... or Just happening.....Yea you get the idea.

If ya'll don't hear from me for a while, the pic right before that one is her threatening me with a sound beating if I take the shot...LOL

Rachel said...


Dear, you are taking this entirely too far (thanks Lisa... I thought we girls had to stick together? :)

As for a "Photo Op" at any chance, it's more like a "Photo SHOP". Let's just say I am really glad I wasn't wearing my favorite pair of jeans... which now have several holes. TMI?

And that alabaster skin? Sorry to disappoint, but there was still considerable editing work to (ahem) even out my complexion. Yes, the lovely PCOS leaves my face looking a bit "varied". Don't you love that "clone" tool? :)

Come on... what were you guys up to this weekend? said...

I love all of the pix! You guys are all so cute :)

Your hair is so long Rach. Pretty!

Reclaimed h2o hahahaha

The look on ity bits face with his starbucks...priceless!!!

Mr. Daddy... the comment you left was so funny (twitterpated! LOL!)

Lisa @ Boondock Ramblings said...

I just started reading your blog so I couldn't ask why you've been MIA..since I didn't know you were ;-) Regardless, I thought the photos and all the stories to go with them are great.

Sarah said...

At least your time MIA was fun (or at least looked that way)!

Stacy said...

Ah, that looks like a great day! LOL at the ever present coffee...truly a PacNW trait it would seem. :)

Oh yes, and gotta love the butt shot. ;)

Good luck on the Elk hunting tomorrow, Mr. Daddy. My Dad and one of our carpenters are hunting right now near Livingston, MT. Hopefully they have good luck as well.

Mr. and Mrs. Nurse Boy said...

Could your son possibly be any cuter? I think NOT!!

Mrs. Nurse Boy

Sara said...

Good to see you in action! I enjoyed all of the pictures and explanations. :)

I loved the reason why you always have the camera. :)

Floortime Lite Mama said...

hey this was amazing
Love your day - you and your boys are gorgeous
Love the pic of your lil one staring at the drink - so cute he is

Alicia W. said...

Girlfriend - your photos are sooo good! My absolute favorite is your two guys walking on the train tracks! Breathtaking! LOVE It and a MUST frame.

Emily said...

now that looks like a great day! It's weird (probably only to me!) that y'all are in's so freakin' hot here! And my hubs is always trying to take pictures of my rear end and *ahem* other inappropriate areas. What's up with that!?

Elaine at Matters of the Heart) said...

Looks like a great day. Loved all the pictures. I have been mia too, and just cant get with it. Almost zero extra time. Just wanted to check in and see what you all have been up too...

Keri said...

I adore this post and everything about it! First, the photos are amazing. I especially love the one of you claiming your skin matches the sidewalk. You are so silly. You are gorgeous! I'd trade your 'rat's nest' over my mushroom any day! Your hair is amazing and that's not me trying to blow smoke up...

And is that choo-choo Itty Bit lugs around happened to be named James? My two year old has Thomas and just LOVES that toy. I can't believe how grown up is has gotten. Cute as ever, I might add. Those darn eyes....

I think it's quite all right to be MIA once in awhile. Goodness, I was for quite some time and just now finding my groove again. So glad you caught us up with this wonderful post.

BTW, you can link to me when ever you'd like. No need to ask. Just as long as you know it's greatly appreciated!!!