Sunday, September 27, 2009

Not Me Monday!

Yeesh – the weekend went by too fast.

I am not sitting here fighting that lovely “am-I-going-to-throw-up?” feeling and wondering if my coworker was a bit overly generous with her illness.


And to follow up that lovely tidbit – Mr. Daddy did not inspire our first experience of hate mail with his Letters of Intent post.  Somehow, I can hear Julie laughing from several states away… which, y’know is kinda amazing considering the hearing loss and all ;)


In case you missed it, my son did NOT think this would be a quite delicious substitute for the chocolate milk he was too impatient to wait for.

No, that is not hazelnut coffee creamer in his hands, nor is it a hazelnut coffee creamer moustache on his lip and chin.  Nor did he find it so disgusting that he pitched a royal fit when I asked him to pose next to it for a photo op.

Maybe next time he’ll wait for the chocolate milk…


Aren’t y’all loving Itty Bit’s blue streaked duckbill haircut?  I adore the children’s salon he goes to… but not so much that I would be desperate enough to get my own hair cut there to save time.  No way… not (ahem) again


I did not bawl my way through The Curious Case of Benjamin Button.


After the last naptime fiasco of Itty Bit gleefully redecorating the bathroom with wet toilet paper… it was not me who foolishly thought I was exempt from such misbehavior the next day.  And of course, I was not the dumfounded mother who checked on the kiddo 10 minutes later to find a massive mess of soaked sheets and Itty Bit.  Cuz my kid wouldn’t swipe his momma’s water bottle from the nightstand and douse himself and everything in sight with it.  Nuh-uh.


Oh yeah… and the next naptime did not result in this:

I am not terrified of what this kid is going to be like in grade school…


I am not terrified of what his momma’s figure is going to be like when he's in grade school…



I am not terrified of naptime.


Okay… I’m too embarrassed to go on.  Please check out the other links at My Charming Kids… I’m sure I’ll feel more normal then.  Right?  Right???


A Lady Called Amy said...

Hehehehe... awww, gotta love when they get into the undergarmants. Daughter thought my underware were necklaces a few months back. Oy!

And Benjamin Button... I watched it when I was pregnant, third trimester, not that I wouldn't have cried otherwise but, JEESH!

Another post to make me smile! Thank you!!

Unknown said...

I LOVE the bra photos!! reminds me of my William and his shoe

And the coffee creamer!! I'm a french vanilla girl myself - cracks me up about trying to get a photo afterwards too... they just never want to pose for mommy! :)

ps my NMM post
is up too! :)

Ms. Sarah said...

too cute. Nate and blake used to wear my bra as helmet they would say. Have had to resort to line drying in my bathroom and lockin the door so they will leave things alone. Blake has grabbed the half and half creamer too.
Thanks for sharing

Kmama said...

Ha ha ha. Itty Bit is quite the character. Love the pics.

I hope you're not getting sick!!

Lisa said...

I can't believe you got hate mail over the letter. Isn't that the point of Letters of Intent, to just say what you feel? DUH People are so silly.

LOVE the bra shot. Itty Bit WILL kill you one day for posting that! LOL

And what is it with kids and water bottles? Can't get them to drink it out of a glass, but they sure like to play with the bottles.

Happy Monday.

Shana Putnam said...

This is too funny!

Kameron said...

Creamer by itself is so nasty! I bet he won't do that again! Maybe you should consider a lock for your child's door. My guess is, the not being able to hear him part, is causing you much of this grief!! :o)

Stacy said...

Sorry to hear you got hate mail for voicing your opinion. :( I think you have to expect it though. There are a lot of people out there that don't like to hear what you have to say.

I still keep going back to Itty Bit drinking the creamer. Oh yuck! Poor kid learned a lesson though, eh?? ;)

Have a great week!

Emily said...

hahahaha! Hang on to that picture for future use!
And I cried at B.Button too...and it just kind of gave me the creeps all around.

He & Me + 3 said...

Those are just too funny. Stunt Man does that all the time with my Bras. Why do they find them so intriguing? Itty Bit is so cute!

Mr. and Mrs. Nurse Boy said...

OK, those last pictures made me laugh out loud. Plus, I think LOUD since my sleeping 3 year old is now standing next to me asking what is so funny!

Mrs. Nurse Boy

Mr. and Mrs. Nurse Boy said...
This comment has been removed by the author. said...

Love this NMM
I did the same thing with ben butt

noone told me much about it, I was glad I was alone watching it as I did the ugly cry.

The little guy looks cute in brown.


Foursons said...

Hey, at least he picked your nice pretty bra! hahahhaha

And YES, I was laughing from many states away! So glad you could hear me even through the deafness. :D

And I think you have officially hit the terrible THREE's. Forget 2's- it's 3 year olds all the way.

Good luck!

Anonymous said...




I love you! Totally unashamedly LOVE you! That is HILARIOUS!!

Floortime Lite Mama said...

OMG soo o funny
I think I have the same bra is it the Ipex by VS

Alicia W. said...

NICE! That will teach those boys to keep their lips of our things huh? Too funny! His little face is priceless.

Killlashandra said...

I don't know what it is about toilet paper that fascinates little kids. W.W. used to do the same thing. Although he'd dunk the whole roll in the toilet if he could. What a terrible mess.

Hey, I did post a picture of me on a horse recently... ;)

brian said...

Not sure that brown is really his color...