Thursday, October 29, 2009

Letters of Intent

Joining in the fun with Julie from Foursons with this week’s Letters of Intent.  (She’d exact some form of humiliating revenge if I dared to skip a week :)  Head over – letter-writing is IN again!


Dear Co-Dependent Tiny Dog Owners ~

I’m just gonna come right out and apologize in advance for the bloggy friends that I am sure to mortifyingly offend.

See… I know you love your dogs.

I understand.

I’m a dog lover too.

And I can understand that sometimes you might want some company when you’re driving around.  I’m probably the chick that is smiling and waving at your silly little pup bouncing up and down at the window.

But please, please, please – for the sake of us who have allergies – keep those four-legged friends out of Target, Starbucks, the bank, and most assuredly – the grocery store.

Cuz instead of marveling at how you managed to find the perfect little doggie outfit, or the perfect little doggie carrier…


…I’m much more liable to give you the stink eye.

You know I’ll be thinking of you all the way home when my eyes are itching, my throat is burning,  and my sinuses feel like they’re trying to suck the back of my head out through my nostrils.  All of which I’d gladly endure for a service dog (is anyone else tempted to secretly pet them?!?), but not a “we can sneak Fifi in because she’s just so cute the rules don’t apply to her!” one.

Do I sound jaded?  Only cuz I just don’t get it.  I mean – would anyone doubt I love my little girl to pieces?  I mean – this time of year means mixing warm buckets of beet pulp mash twice a day, and going out in the freezing cold to break up ice so she has water.  And taking her blanket on and off to brush out anything that might be itchy.  And picking out her feet, brushing her mane and tail…

But you sure ain’t gonna see this girl prancing in a matching bow beside me at Safeway…


“Clean-up on aisle seven” would never be the same…

You’re welcome.


Sick of Sniffling



Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Thank You Very Much

Aaaah, last week was so therapeutic – joining in with Kmama from The Daily Dribbles for some cheeky gratefulness to those who made our week extra special.


While weathering a crazy-busy and sleep-deprived schedule, I’d like to send a special shout-out to our kiddo.  Who snuck out of bed at an ungodly hour and simply turned on our bedroom light.  I was totally freaked out of a sound sleep by the sudden realization that SOMEONE was in our bedroom and Mr. Daddy would surely need his shotgun.  Because of course our little one wouldn’t be awake and traipsing around the house five hours before daylight.  (Trust me kiddo, there is NOTHING good going on at that hour).  To the little charmer that did that two stinkin’ days in a row… Thank You Very Much.


To the coworkers who fell over themselves laughing as a helicopter went on the attack and unloaded its weapons at me, Thank You Very Much.  No seriously, one of the guys has a toy helicopter, only he didn’t realize it was waaay too close to a bulletin board.  It was NOT funny having to take cover when the rotors hit the pushpins and sent them firing in random directions.  Thanks a lot y’all, Thank You Very Much.



And my surgeon?  Yeah, the specialist is gonna hear all about you at Friday’s appointment.  All about how your anesthesiologist pitched a fit about his profit margin, how your nurse royally messed up removing the stitches, and how you promised me I’d be back to normal 4 months ago.  And if I need more surgery?  I’ll be sure to ask for someone else, Thank You Very Much.


That big storm heading our way right now?  I’d like to keep my internet connection regardless, Thank You Very Much!


To the pumpkin patch place – how did my poor mother spend $24 treating her grandkids to a fun afternoon and not even make it back with pumpkins?  Oh yeah – because you now charge $2 for the hay maze, $2 for the slide, $1 for the wagon ride (to even get OUT to the pumpkins), and and and… Thank You Very Much.  So appreciated in this economy.

I’m glad the kids had fun, but would you PLEASE do something for your poor reindeer?


I’m no North Pole mammal expert, but I’m guessing this isn’t an ideal way to keep them.  Would you please give him some food, trim his hooves, treat the obvious injury to his leg, and cut that halter off that is growing into his skin?  And while you’re at it – put him in an enclosure where he doesn’t get his rack stuck on the chicken wire above… or better yet – give it to someone else who will?  (Even my 3-year old looked concerned).  Thank You Very Much.


And last but not least… to the stores who put out all their gory costumes and decorations at every entrance and exit… would you please knock it off.  You are scaring the beejeebies out of my poor kid (and his mother).  Thank You Very Much.


Easy peasy – I’m off to read what everyone else is thankful for today!

Monday, October 26, 2009

True Story Tuesday by Mr. Daddy

Hey y'all, it's True Story Tuesday time! Where we share something outrageous, amazing, hilarious, or miraculous, and (mostly) true! We' love to read yours - so just grab the code from the sidebar and enter your link to an old or new post!


Pay backs can be so sweet!!!!

I'm not sure what it was that drove us to do the oneupmanship at my previous employer, but it was definitely there.

As I was the only welder on the shift, with 10 or so mechanics I usually had more of a work load than the other guys. I'm not complaining about that - it was the fact that they would usually get done with the work requests on the fleet mechanical problems long before I got done with whatever had broken or torn up that had to be repaired with torch and welder...

Needless to say, that gave them a superior advantage of time; so I had to compensate with deviousness and superior paybacks... Kinda a quality versus quantity thing.

I was being picked on pretty bad by a couple of individuals.

They would come by when I had my welding helmet down and smack the frame or welding table with a big hammer, or sneak in and turn the welding machine way up while I was in the middle of a job, or any number of little things to just annoy the heck out of me...

Well one of the guys had a brand new Snap-on toolbox full of brand new Snap-on tools (his pride and joy)...

One night one of other mechanics needed a screwdriver magnetized for a task he was doing so he came down to the welding room and asked me to magnetize it for him. Sure no big deal, just wrap the positive lead around the shaft a few times turn the machine up ground out the stinger, wait a few minutes and VOILA - one magnetized screwdriver....

As I was waiting for the process to be complete my devious little mind was just free to wander, and as it wandered my eyes were roving to protect my backside from any stray pranksters that happened to be lurking about...

I spied no prankster but my eyes did alight on one shiny new Snap-on toolbox full of shiny new Snap-on tools, who's said owner just happened to have taken the night off...

As my little mind wandered I said to myself.....SELF I bet that if I did the same thing to that shiny new tool box that I am doing to this little old screwdriver, I would have me some good old fashioned payback....

I couldn't wait to finish with that little old screwdriver and try out my new idea...

MY "O" MY did you know that if you make a coil of about thirty or so wraps of a positive welding lead around a shiny new tool box, turn the machine up to 400 or so Amps and ground out said lead for several minutes, or until smoke starts appearing were there should be none...

it will meet or exceed any expectations that you will have for a completely magnetized Snap-on tool box and the entirety of its contents???

I'm just saying!!!!!

When the perp came to work the next night, it almost jerked the key out of his hand when he tried to unlock that shiny new toolbox...*snicker*

And all of the contents were nicely stuck together or to the sides of that beautiful new tool box, and any other metal thing that they came in contact with.....LOL

Don't judge me.... I was just trying to survive in a harsh and cruel world...

(Rach in: Harsh and Cruel? Remember what Mr. Daddy did to his boss??? ;)


We know you guys have some great stories to share... Brandi has been teasing us with her promise of a TST post all weekend! Just link up your post and we'll be by with some comment love!

Sunday, October 25, 2009


Shana from Blaze ‘n’ Crochet tagged me in this meme.  This one looked fun – and I’m tagging all our followers, cuz we’d love to find out more about YOU! Just leave a comment and we’ll swing by :)


A - Age:  Thirty-something

B - Bed size: Queen. Would rather stick my freezing feet on Mr. Daddy than have more room :)

C - Chore you hate: Watering the horses in winter is not my favorite thing to do… hard to break up the ice in the freezing cold.

snowy horses

D - Dog's name: In-laws’ dog thinks he lives on our porch – a very sweet and rambunctious Doc.

E - Essential start-your-day item: Mr. Daddy’s fresh-brewed coffee.


F - Favorite color: My favorite room is the cheerful kitchen – in true red, tang orange, and green apple. The green has been a longtime favorite.


G - Gold or Silver: Howsabout white gold?

H - Height: 5’3” – believe it or not, I actually grew taller after high school.

I - I am: Looking forward to Christmas already.

J - Job: Law enforcement agency $ guru.

K - Kids: One darling miracle and one arab-saddlebred who thinks she’s a human.


L - Living arrangements: Temporary residence that will soon be exchanged for our new home - on a beautiful piece of land next to our rockin’ in-laws.

M - Mom's name: We call her “Ah-Ma”.


N - Nicknames: Y’all already know Mr. Daddy and Itty Bit. I’m usually “Rach” or “Buffy” (Buffy the Invoice Payer), but my favorite is “Mommy”.

O - Overnight hospital stay other than birth: Ach! Ear surgeries count for the overnight visits in my childhood.


P - Pet Peeve: Dangerous drivers.


Q - Quote from a movie: Are you kidding me? Every line from The Princess Bride is quote-worthy! Howsabout, “Stop it, I mean it! Anybody want a peanut?”  Or this one:


R - Right or left handed: And again from The Princess Bride… “I am not left-handed!”

S - Siblings: One very funny little sister.


T - Time you wake up: Oy… 5:47am most days :(

U- Underwear: Yes ;)

V - Vegetable you dislike: Not a fan of onions.

W - Ways you run late: Checking my blog before heading out the door.

X - X-rays you've had: Three broken wrists, one broken thumb, jammed fingers, ballet stress fractures, auto accident spinal injuries, ear stuff… bored yet?  Oh yeah, and my Ugly Friend:


Y - Yummy food you make: Fajitas! Probably the one thing that doesn’t make people sick…

Z - Zoo favorite: Hey hey, we’re the monkees!

Thanks again Shana – this was fun!  See, that wasn’t so hard.  Tag, you’re it!

Saturday, October 24, 2009

You're Welcome

It was late.

This silly insomnia has held me to a maximum of 4 hours of sleep per night for way too many in a row.

I tiptoe into the bedroom and rejoice in our new flannel sheets as I hunker down for the first few minutes of what promises to be many more long  a.w.a.k.e  minutes.

Suddenly Mr. Daddy jerks.

And my first thought is that he’s reacting to a sound that means: “Get up – there’s someone or something outside who needs to get acquainted with your shotgun”.

Sorry… late nights do wonders for the imagination.

He jerks again, violently.

I’m starting to realize that he must be dreaming.

And my suspicions are confirmed when he thrashes enough to look like he’ll start throwing punches soon.

What’s a girl to do?

The only thing a sweet and loving wife would know to do.

Slide her ice cold feet across the sheets onto her fitfully slumbering husband’s legs.


You’re welcome, honey.


(yes, the shiner is healing quite nicely, thanks for asking :)

Friday, October 23, 2009

Letters of Intent

Dear Ben & Jerry’s ~

We’ve known eachother for what – ten years?  And you were especially good to me during my pregnancy… my biggest quandary was simply choosing which yumminess to bring home and treat myself to.

I had to cut back on our quality time after Itty Bit was born… we were getting a bit too chummy and you were making yourself right at home – chilling out all over the place.  I mean, I couldn’t keep you off of me!

I apologize if I’ve caused you financial hardship by our less-frequent get-togethers.  See, I’m all about quality now – not quantity.  So I can really appreciate you when we do have our special time.

Which happened to be this past week.  Remember friend, what a stressful week I had?  A sick kid, a sick husband, a sick self?  And I just knew a bit of my old friend Chocolate Fudge Brownie would do me wonders.


Help me out here… what on earth happened?

I mean - I ate, and I ate, and I ate some more.  Which is not in and of itself that extraordinary or noteworthy.  But you see all that chewy goodness on the front of your package?  All dressed up in delicious brownies?

Where were they?

Cuz I was the bottom and there was not a single chewy brownie in that whole cup.

And somehow I feel worse.  Cuz I still had that sick kid, sick husband, sick self, and now I had a couple extra pounds of regular chocolate ice cream waving at me from my thighs.


So… a batch of fresh brownies delivered to my door would make the world right again.  I’ll be watching for ya :)



Ms. Brownie Fiend


Go check out Julie at Foursons for more Letters of Intent!


Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Thank You Very Much

We’re joining in for the launch of “Thank You Very Much” – a weekly post brought to you by KMama from The Daily Dribbles!


It’s a chance to share some tongue-in-cheek gratitude.  Maybe this will help keep me from drowning my “gratefulness” in Chocolate Fudge Brownie ice cream…?  Head on over and read what everyone else is thankful for!  I mean, after you share my misery for a bit :)


To the horse who temporarily lost her mind last night and turned into a runaway steam engine headed straight for the half-finished fence… thank you very much for that terror-filled ride in which I clung to you as you disobeyed every single cue to STOP before you impaled us both on the fence posts.

And I know exactly what your carrot-begging face looks like.  None for you today, Thank You Very Much.


To the person who presented my work as their own - then tinkered with my master copy and forgot to cover their tracks, Thank You Very Much.  I feel needed.  (And everybody else already knew).


To the kid who simply scowled at me as I told him to put all 14 tubes of toothpaste back on the store shelf, then immediately obeyed when Aunt Ju told him to… Thank You Very Much for that public display of defiance.  I love you like crazy, you little booger.


To the guy I married who made me bust up laughing in the middle of a rather heated “discussion”… Thank You Very Much.  I was fully intending to amaze you with my debating skills until you leveled me with a one-liner.


To this unbelievably stubborn insomnia…  I am quite sure that under-eye circles are not the latest rage, Thank You Very Much.


And speaking of things that are not the rage… neither is this 3-year post baby body.  To all the strange and not-wonderful spots that became friends with my postpartum fat: please return to your rightful place and give me my butt back?  Thank You Very Much.


To our sweet bloggy friends who commented on yesterday’s post about how weird and crazy stuff only happens to us… Thank You Very Much for making us feel quite abnormal and a bit like circus freaks.  We love y’all, don’t go away, you know there’s more ;)

Monday, October 19, 2009

True Story Tuesday by Rachel

Hey y’all, it’s True Story Tuesday time! A chance to share something outrageous, amazing, hilarious, miraculous and (mostly) true that happened to you!


Just grab the code under the button in the right sidebar and add your link – we’ll be glad you did!



(you already know it’s gonna be good, don’t ya?)

This one is from just prior to Itty Bit’s arrival.

The current residence was just not going to work for adding a baby to the mix. A beautiful view of the lake, a quiet lot, and the size was right.

Unfortunately, the lovely wooden stairs were the clincher in why we needed to find another place. My 7-month pregnant belly had slipped down those steps three times already. And I didn’t even want to think of the panic of chasing a crawling kid around those things.

So off we went with our realtor friend, looking at homes with property – just in case we got a chance to get a horse again.

Nothing really to do with this story – but here’s my first horse that I had gotten a few months prior:


Ain’t she cute? She was the perfect size for me and look how adorable she was with the dog!

And here I am – clueless that I was 4 weeks pregnant!


I cannot believe I ever got that close to the horse that turned into a psychotic freakoid and became dangerous (once the drugs wore off, you lying horse traders).  Ahem… back to the story.

So I was heartbroken having to give up the horse and hoping for a place with fields for a less dangerous horse.

We found a place for sale not far from Mr. Daddy’s parents. It was an old farmhouse with a giant barn and shop. I really thought it would be a good fit for us.

We walked up to the porch and greeted the people that were drinking and playing cards. They seemed surprised to see us, though the realtor had called ahead. Then we walked in and the place was a mess, stuff strewn everywhere. More people were inside and excused themselves - taking their beers out to the porch.

We picked our way through the mounds of clothes in the living room, to the kitchen with piles of dishes and food. I was trying to picture the place all cleaned up and painted… it was a challenge.

We walked through an open mudroom (and MUD room would have been appropriate), to see tiny bedroom in the back. There was some dude lying on the bed in there with more piles of stuff stacked around him. He looked like he was sleeping so we quietly backed out.

Our realtor was trying to make the best of it – staying professional and talking about what could be done with the place. The door next to the bedroom had to be the bathroom – there was no place else. So she swung open the door and kept talking.

“Here’s the bathroom, you could always add another one.”

“You could put one upstairs if you finish off the attic.”

“I think this one has a full size tub…”

I think she finally saw our wide eyes - and just then, she turned around to realize that she’d been standing there describing the bathroom, with the door wide open, while a man was obviously on the toilet.

He was completely silent – as were we – and our realtor turned a brilliant shade of red and started stammering. She backed out of the bathroom as quickly as she could, pulling the door closed behind her.

The entire house-hunting party stood there holding our breath – knowing that we desperately needed to be somewhere where we laugh uncontrollably.

We stumbled down the porch steps and tripped over eachother on our way back to the car… “Thank you for letting us see your… house!”


Oy… we saw so much more than we wanted to!

What about you? Ever been the victim or inadvertent cause of an embarrassing moment? Do share! Add the link to your post below and we’ll be by to give some comment love!

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Not Me Monday

I never realized how many Not Me Monday episodes you could create simply by staying home for a week with a sick child and a sick husband and oh yeah, a sick self!

Jumping right in… It surely isn’t my child who is putting his own spin on “cover your cough”. When Mr. Daddy and I both reminded him, he didn’t simply lean over, grab Mr. Daddy’s hand, and cough directly into it. Attaboy.


We did not find out that we’d all actually been exposed last week to the (are you ready for it?)



Of course, all three of us had not hugged and kissed the little patient in question.

I am not crazy for being grateful for a head cold in place of the flu!


Itty Bit did not continue his mean streak of naptime destruction. *SIGH*

After the first two episodes (here and here), he was not caught with mama’s JEWELRY BOX on the floor of the bathroom, merrily rearranging the meager yet priceless contents on the floor.

He also did not empty TWO tubes of toothpaste on the counter and attempt to clip his own toenails (aye!)


And for a grand finale, the next day he did not choose to once again empty Mr. Daddy’s travel bag and coat himself in some unbelievably potent aftershave. He did not smear the cologne lotion on the carpet and bed and through his hair.

And the worst offense? He was not TWO STINKIN FEET away from a soundly snoring Mr. Daddy when all this occurred.


Along the “sick house” lines, it was not me who was totally confused by the Vicks Vaporub nightlight. It worked just fine in the bedroom, but would turn off in the bathroom. But anything else would work perfectly in the same outlet. Huh?

Then when I gave up in disgust and walked out of the bathroom, the darn thing lit right up. After suspecting a night-light curse, it was not me who very-belatedly realized that it was a light-sensitive model and I’d been fiddling with it in the daylight. DORK.


Knowing Itty Bit wouldn’t want to come in the house to do something unexciting like pee-pee in the potty, it was not me who let him stand on a log and giggle as he squirted.

And it was not the in-law’s dog who was lying (ahem) conveniently next to the log.

And it certainly was not me who laughed uproariously at the revenge Doc earned for every time he jumped on me with muddy paws. Bwah ha ha ha!



Sick of my out-of-shape-because-my-joints-are-still-messed-up-from-the-accident body, it was not me who found a “beginner” hip-hop exercise episode and worked up a sweat being unbelievably clumsy.

It was not me who was concentrating on a terrible attempt at a “shake it off” move… and didn’t realize that Mr. Daddy had wandered in.

I did not shriek full-face at my startled (albeit totally AMUSED) husband and run off in total embarrassment.



So what’s new with YOU? I’m sure you’ve got your own Not Me’s that would at least help me feel a bit more normal, right? :) Check out My Charming Kids for more!

Questions and Answers Part Deux

In typical Rachel style, here’s a very belated Round II of the Ask Us Anything part of our last giveaway.


Forgive me if I’m a bit behind on bloggy business… we are on week two of being sick.  Though my man seemed to have a miraculous recovery this morning… wonder if opening day of deer season had anything to do with it? (cough cough)

Here’s the next installment of those great questions y’all asked – the ones about Mr. Daddy and I…


Foursons said... How did you meet Mr. Daddy?

I’d been working for a law enforcement agency for a couple of years when I promoted to his divison.  Mr. Daddy had been welding on some I-Beams that day and was covered in soot from head to foot. 


His baby blues and amused grin left me completely tongue-tied for the first time around a boy.  We were friends for almost a decade before he planted that first kiss on my cheek.


JenniferNe said… Where did you two go for your first date?

It’s a running joke by now… we grabbed dinner at Tony Roma’s and they shut down shortly afterward.  Two other restaurants did the same thing when we tried to plan a date, LOL.

We spent the rest of the date walking around the beautiful lake we always post pictures from :)


Both Lisa and Julie asked if people ever thought I was Mr. Daddy’s daughter when we were out together?

Oh girls, you are incorrigible!  After all that angst of trying to get Mr. Daddy to ignore what “everyone else” might think, there really wasn’t much attention paid by the average passerby.  Truly, I think it only gets confusing when my mom is hanging out with us and people assume she’s Itty Bit’s mom – cuz those two are stinkin’ inseperable!



Foursons asked... Do you ever feel awkward with the age difference between the two of you?  Did either one of you have reservations about the age difference? My husband and I are 10 years apart and sometimes it is glaringly obvious.

Not usually.  Only when he’s cracking up with my parents about ABBA, and I’m like, “who?”  ;)

His age-difference reservations nearly kept him from committing.  I can’t say that I blamed him for worrying, but I think both of us knew we had too good of a thing to walk away from.


Pam D said... I just had to ask... other than spewing hot lead down Rach's shirt and searing her girls and then asking to "make it better", what "lines" did you use on her to woo her? Cause that one was so smooth that I just know you have a ton of other ones.

I just knew I’d never hear the end of that, ha ha.  Mr. Daddy would rather tease than try a bunch of pickup lines.  Though I do have to admit his “we’d make cute kids” didn’t hurt his cause.

After we got married, his best line was a single sentence in a text message, “If you weren’t already mine, I’d marry you all over again”.  Yep, he’s a keeper.


shmode asked... Was your wedding more or less traditional'ish?

Love this question!  I was determined to enjoy the heck out of the day.  I commited the grave bridal sin of choosing my dress simply because I’d fallen in love with my mother’s and sister’s gowns and needed something that would coordinate.  (I know!  What was I thinking?!  They looked gorgeous though!)  The dress didn’t fit (you can see my arms pressed against my side to hide the safety pins), Mr. Daddy wasn’t keen on a tux, and it was three days before Christmas.

We had a tiny beautiful and perfect ceremony with only family and celebrated afterwards with banana splits.  Then threw a big reception the next day and enjoyed every minute and every guest.  Way better than stressing over the details – it was completely joyful.

And (ahem) very much in keeping with our personalities :)  A tad untraditional?



Foursons asked... What do you and Mr. Daddy fight about the most?

LOL.  Fight might be a strong word… but this time of year can be a bit frustrating for a hunting widow.


I’m afraid I’m not the ideal, “go ahead and take a couple weeks off honey” kind of wife.  I know, mean.  I try to be supportive, but I run out of steam fast when I’m working and caring for Itty Bit, and being terrified that some hunting buddy will saunter in for coffee when I’m in my skivvies ;)

Curious as to how Mr. Daddy would answer this one, ha ha.


Mr. and Mrs. Nurse Boy asked... I would also love to know if you have any tips on marriage? Ya know, marital advice?

Yeesh… I am thoroughly unqualified to answer this!

I know there are times I have to step back and look at how I speak and act.  If I wouldn’t say/do those things to a good friend, then I shouldn’t to my spouse.  And man, is it easy to get comfortable and take someone for granted.  That’s kind of my self-check to make sure I’m trying to be the person that my spouse most wants to spend time with.  Is he still going to like me in 10 years?

One thing I took away from the Love and Respect book, was that communication can get fouled up, but we need to remember that our spouse’s motivations are usually not to wound.  If I assume Mr. Daddy has good intentions, it’s much easier to see his heart past the temporary debate.

I bet Mr. Daddy has better advice.  But the guy is crashed out right now after chasing some deer :)


Still more yet to answer, but it’s 1am and this chick is zonked.  Thanks for the great questions.  It was loads of fun to recall some fun memories!

Isn’t it about time you all had an “Ask Me Anything” post? :)

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Letters of Intent by Rachel

Dear Fellow Coworker ~

When you come in one day patting yourself on the back for getting a flu shot, then wake up the next morning with red eyes, a runny nose, and a cough that would wake the deaf (pun most assuredly intended),

See, I like you.  But I do not like sharing airspace with your sickie germs.

Cuz Mr. Daddy and I were already struggling with a sick Itty Bit at home.  Then all of those lovely contagious particles just happened to find their way to my workspace… cuz I seem to be real popular with the sniffly crowd.

Congrats… you leveled two grown adults who desperately needed to stay healthy for their sick kid.  So this mom ended up not leaving the house for FOUR DAYS.

Do you have any idea what FOUR DAYS is like with a sick child and a sick husband?  Let me tell you… sick husbands are the equivalent of 14 children.  (I love you dear… let’s sleep in shifts next time, eh?)

And the Itty Bit who was recovering from his little cold?  Ended up with a doozy of a worse one.  So I’ve limped around for the last few days with snot covering approximately 42% of my shirt at any given time (you little stinker).  And since any fever with a kidney patient is cause for a doctor visit, it of course meant waiting with the other eleventy hundred coughing, hacking, snot-nosed miserable children.

Seriously, dear coworker… while I treasure your charming presence, please maintain a distance equal to that between your home and our office next time you’re a bit under the weather.



One Very Tired Sick Mama



By the way… remember this pic?


Let me tell ya… it is wicked funny to walk through the medical center with your kid wearing one of these.  Everyone backs away slowly while holding their breath… it’s a veritable Red Sea parting before you.  And of course, they don’t know that this deaf chick can lipread “Oh my gosh, maybe he has SWINE FLU!!!

Totally not realizing that we put the darn thing on him to keep him from getting whatever THEY had!  Fun times I tell ya… fun times.


Update:  It is not the flu at all, just a head cold and an ear infection – and somehow he has MORE energy than usual?


Join Julie at Foursons for more Letters of Intent this week!  She’s always a kick in the (low-rise) pants ;)


Monday, October 12, 2009

True Story Tuesday by Mr. Daddy

Hey y'all - time for True Story Tuesday - where we share our outrageous, amazing, hilarious, miraculous and (mostly) true stories! Join up and we'll share the fun!


I'm only spanking you because I love you!!!!

Yeah right, like you have never heard that one before???? RIIIIIGGGHHT?

Well maybe this particular time, it was right...

Or maybe out of being scared???

Or shocked!!!!


Or just plain frustrated...

Whatever the reason, I do know that it was the only time that I ever got a whoopin from my grandma...

To set a little background, I was extremely blessed to have had both my grandma and grandpa in my life for a very long time. With all the childhood memories of life on a farm, and a single horse jippo logger...(that last being a one man logging outfit) to help make ends meet when the farming didn't get-r-done...

But I want to talk about my grandma in this post....

A S.A.H.M. who raised 7 children, (all But the 7th, born at home), up before dawn most mornings to make breakfast for the assorted collection of hands and helpers that would gather at the homestead to help with all the chores...

And that's kinda the way it was back then if somebody was down and out and happened to show up at church, or word got back to grandma or grandpa that somebody needed a helping hand, there was always a place at the table.

Grandma didn't get her fandangle new electric cooking stove till around 1955 or 56 (and yes Pam D. and Lisa I have VERY faint memories of the wood cooking stove, but only because I got burned on it and pain is such an instilling event in a young life)...

The old farm house was two stories with a full basement, and all my memories of it (except for a few, one of which I am sharing) are only memories filled with love and good family times...

This particular time, Weeelllllll mostly good memories. BUT there is the spanking to consider...

The basement was a utopia of mysterious crooks and crannies, one half was filled with the wood furnace and most of the year's supply of fire wood. If memory serves me correctly, they could get about 15 cords of fire wood stacked in there. The rest of the back wall and around the corner of the side wall was floor to ceiling shelves filled with canned vegetables and canned fruit. And the far back corner, the place of the infraction that incurred the wrath of Grandma...

Welllllllllll!!!!! it was a perfect place for a fort, complete with a blanket tent and all the fixins...

Ok Ok!!!! not totally complete, did I mention that we had a fire pit??????

Now I am asking, what good is a fire pit to 2 young cousins without a fire?

Right?!? (I feel y'all are with me so far)

Lookin back on it we might have pulled it off if it hadn't been the middle of summer, cause you always got a littel smoky smell in the house when you opened up the furnace to add wood...
But that is something that my very young mind didn't happen to consider in the moment of my intense need for realism, for what was intended to be my fort of all forts...

SSSOOoooooo! when the basement door slammed open and I heard my Grandma' s sweet voice shrieking, "What are you two up to down here?!",

I quickly added up all the facts and came to the stellar conclusion that the jig was up...

ME: to my cousin, "Douse the fire, I think she is on to us..."

Him: "No way I'm outa here..."

Me: "There is only one way outta here and she is blocking it dude...."

Him: "O Yeah, I think we are hosed..... this was your idea man...."

Me: "Yeah right blame the older kid..."

Yeah you guessed it, none of our excuses came even close to dousing the fire in that woman's eye...

and I never would have guessed at the expertise with which she wielded that unused piece of firewood, but I am here to tell you I never, ever built a fire in that basement again, Geez it gave me nightmares years later when I would go down to stock the furnace...

And NO I don't think I need therapy for it cause I know that my grandma loved me with all she had to love, and I totally deserved all I got....LOL

Just glad she didn't rat me out to mom and dad....

(Rachel in: I'm guessing that the jig is up if mom and dad read this :)


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I Heart Faces


How we love iheartfaces around here!  This week’s theme is EXCITED!

I may be (ahem) a wee bit excited about it :)

And Itty Bit for sure can get excited about some of his favorite things.  Like a Strawberries & Cream Frappucino.  With lots and lots of whipped cream.  So much whipped cream you could SEE the sugar rush before it actually happened!

Doesn’t he look absolutely delighted in his anticipation?  Like he just couldn’t believe his stinkin’ luck? ha ha


(thankfully we walked to the coffee shop, so he got to burn off all that yumminess on the way back :)

Go see some more exciting captures at iheartfaces!

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Repeat Success?

You know how sweet it is when someone does something special for you?  And how it’s even better when it’s a complete and total surprise?

Y’all already know Lisa from Our Life With Dylan… well, this week she went above and beyond the call of duty to help a girlfriend out.

It was a priceless moment when Mr. Daddy opened her latest post, smacked my shoulder to get my attention, then read the whole thing speechlessly.

Cuz the man immediately knew it was gonna be about him… seeing as she addressed it to “Mr. Hottie Magnum Daddy” – which came from a hilarious case of mistaken identity in the comments section of this post.  (Yes, I know, I’ve linked to it eleventy times already – but I really, really still think it’s hilarious).


Fast forward to yesterday and this thing has taken on a life of its own.  Lisa’s Letter of Intent for Julie’s blog was a thing of beauty.  Go read it… seriously.  I’ll wait.


I gotta tell ya, I feared this man would never marry me.  Not because he didn’t love me.  Not because we didn’t have a decade-long friendship and knew we could stand eachother for several more decades.  Not because he didn’t believe “we’d make cute kids” as he once said it.  But because of “what everyone else would think”.


Who is “everyone else” and why do they get a say in us getting married?

“Everyone else” would apparently frown upon our age difference and assume terrible things.

Turns out, “everyone else” doesn’t really care about it.  And the “someones” who might, have entirely too much time on their hands.


He married me anyway.

(WHEW – glad I talked him into that one).

And y’all know that Itty Bit was a miracle, right?  Because PCOS and babies don’t usually mix.  Our little wonder arrived a few weeks early and fit perfectly in Mr. Daddy’s hands.



I can tell you that I suddenly loved this man of mine in a brand new way when I snuck this picture hours after delivering Itty Bit.

DSCN5079 It was 1:34 am.  All the more reason for my heart to go pitter-pat.


Father’s Day was extra-special with my blue-eyed boys.

(“With eyes like the sea after a storm” – extra credit if you can tell me where that’s from :)


It is amazing sharing this kind of joy.


And as I bugged Mr. Daddy for a chance at growing our little family with another miracle, he’d always stubbornly insist, “I’m too old”.

Huh?  You’ve already got a 3-year old,  you might as well give him a younger sibling, right?


Go ahead, make me melt a bit more.  Picking a flower for mommy.


(ahem) With biceps like those, you are NOT too old to have another kiddo.  Just sayin’


Look what Mr. Rockin Hottie Magnum Daddy has to put up with when he comes home from hunting?

A little guy who wants to be just like him and misses the dickens out of him.



And they can’t even operate heavy equipment without getting goofy.

Seriously boys, who’s steering that thing.  And what what really happened to my japanese maple?



So do it Mr. Daddy… take a leap of faith – knowing that you are a great dad and Itty Bit would be a great big brother.  Knowing that I’ll quit bugging you after just one more.  And your sweet mother-in-law would too ;)

Just trust:



And it’ll be fine



Even if we do do things our own silly way



(can I get a little help here ladies? :)