Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Coming Home

Today was Kona’s two year anniversary of finding us.  Her “Coming Home Birthday”.

Remember when we brought her home?


She was so skinny  and everyone said she’d lose her sweet personality as soon as she had the energy to be snotty.


Then she colicked within 24 hours and the vet wasn’t sure she’d make it.


I was afraid to let myself get attached.

Mom and I walked her all through the night… in a pounding rainstorm with flashlights.  I couldn’t help getting attached… and I wanted desperately for her to live.


You already know the end… she made it and showed what amazing heart she has.

Just TEN days after bringing her home.   The difference was shocking.


She dove into the field of grass like eating was going out of style.

That’s my kind of girl.


Oy… we fell in love…


…and were soon getting into all kinds of trouble together.


..and quickly did away with that dumb bareback pad and decided that dirt covered butts were a badge of honor.


We watched everyone else fall in love too…





Even Mr. Daddy… though he was pretty darn peeved at having to squeeze himself into that 14” saddle ;)



And just a few months later – she was fat and daresay a bit sassy.


(Yes, that’s a sheep behind her)


All the while… she kept her nose in that field and made up for lost time.

And even birds became her buddies.



You and me need to have a little conversation, missy.


See, you do your business over THERE, and I won’t need a bulldozer to clean up after ya.



There are times Kona wandered over to the fence to share some apples.



There are times I wandered over to the fence to share some quiet moments.



And golly does this girl have a sense of humor… sticking her tongue out at me every chance she gets!



What do you MEAN I can’t come inside?



Today was rough.

An abscess in her hoof caused her much pain.  While flinching and trembling, she allowed me to poke and prod at the source of her pain.  And when it was over, she proved again that she had not lost her sweet self, even two years (and much food) later.

She looked at me with those trusting eyes, and I felt wholly undeserving.


We love you Kona.  Happy 2nd Coming Home Birthday!


City girl turned Country Girl said...

WOW, she sounds like an amazing mare!! She is so lucky to have you!! And as it sounds you are just as lucky to have her... She is beautiful!! And she does have a very kind eye..

Floortime Lite Mama said...

Oh how wonderful the love you too share
I admit I got a little misty !

Kmama said...

What a sweet girl. She's beautiful. It's been years and years since I've ridden, but now I want to again!!

renee said...

she is BEAUTIFUL!!!! :) love the photos!! it looks like you guys make a great team!

Foursons said...

She is a gorgeous horse. But tell me, how exactly does a horse find you? I've never seen a lost horse wandering around like a lost puppy.

Stacy said...

Awwww...what a sweet post for your Kona girl. Wow, she was super skinny when you got her. Glad you were able to rescue her and give her a VERY GOOD home. :) Beautiful shots of her journey along the way, too!

He & Me + 3 said...

Something about pictures of horses. Just so majestic. They are just beautiful. Kona is gorgeous! Loved all those pictures.
Happy 2nd Home coming birthday!

Rachel said...

Ahh Julie... she was looking pretty lost when we stumbled upon her. Does that count? :)

Someday I'll have to share the whole story of how I knew she was the horse for me. I just don't want to let anyone say anything bad about her former owner.

You need to get up here and go for a ride! Oh wait - if you hurt yourself on a kiddie slide... Let me beef up my homeowner's insurance policy first :)

Anonymous said...

How is it you can have me getting all sappy over your horse?!LOL! Kona is a beauty. I can't believe how skinny she was.
Many happy returns Kona!

Lisa said...

Rachel that was beautiful, you can feel the love oozing from the pictures. You are truly remarkable with your beautiful posts and spirit.

Thank-you for your beautiful comment on my post today, and I must admit my flood gates have been open since Sunday, then I read this post, your comment, Jewelz post, and well let's just say.......I am kleenexes #1 sponsor today.


Shana Putnam said...

First of all I have to say it feels so good to have a rescue horse and see them getting fat and happy and to see their trust grow. Samurai (Chris' Horse) was a rescue also and he was so skinny you could see all of his bones and he was wild in the penned up area they had him in. He was running back and forth and hollering like you wouldn't believe. But He is so fat and happy. I call him a barrel on stilts with his big gut. But he is so sweet and calm and gentle and I love him. Second, You won the greeting card giveaway and I have to say that last picture would be a perfect all around greeting card maybe with a Bible verse on it about trust or something. Just my opinion. Email me at mommy2blaze@gmail with your email and name so I can forward the info. Congrats!

Sarah said...

How can you not love a horse (well except for the one that went down on me, that was NOT fun)

Susan said...

Ever since I fell under a horse at age four and saw a hoof coming towards my face, I've been very afraid of all horses. But I have to admit that Kona is beautiful.........and very, very lucky. I think she knows it. Loved the pictures!

Emily said...

That is so sweet. You know, sometimes it seems your life is just like an episode of Little House on the Prairie! So are so lucky! ;)

Unknown said...

Kona makes me miss having horses! I rode constantly growing up, but haven't had one in years. What a wonderful story of unconditional love. Happy Birthday Kona! I think she deserves a few sugar cubes...

Anonymous said...

What a beauty! Such a lucky girl to have such a wonderful family. Happy 2nd Coming Home Birthday, Kona!

Lisa said...

How touching. Kona is so beautiful, and I love the pictures of her journey and time with you. The last one was just the clincher. I love the ones of her in her little "coat" thingy! (Can you tell I know nothing about horse equipment - except saddles and the absolute basics) Happy 2nd Coming Home, Kona. Many more to you.

Pam D said...

I just want to cry tears of joy; Kona is SO beautiful. And she reminds me of my first Arab; a blood-bay with black points and a totally wonderful sense of humor. He was just lovely, and one of my biggest regrets is trading him out for a thoroughbred. Looks like you guys are a match made in heaven; now I REALLY need to come and visit so I can smell horse smells and "pick apples" again!

Simply Valorie said...

Wow, that mare is BEAUTIFUL. <3

Brandi said...

Gosh, that first picture made me suck in air! But she is absolutely gorgeous and happy now. Those are some really amazing pictures. :)

robin said...

Love your horse story...and happy belated 2nd coming home birthday to Kona! said...

Poor thing...I had no idea that she had been through so much!

She is truly many :)

Anonymous said...

Gosh, I commented and it disappeared! I commented YESTERDAY and I guess I didn't check to make sure it was there. LOL

LOVE this post! LOVE the pictures!!! I got all excited over them! In fact, there's a couple of him and Itty Bit I'd love to play with...and that one of him trotting... ;)

brian said...

How cool...

You know, a looooooong time ago before we moved to suburbia, we had a horse or two ourselves. Both I and wifemomnurse walked a colicky horse thru the night once as well.

BTW: you and Mr. Daddy are right--the "rat" reference has a story to it :)

BTW pt. 2: I'll probably break down and write again about the hearing thing. Breaking news next week :)

Kameron said...

That was a sweet post! I miss my horses. :o( Some day I will have some land and can have horses again! Until then I will just covet yours!

Mr. and Mrs. Nurse Boy said...

She is just beautiful! Thanks for sharing!

Mrs. Nurse Boy

Sande said...

Ohhh! I love her. A horse is the only thing we haven't done yet in our country thang. And believe it or not, it's at the top of why I loved country.

She is adorable.

Lisa @ Boondock Ramblings said...

She is absolutely beautiful. I wish I could have a horse. Where I live right now it would be there is all that work and .... *sigh* Well, I'll enjoy your stories and photos instead for now. :-) said...

oh I love this and I miss having a horse so bad!!!!!



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