Monday, September 14, 2009

Not Me Monday - Hunting Edition

(I apologize for the wonky spacing... the computer still does not like me)

Anyone else a hunting widow this time of year? Where the guys walk around intentionally smelling like elk pee and don full camo like they're a redneck gang?

There's a great crew staying with us this year - camping outside and sharing meals with us. Itty Bit is IN LOVE with "hanging with the big boys".

Remember when Mr. Daddy wrote about calling an elk? Lots of guys like to hunt with him because he is pretty dang good at bugling.

The best story was yesterday, when the crew returned after Mr. Daddy had been text messaging me that they were calling in a bull.

Apparently they split up and figured they had this thing between them.

Until, as it turns out, Mr. Daddy and his buddy did not find out that they'd been bugling eachother.

Oh yeah... they each thought the other was a bonafide elk.

I'm just glad no one got trigger happy :)


And apparently the base camp has a few things to be worked out... one of our kind guests came in to use the shower and stayed to talk for a bit.

Itty Bit did not take advantage of the guy's distraction and start messing with his towel slung over a chair.

In the process, the gentleman's UNDERGARMENT did not slip and fall to the floor.

And of course, Itty Bit didn't pick it up, start waving it around and take off like a little terror.
(I did not melt in embarrassment.)


And my timing apparently does not suck.

After realizing that Mr. Daddy was up in the wee hours, I stumbled out into the kitchen to wish him luck before they headed out.

As I groggily walked toward the coffee, I did not suddenly realize that the man standing there was NOT Mr. Daddy.

Which would have posed no problem whatsoever if I'd been (ahem) presentable.

Seriously... it was not like every bad dream where you are sitting at your desk at school and realize that you are nekkid.

Except this was no dream and I remembered all in one terrible instant that I was not wearing any... makeup. Yeah, makeup.


(If you think that wasn't bad enough... I wasn't wearing my glasses. So I actually cannot figure out which guy I'm supposed to be mortified in front of. This stuff only not happens to me!)


Happy Hunting y'all :)

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Anonymous said...

I, my dear hunting widow compadre, am right there with you most years. This year however, I am a renovation widow, where you don't see your dh for days and when you do, he's covered in spackle and sawdust, smelling of dirty sweat.

Give it another 2 weeks and I'll be back to being a hunting widow again. Thankfully I won't have the good story you did!LOL!

Michelle said...

Stop by from MckMama's blog.

Funny list. My hubby is not a hunter so I don't have to worry about that but your no glasses boo boo is too funny. I don't wear glasses but my hubby is really blind without his. He would probably do something like that!

Mr. Daddy said...


Maybe you didn't have any makeup on but you are still the cutest thing I ever saw in breifs and a tank top...

and neither of the guys will own up to seeing anything...

Can you say gentlemen hunters...ROFL

Kameron said...

I was hoping you were going to say you did not just post a pic of a dead deer on your page! I especially like the blodd puddling from underneath it. Yuck! :o) If you make any jerky I so want some though!! Ha!

Foursons said...

Oh my, how funny that they were bugling (sp?) each other! Bahahahahaha!

And I totally thought you were only in a shirt when you went to go get coffee. You fooled me right out of my socks!

Mr. and Mrs. Nurse Boy said...

Awesome post! I cannnot relate. My husband isn't a hunter, but I can only imagine! Great stuff!

Mrs. Nurse Boy

annies home said...

I am in southern illinois several hunting wives here

Lisa said...

Okay, now that I can breathe again after laughing so hard, I shall comment. My mom is sitting behing me in the recliner, so I had to share what I was snorting about, and we laughed so hard we cried. Good thing no one was trigger happy, definitly. I think those men deserve some kind of bugling award, if they could fool each other. LOL I totally get the blindness thing too. I couldn't recognize Dylan across the room without my specs. Oh... this was a good one. And please tell me the guy in the picture is of legal age, cause when I clicked on it and saw it wasn't Mr. Daddy, like I assumed, my first thought was "Wow, he's a hottie!" LOL I would hate to be labeled as some kind of perv, cause I thought he looked kinda young on second glance.

Rachel said...

I cannot believe I'm admitting this, but Mr. Daddy is being generous in his description. Julie, let's just say the important parts were covered up and that was about it.

And Lisa... you are NEVER gonna live this down.

That picture IS Mr. Daddy! (ooh, he's gonna get ya good). One of my favorite pictures of him, less the dead animal he's holding...

Now that I think about it... I think Pam D is gonna have a good ol' laugh about it too and finally the attention will be somewhere other than my lack of coverage! :)

He & Me + 3 said...

You are too funny and yes...this stuff only happens to you. LOL
It is a good thing you didn't have your glasses on. Just my opinion:)
Cracking up at Itty Bitty and the underwear, atleast he didn't put them on his head:)

Lisa said...

Oh. Dear. Lord. Come quickly and rescue me from the ridicule that is sure to follow.

I am dying a thousand embarrassing deaths over here right now, just so you know.

First I tell him he reminds me of Magnum P.I. and now I refer to his image as a "Hottie" and hope it is someone of legal age. Good greif, Charlie Brown! Just stamp a big, red "A" on my forhead and call me 'Scarlet,' cause that is also what color my FACE is! LOL

Oh, I fear I shall be hearing of this for some time to come. When I got your comment, I felt my heart skip a beat because I feared what my error was, and i was correct. Sheesh. My mother will have a great laugh at this, also. LOL

Hey, at least now the focus is off your near-nekkidness, right?

Kmama said...

OMG. I'm not sure if your post or your comments were funnier (is that a word?)!!

LOL at the bugling each other. Apparently they are either both very good, or very bad at deciphering the real sounds.

And, oh my at you stumbling out half dressed. Yeah, I have some very embarrassing things to admit, but seeing as my parents and in-laws both read my blog, it won't happen.

Kmama said...

That post was of Buddy's own will. It was the day after his second birthday party and he woke up with crazy hair and such an attitude. I had asked him to smile and that's what I got. LOL

Unknown said...

Oh Rachel you crack me up! I just love stopping by for a good ol laugh!

City girl turned Country Girl said...

OMGosh!!! Love it *giggles*!!! Too funny!! And I am NOT laughing at your episode in the kitchen with the unknown individual :~)

Stacy said... should know better Rachel! Anytime there are random males around the house make certain you are FULLY clothed at all times. We have had our construction worker friends staying with us the past few weeks during the week and my random male radar is on in that department LOL!

My dad is an elk hunter so I feel your pain. I'm just glad my hubby hasn't gotten the bug. :)

Killlashandra said...

We have lots of friends that do the hunting thing, but the tags around here are unreal expensive and that's just for the draw. Not guarantee you're even going to get one. I cross my fingers that the inlaws on the Ute res in southern colorado get an elk and then we get a little trickle down from the butcher. ;)

brian said...

Love the picture...I would have shot the bastard too if I caught him grazing around in MY garage! :)

CailinMarie said...

oh dear lord, I'm trying not to snarf my coffee... my husband doesn't hunt... he does however tend to have random male humans in our house all the time and I am totally terrified that one day I too will have a coffee episode

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