Friday, September 18, 2009

Questions, Answers, and a Winner, Oh My!

Sorry this took so long… as I was tallying them up, more entries kept rolling in!  And since it was technically still Friday…

I am so pumped about all the great questions you guys asked.  And thanks for not making me feel like a junior-high outcast.  Yes Liz, I really was one of those mini-sized dorks that they actually locked in the half-size lockers!

A few answers – and more to come – and of course our WINNER!


SimplyValorie asked:  What kind of camera do you use? Also, do you have a favorite picture you've taken *ever*?

Rachel: I got a Canon XSi for Christmas and am embarrassed to admit that we’ve already taken over 10,000 photos. (I know, that equates to something like 37.03 pictures a day, but I’m learning! :)

My favorite picture ever? Well it wasn’t set up correctly, all the settings were off, and it was taken with a teeny tiny digital camera. But the timing was perfect.


See, I caught the one and only photo of our sweet Baby Gracie with her eyes open. It was during a mad dash by the medical staff to rush her to the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit. We treasure this image of my sister’s little girl. Which proves it doesn’t have to be professional to be special to you.


Kmama asked:  You take some excellent photos. Is it a hobby or do you have formal training?

Rachel:  Aww, thank you!  Like I mentioned… after 10,000 shots, you oughta have a couple decent ones, right?  It’s totally a hobby, but I would love to take some classes and get some more lenses (a 50mm f/1.4… cough cough… in case anyone’s stuck for a Christmas present).

And the more photos I take, the more I realize just how much can be done in the processing.  I’m working on pictures that I would have considered beyond saving before. Definitely learning and it helps to have friends like Dana who aren’t stingy with advice!


He & Me + 3 asked:  What type of camera are you shooting with & what are you using to edit your pictures?

Rachel:  Canon Rebel XSi (I know, “Nikon Stacy” is shaking her head in disapproval), and I use Microsoft Digital Editor Pro – which I don’t even think is available anymore, ha ha.  But I have a healthy fear of Photoshop (the technical terms and the price tag).


momof3darlings asked:  So, when are you going to have that girl? ;) Yes, you need a girl. Soon.

Rachel: Umm. Ahem. I think this is a question for you, dear. As if y’all didn’t already know I have baby fever in a baaaaad way. Thanks in no small part to Dana’s photographs!


Kameron asked: I know Itty Bitty was a miracle kiddo so would you want to try to have another one or would you ever consider adopting instead? Just wondering!

Rachel:  I’m firmly convinced that we could have another child if it were God’s will.  I would loooove to give Itty Bit a sibling.  Mr. Daddy’s excuse is that he’s (ahem) too old.  I’ve always wanted to adopt, so that would definitely not be out of the picture for me.  Just a matter of both us parents being on the same page.

(And for crying out loud… would somebody please tell the man that he’s not too old?  I mean, he’s got a 3-year old, so what’s the difference? :)


Emily asked:  Ok, I have one more question. Are you and Mr. Daddy as hilarious together in person as you appear to be on your blog?

Rachel:  Are you serious?  I hyperventilate when I think of meeting bloggy friends in real life.  Cuz I know that I’m not nearly as funny as I try to be on the blog.  It’s just that crazy stuff happens to us and y’all are kind enough to come along for the ride.

And actually, Mr. Daddy is every bit as hilarious in real life as he is on the blog.


Foursons asked:  How has your blogging changed in the last 3 years?

Rachel:  I started the blog to post updates on Itty Bit for family.  I still have to pinch myself to see how close we are to 100 followers and how many hits/comments we receive.  I love the community you guys have created and yes… I’ve definitely been more inspired to write about a lot more than Itty Bit.  And somehow, I think a bunch of you only stick around to laugh at our embarrassing stuff ;)


K asked:  What do you indulge on ?

Rachel:  Oy!  My guilty pleasure is Tim’s Cascade Jalapeno chips and Mountain Dew.  But for some Mommy Time – I head outside and hop on Kona for a bareback ride.

Mr. Daddy:  Elk bugling, Itty Bit and all things testosterone-laden.


shmode asked:  This one is for Mr.Daddy, do you hunt anything else besides elk?

Mr. Daddy:  Deer, bear, grouse, and a coyote or two… I’ve hunted ducks and pheasants before.  And I’ve been known to deal with moles in my own redneck way…



Mom Of Many asked:  Dw & I just have one question, and only one...
We are certain that between Mr. Daddy and you there would be a real good smart butt answer..
Exactly how much wood would a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood?

Rachel & Mr. Daddy:  Depends… up here they have all kinds of EPA rules about lumber – so the woodchuck would chuck as much woodchuck as he could chuck if he did it in the dead of the night.  And if he didn’t end up on Mr. Daddy’s hunting list…


Pam D asked:  Also, do you shop around for best prices on the little blue pill, or just get it at your regular pharmacy?

Rachel:  Ahem.  Guess I brought this on by saying “gimme your best shot” LOL.  I figure marrying a younger chick keeps you young, right?  And the only little blue pill this guy takes is Aleve for his aching back after pretending he’s 20 years old and hiking out for 10 miles after an elk that turns out to be his best friend.  And no… he’s not best friends with an elk.

And Mr. Daddy wants to know why you know so much about a little blue pill?


Melissa asked:  Do you work?

Rachel & Mr. Daddy:  We both work for the same law enforcement agency.  Rach works half days and is able to work the rest from home.  I’m guessing we’re the only people allowed to kiss eachother goodbye in the workplace :)


Tina asked:  How do you keep up with your blog? What time do you blog normally, and do you set aside a certain time of day for posting, catching up on other blogs, etc.?

Rachel:  I’ve been pretty hit-and-miss the last couple of months.  It’s easier for me to blog in the evenings when Mr. Daddy is home.  I try hard to keep up with commenting on y’all’s blogs (there’s that double apostrophe again!), so it can mean I post less.  I usually try to join Melody’s SOOC Saturday, and pound out a True Story Tuesday.  But I have sorely missed iHeartFaces lately.  hoping to squeeze in Julie’s Letters of Intent and that would keep us somewhat bloggy regular, right? :)


Brandi asked:  I would like to know if you have any hobbies (aside from blogging)?

Rachel:  I danced with a classical ballet company for a number of years and still miss it.  Mr. Daddy is mortified that Itty Bit has taken to imitating me as I dance around the house.  And one of these days I’ll actually get to do some jumping with that smart horse of mine…

Mr. Daddy:  Shooting guns and watching my wife’s misfortune with guns.  Taking pictures of her booty (Rach:  OMGosh… I cannot believe my husband just said that).  Riding my quad, fishing, and reading.  Your everday redneck life.


JenniferNe asked:  What is your all time favorite movie?

Rachel & Mr. Daddy:  PRINCESS BRIDE.  Can there be any other?



Lisa asked:  So, my first set of questions are for Mr. Daddy.  How does it make you feel to have all kinds of strange women calling you hottie and Magnum and such?

Mr. Daddy:  I guess  I would have to say that it makes me feel pretty good, but then I have to wonder about the judgment of  and eye sight of all you wonderful females out there in bloggy land…cause I have never thought of myself as that Hot!!!! LOL

Rachel:  Ladies, he’s been downright crowing over the compliments being bestowed up on him!


Lisa asked:  Now for Rachel's questions.  How did you get to be so nice? lol You have a lot of followers and such, and you seem to have a good rapport with most of the active ones, from what I can tell.

Rachel:  (Guffawing).  Honestly chica, I don’t know that I’m always such a nice  person, but at least I know better than to tick off a bloggy friend.  Evidence below:



(and I think the great rapport is because all of YOU are so nice!)


Mr. and Mrs. Nurse Boy asked:  I want to know whose idea was the blog? And, was it easy or natural for the other one to join in?

Rachel:  I’m the one who started it… with just a couple of comments every now & then from people I knew in real life.  When I added more about what insane stuff happened in our day-to-day life, I noticed that people seemed to relate (and heck, it made me feel better about myself!)

I’m not gonna lie… It was like PULLING TEETH to talk Mr. Daddy into posting at first.


But come on… the story practically wrote itself, buttcrackand he was just dying to tell his side.  And he discovered a knack and an audience.  Now he gets more comments than me… go figure :)


And the part y’all suffered through all that to get to…

The winner of the Courage t-shirt from AmyB’s fundraiser for her son is…


Which cracks me up because she’d already gracefully bowed out saying that shipping to Canada would be outrageous.  I am happy to send it to you, my Canadian friend!

Thanks to y’all for playing along and not making me feel dumb.  Rest of the answers to come soon… you guys asked some great ones!

And please keep AmyB and Philip in your prayers.  Goodnight y’all!


A Lady Called Amy said...

:-) I'm so glad lots of people had things to ask you! Your answers were great too!! Very informative and entertaining. :-D

He & Me + 3 said...

Those were great Questions and great answers. YOu all are too cute. Princess Bride is such a great movie. I so need to watch it again. Forgot to ask though...are you shooting in Manual mode on your Rebel?

Anonymous said...

Great Q&A! I just got my Canon XSi in June. I have SO much to learn on that thing of beauty but its fun to just keep snapping! I may be a little crazy though because I decided to also throw learning photoshop into the mix at the same time and I am really surprised I haven't become overwhelmed by it all yet.

Elaine at Matters of the Heart) said...

This was so great. The picture of sweet baby Gracie made me cry, I'm emotional like that lately. So sorry I missed iut in all the fun of the giveaway and question asking.

Lisa said...

Very nice job on your first Q & A. You handled it like a pro! Thankfully your missing your 3 year mark made me check my date, and I thankfully am going to catch my 1 year anniversary, at least! It is VERRRRY close, so I almost missed it. And I remember the Canadian commenter. Too funny she won. Congratulations!!!!

Unknown said...

You have just surpassed the Pioneer Woman for the "My Favorite Blog". I like her photography and food... but YOU, dear lady, are a Princess Bride fan.

And you make me laugh every Tuesday. You win!

Tina said...

Great post, thanks for all the answers. I feel like I know you better than some of my real life friends now!!
Also, I got your comment about the hunting. We are in Alabama, so the boys mostly hunt White tail deer, pesky hogs, and occasionally a bobcat or coyote. Oh and Turkey in a BIG WAY!!! I think I will have to post a "boys hunting/camo" post soon. That will be a good way to bring in the season, right?
(shopping/cooking season for me & babyG):)

Floortime Lite Mama said...

loved the answers
I really enjoy you both so much

Heather said...

Yes, I'm a total LOSER and missed out on asking any questions... but your answers (and Mr. Daddy's) were sure a fun read! I have always been tempted to do an "Ask me anything" post, but I write so much about myself, I think there wouldn't be anything left to ask!

p.s. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Princess Bride. : )

Anonymous said...

WOOHOO! I'm so excited, and a little frightened of the shipping!LOL! Kidding! Email you in a second.

Great, great responses. said...

What a wonderful moment that you shared..beautiful Gracie with her eyes open...priceless.

Loved this post :)

Stacy said...

Oh, I am not shaking my head! My own SIL has a Canon that I recommended to her. Nikon just doesn't have a good "entry level" DSLR right now.

That picture you captured of Gracie is one in a million, and so special. Yes, it doesn't have to be professional to be a great shot.

Foursons said...

I admit. I'm just now reading this because the other day when you posted it I scrolled down to the bottom and saw I didn't win so I X'd out of your page and pouted. Sorry. I'm a brat and I got over it- eventually.

Great answers- can't wait until you get to more of mine. :)

And thanks for the shout-out! Lookin' forward to your letter this Friday.