Monday, October 12, 2009

True Story Tuesday by Mr. Daddy

Hey y'all - time for True Story Tuesday - where we share our outrageous, amazing, hilarious, miraculous and (mostly) true stories! Join up and we'll share the fun!


I'm only spanking you because I love you!!!!

Yeah right, like you have never heard that one before???? RIIIIIGGGHHT?

Well maybe this particular time, it was right...

Or maybe out of being scared???

Or shocked!!!!


Or just plain frustrated...

Whatever the reason, I do know that it was the only time that I ever got a whoopin from my grandma...

To set a little background, I was extremely blessed to have had both my grandma and grandpa in my life for a very long time. With all the childhood memories of life on a farm, and a single horse jippo logger...(that last being a one man logging outfit) to help make ends meet when the farming didn't get-r-done...

But I want to talk about my grandma in this post....

A S.A.H.M. who raised 7 children, (all But the 7th, born at home), up before dawn most mornings to make breakfast for the assorted collection of hands and helpers that would gather at the homestead to help with all the chores...

And that's kinda the way it was back then if somebody was down and out and happened to show up at church, or word got back to grandma or grandpa that somebody needed a helping hand, there was always a place at the table.

Grandma didn't get her fandangle new electric cooking stove till around 1955 or 56 (and yes Pam D. and Lisa I have VERY faint memories of the wood cooking stove, but only because I got burned on it and pain is such an instilling event in a young life)...

The old farm house was two stories with a full basement, and all my memories of it (except for a few, one of which I am sharing) are only memories filled with love and good family times...

This particular time, Weeelllllll mostly good memories. BUT there is the spanking to consider...

The basement was a utopia of mysterious crooks and crannies, one half was filled with the wood furnace and most of the year's supply of fire wood. If memory serves me correctly, they could get about 15 cords of fire wood stacked in there. The rest of the back wall and around the corner of the side wall was floor to ceiling shelves filled with canned vegetables and canned fruit. And the far back corner, the place of the infraction that incurred the wrath of Grandma...

Welllllllllll!!!!! it was a perfect place for a fort, complete with a blanket tent and all the fixins...

Ok Ok!!!! not totally complete, did I mention that we had a fire pit??????

Now I am asking, what good is a fire pit to 2 young cousins without a fire?

Right?!? (I feel y'all are with me so far)

Lookin back on it we might have pulled it off if it hadn't been the middle of summer, cause you always got a littel smoky smell in the house when you opened up the furnace to add wood...
But that is something that my very young mind didn't happen to consider in the moment of my intense need for realism, for what was intended to be my fort of all forts...

SSSOOoooooo! when the basement door slammed open and I heard my Grandma' s sweet voice shrieking, "What are you two up to down here?!",

I quickly added up all the facts and came to the stellar conclusion that the jig was up...

ME: to my cousin, "Douse the fire, I think she is on to us..."

Him: "No way I'm outa here..."

Me: "There is only one way outta here and she is blocking it dude...."

Him: "O Yeah, I think we are hosed..... this was your idea man...."

Me: "Yeah right blame the older kid..."

Yeah you guessed it, none of our excuses came even close to dousing the fire in that woman's eye...

and I never would have guessed at the expertise with which she wielded that unused piece of firewood, but I am here to tell you I never, ever built a fire in that basement again, Geez it gave me nightmares years later when I would go down to stock the furnace...

And NO I don't think I need therapy for it cause I know that my grandma loved me with all she had to love, and I totally deserved all I got....LOL

Just glad she didn't rat me out to mom and dad....

(Rachel in: I'm guessing that the jig is up if mom and dad read this :)


Y'all have gotten in trouble for dumb stuff, but any as dangerous as this? Do tell! Join us by grabbing the code under the picture on the right sidebar and posting your link to your very own True Story Tuesday post!


Emily said...

Hm, who are you spanking, Mr. Daddy?

Mr. Daddy said...

Sorry Emily, Don't know what happened but it posted before I even really started writing...

Just one more reason to shy from fatherhood... LOL if I can't successfully manage a post I shouldn't be entertaining any idea's of having another child...

Anonymous said...

Lawd. I saw the title and thought for sure that this post did NOT belong on a family blog. Whew. Dude, you would think that after THAT experience, some of the ones you've already recounted that happened afterwards would never have happened. I mean, really... whether it's a fire pit in the basement or a hornet's nest in the woods, some things are better left alone. Just sayin'. ;<)

City girl turned Country Girl said...

What a great story Mr Daddy!!! I love old memories with my grandparents as well!! So nice to think of the more simpler times LOL!!

Lisa said...

I thought you were going to say you burnt to place down, so I must admit I am a little relieved....

And as for your grandma not getting the stove til 55 or 56 and you even faintly remembering it, WELL, MY dad AND mom were both born in 56, so YOU ARE OLD ENOUGH TO BE MY DADDY, not just Mr. Daddy! LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL

So with that being said, I think my dad could handle having another kiddo. My mother would DIE, but my dad could SO do it. Just saying. :)

We have an old barn too, and a cellar and such, since my grandparents were 'old' when my mom was born and my grandpa had a big farm. It is nice, isn't it? All the buildings and such.

Kmama said...

A fire pit in the basement? I agree, no fort is complete without a fire!!

Emily said...

That is love if she didn't rat you out!! Hilarious. You got what you deserved though...didn't you know you could have burned down the house!? Geez, you kids never think! ;P

Eyeglasses & Endzones said...

I was nervous for a minute that the fire department was going to be involved...glad that a spanking is what made it all better!!! LOL. Too funny!

Stacy said...

Oh lordy! I am guessing that almost setting the house afire was a good reason for a wuppin'! LOL! Yeah, such things don't occur to the young people when they are playing...I have notice. Consequences and repurcussions only seem to occur to them after the offence happens!

Now I have a few more stories rolling around in my head from things happening on the farm. But those are for another day...

Anonymous said...

Fist off it is totally a guy thing to be able to look at a room and sum up how many cords of wood could possibly stored in it...Very Funny! And what is it with boys and fire?! I can remember my brother around 8 or so lighting golf balls on fire in our garage to watch them explode. Yeah I think that went over about as well as your campfire. ;)

Foursons said...

Ummmm...yeah. You're lucky a spanking is all you got! Holy cow! Too bad CPS is hiding behind every corner nowadays, 'cause that behavior would warrant more then just a spanking for my boys.

K said...

OMG this has me LOL - soooo funny
and you are so astute to notice the lack of advice and the abundance of lovies in my comment earlier
Love the picture of your guy looking at the drink too

Aunt Crazy said...

Loved the story!!! I hope that buttwhoopin didn't hurt too bad and I certainly hope the fun times you had were worth it...LOL

Pam said...

Oh my funny. The things kids will try.


Lisa @ Boondock Ramblings said...

I do believe you got what you deserved! Sorry...but you did. And sorry it took me so long to comment. Trying to get over a cold, get some sleep and get the toddler to sleep too! said...

Sounds like you deserved a whoopin'



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