Saturday, September 26, 2009

SOOC = Straight Out Of the Camera

It’s been a rough evening.

On the way home from a Tiny Thing’s birthday party, there were four rigs left at an accident clean-up.  A mangled motorcycle on the train tracks and members of our own agency investigating and taking pictures.
It was sobering to be sure.  It reminded me of what I’d read on another blog some time ago…

“You are only one phone call away from your life changing forever.”

Most likely someone’s life will be changing forever with a phone call tonight.
So I’m choosing to focus on what I’m grateful for tonight.

Even if it is something as silly as having to clean up a mess tonight.  All because the little one wanted “chocolate milk” and is now strong enough to muscle open the refrigerator door.

It’s a woeful quality photo to be sure, but was a moment worth capturing on this bittersweet night.

Please join Melody from Slurping Life for more SOOC shots.  And have yourself a safe and happy weekend.
Slurping Life


Lisa said...

Gut wrenching to pass a scene like that.

and how true....our lives can change in the blink of any eye and forever alter our very life as we knew it to be. I lived that.

Could that little boy get any more adorable? He is too sweet for words.


Unknown said...

It sure is a harsh reminder to cherish every moment...Itty Bit sure looks grown up is he a handsome little fella!

Rachel said...

Note the coffee creamer mustache? For the record, Itty Bit was so disgusted with his taste, that he pitched a fit about me making him sit next to that evil bottle of not-chocolate-milk for a photo-op.

Oooh, I'm a meanie... :)

He & Me + 3 said...

Oh him & Stunt Man would so get along he drank my coffee syrup thinking it was pop. YUCK. Cute picture and I did notice the mustache & slight goatee of creamer. Love his hair. Stunt Man will not let me use gel at all. grrrr

Floortime Lite Mama said...

Rach you are soooo right!
And the kid is marvelous as always
On another topic - Hey I wonder if Melody told you what that video on I am autism was all about?
The first part of the video was Autism if it were a person talking about how it will TAKE your child you marriage, bankrupt you etc - the voice over was frightening and then the other half was about the family's voice saying how they will fight it and will beat autism
The video is meant to be shown at the UN and is to raise global awareness
the thing is a lot of people including me are afraid that this leads to the perception of Autistic people as burdens .Plus many don't think Autism therapies should be about curing autism( make the child typical ) but should simply about addressing the skills that the child needs ( which is my approach too )

Kmama said...

What a sweet picture!! You can't tell at all that he was angry about sitting next to the "non chocolate milk" creamer. LOL

cjaxon said...

scenes like that always make me very appreciative (or, more so). This picture is PERFECT! I love the expression on his face :)
...And I really want to go make my coffee now!!

Foursons said...

My heart aches for that family that got the life-changing call. I pray to NEVER be in that situation.

Itty-bit is just too cute. Go buy that boy some chocolate milk!

Stacy said...

Oh how awful to pass a scene like really does put life in perspective.

Wonderful shot of Itty Bit. more ways than one!

MrsMann said...

That's a reminder we can all use daily!

Itty-bit looks so very grown up with his hair spiked up.

A Lady Called Amy said...

what BIG eyelashes he has!

Last night my daughter (20mo old) took apart her ppb&j sandwich and rubbed her hands in it, and then through her hair... instead of scolding her and proceeding to take away the mess I grabbed the camera.

Our little ones won't always be little, and you're right, every moment with them is something to be grateful for.

Thanks for sharing.

Unknown said...

It's those "silly" photos that are the best! Those one's that aren't quite frame-worthy but carry so many memories. I think I'll go hug my kids right now...

Emily said...

What a terrible sight to witness. I'm sure that really hit a nerve with you.
On a happier note...Itty Bits cheeks are just so cute!

Puna said...

Wow, is he getting big? Or is it just me?

Lisa said...

What an awful situation. I hate to pass scenes like that, and even feel quite guilty for thinking, Thank God that's not us.

I also love Itty Bit's spikey hair, and the cool 'stache to go with it. Very adorable. He is getting so big!

iMother2.0 said...

love his mustachio

danette said...

So true...

and such a cute picture of Itty Bit :) I love his hair! said...

So sorry to hear of the tragedy!

I love a swig of non dairy creamer as a bedtime treat every once in a while too :)

Killlashandra said...

My husband was watching that new show trauma last night and somehow this reminds me of what I overheard on the show. I was supposed to be in class. ;)

It's still a cute picture. You have to wonder what exactly he's planning to do with that bottle of creamer is it? :)

SoCo mom said...

Good for you for taking this picture.

Years after they were taken, I've looked back on some photos that I thought were unimportant and found something special in them. Photos of a little slice of life can be enjoyed later on.

robin said...

You're so right...I have been so lucky not to get those kind of phone calls's been good.

Just love his eyelashes....what a surprise to expect chocolate milk and then taste that...poor thing.