Thursday, October 01, 2009

Letters of Intent - by Rachel

Dear Bloggy Friends ~

I know y’all are probably sick  of this… but after last week’s Letters of Intent by Mr. Daddy, I realized that a fair number of you held a kinder than realistic opinion of me.

Y’all are so nice to have jumped in and defended the fact that our family is not a “right-wing nut-job rant”.

Quite frankly… I kinda laughed that off.

Us?  Right Wing Nut Jobs?  Snort

Truth is, Mr. Daddy and I vote our conscience – not our party lines.

I expected some kind of gentlemanly discourse – cuz while we can get a little silly and tell some outrageous stories… this blog has never been a place of disrespect.

As I continued to read the comment left… the words aimed at Mr. Daddy began to create an ugly knot in my stomach:  foolish lies, sound like an idiot, how stupid this all makes you look…

And I chalked it up to someone who wasn’t interested in discussing content, but rather preferred to hurl well-worn insults and run.

The last one froze the blood in my veins.

“I also feel sorry for your adorable little boy because he is going to filled with all this hatred.”


Here’s where some of you might think I’m better than I really am:

My response was carefully and genuinely worded.

But behind the text was a wounded wife and angry mother.

There were many things I didn’t write.  But I wrote them and yelled them in my head.  You have no idea how many times I backspaced, Dana.


Can I fill in the blanks for you?  This was Julie’s Letters of Intent carnival.

A place where the average bloggy friend would vent or rant in a humorous way.  A place where Mr. Daddy finally braved the dangerous waters of p-o-l-i-t-i-c-s on our blog - fully expecting that some or all would disagree.

And by golly that was perfectly fine.  We’d be bored to pieces if we all believed exactly the same.

Mr. Daddy is the cerebral sort – who researches topics to a fault.  He is careful of his opinions and is not in the slightest gullible.  He is someone who is frustrated and concerned – as any American should be when they consider the challenges facing our country right now.

He is not a liar, an idiot, or someone who sounds stupid.

And he most certainly is not someone teaching his young son how to hate.

He is the man who was late to meet his wife for coffee.  Late because he stopped to help a teenaged asian girl he saw by the side of the road… with her car in a water-filled ditch… frantic that her special-needs little brother was still in the car.

He is the man who got them to safety, and I am the one who gratefully hugged him later over those lattes.

Think he cared a bit who those kids’ parents voted for?


We’re not perfect.  We don’t claim to be.  I hope I am careful with my words so as not to hurt or anger others for no gain.  The words I read last week hurt.  But they lost their power when I realized that they simply weren’t true.  Because my kid loves people.  He loves them and he knows not a lick about politics or how they voted.

I’m grateful for the community here and want us to feel safe sharing.

Thanks for letting me unload.


A Happy Wife and Blessed Mother


Join Julie at Foursons (who’d better not be complaining about her imaginary non-popular status any longer :) for more Letters of Intent.  Happy Friday!


27 comments: said...

Dear Rachel,

We know your heart, we know your character. We love you.

Same with you Mr. Daddy.

Thank you too for sharing your lives with us. We are richer for it.


City girl turned Country Girl said...

That was very well put!! You guys are great and that's all that matters!!

A Lady Called Amy said...

If this were facebook I'd click like so...

*Like* :-)

Anonymous said...

Well, I still applaud your tact and good manners. I still would not have been so nice. I would have thrown around a few "poop faces" or "stinky butt-heads" in Don's direction. ;)

Unknown said...

And that, dear Rachel, is why our countries is so screwed up (well, one reason at least). People take this whole "freedom of speech" thing to mean "freedom of speech when you agree with me." Whether or not I agree with Mr. Daddy doesn't matter (which I do). What matters is that he voiced his opinion and will stick to it. Most would just keep their mouths shut.

Tell the hubby to keep standing up for what he believes.

Your son is blessed to have great parents.

Kmama said...

Good for you in sticking up for yourself. Without even being a follower of yours for long, I can tell that you are "good people".

Foursons said...

OK, I feel like a schmuck. Sorry for making fun of the situation.

Underneath my joking, I really did think the guy was out of line. To debate is one thing, to make it personal is another. To drag your kid into it is way out of line.

BUT, I am still waiting for my first heckler and I got a little jealous. Awww, the green eyed monster shows his ugly face again.

Anyhow, Rachel you are a very eloquently spoken woman who took the high road. Me...I would have kicked his butt into next week. But that's neither here nor there.

Thanks for linking up and giving us your heart. You have a beautiful one and I am glad you listened to it and not to my snarkiness.

Did the guy UNFOLLOW yet?

Rachel said...

No, he has not UNFOLLOWED. And in fact has commented twice after his original comment.

I hope he is able to read this and know that we'd welcome some good ol' debate to bring up concerns and ideas from both sides.

Come back and share your view Don. We don't bite and we have nice blog friends.

Sara said...

Well written and well said....we all know where Mr. Daddy and your heart is. That is why we come back time and time again. :)

Brandi said...

I heard there was some controversy over here?

Rachel you have a lot of class because I'm with Julie (but I also have a bad temper). I would have let him have it up one side and down the other.

Great letter.

Kameron said...

I'd block him. You can do that you know! It is one thing to voice a difference of opinion, but to personally attack someone for their opinions is just bad form. What makes me laugh is that blog reading is a VOLUNTARY action. If I don't like the direction of someone's blog or I have issue, I stop reading. Plain and simple. I don't feel the need to jump on people because their blog is THEIR forum to say whatever they'd like! Who am I to judge? :o)

Mr. and Mrs. Nurse Boy said...

I am so glad you wrote that letter! You both are a classy couple! So sorry you were hurt. This is your blog! Why don't people just click away when they disagree?!

For the record, I think you guys are great!!! And, I agreed with last week's points.


Mrs. Nurse Boy

Unknown said...

Wow! I missed all the excitement! I read Mr. Daddy's letter (and absolutely loved it, by the way), but didn't read all the comments. Went back this morning, and ARE YOU SERIOUS????? Can I just say that you are one of the classiest ladies I have ever "met" Rachel? I probably would be sitting in the county jail right now if he had said those things to me. Grr... You are a class act, all of you. And I personally think Itty Bitty has some fabulous parents!

Stacy said...

You are a woman of tact and manners to not go off on a comment like that. When I put up a political post last year right before the election I was afraid I would get lambasted for my views, knowing several of my blog-mates were Dems. We all had a relatively respectful discourse on our opinions. I know at least one person stopped reading my blog after it, but that is fine. I don't expect everyone to agree with me, but I do expect people to be civil when they disagree. There was really no excuse for Don to bring your son into the discussion. You definitely took the high road, my friend.

Lisa said...

Very well put, Rachel. And, of course all those thoughts and words went through your head (and keyboard) but the difference is you had what it took to be respectable, even though you were not treated that way first. Don't sell yourself short. Anyone who reads your blog in any kind of regular fashion knows that you and Mr. Daddy are kind, compassionate people who let Christ shine through them.

And, if it makes you feel any better, I didn't do Letters of Intent the first time, so that makes it 1 for 1 on the missed TST, right? LOL

lsnellings said...

You are one classy lady! Too many people don't seem to realize that you can disagree and stand up for your own beliefs without being rude or hateful.

He & Me + 3 said...

You are beautiful inside and out and if anyone has been reading your blog for any length of time they would see how both you & Mr. Daddy show God's love to others.
You handled a hurtful situation with such class.
Itty Bit is one blessed little boy to have such wonderful, loving & God fearing parents.

Pam D said...

Dear ones..
You know that we get into some almost vicious-sounding discourse about age (well, Mr. Daddy does; I would NEVER be vicious, nor would I alter someone's picture in any way, shape or form). heh. But we know that it's in fun, and the time that I felt I crossed the line, both here and on Brian's blog, I erased my remarks. Because whether it's joking or serious, whether in fun or for real.. it should always be done with love, and with respect (and yes, I RESPECT my elders, Mr. Daddy..).
Seriously, society is on a fast and slippery slope into the pits of discourtesy, and those who scream about "tolerance" the loudest are the ones who actually practice it the least. Rachel, thank you.. for lighting the way. No matter which side of the fence we're on, may we all react with kindness and turn the other cheek. And for anyone who doesn't like what Mr. Daddy or Rachel has to say, if you can't find it in your heart to reply with respect, then please look to the top right of your computer screen. There's a little red box with a white "X". That's what you need to click to comment. Thanks.

Emily said...

Great job, Rachel! You know, when people say something along the lines of teaching people "to hate", it's a fear tactic. People like that don't want people think for themselves so they're trying to instill fear in you as a way of shaming you into agreeing with them or at least backing down on your stance. It's because they have no acutal valid arguments left. Good for you for not backing and and even better, calling him out and telling him that it's unacceptable!!

Anonymous said...

Beautifully stated! I have to say that I am one who did not necessarily agree with Mr. Daddy's letter last week. But this isn't my blog so I chose to remain quiet. But the nice thing is I still adore reading what you both have to say because thankfully we live in a democracy where we are afforded the luxury of freedom of speech. And you are so right what a boring life this would be if we all viewed it through the same lens. Your little man is so lucky to have the two of you as parents because if there is one thing that is certain it is the love you share as a family!

Floortime Lite Mama said...

Anyone less filled with hate than you too would be hard to find
but i love the way you jumped up to your man's defence

Unknown said...

A perfectly lovely response back from a perfectly lovely lady.

Lisa @ Boondock Ramblings said...

This was a great response. Because we vent on one issue does not mean we are haters and it doesn't mean you are either. Mr. Daddy said what he felt he needed to. Case close. He does not hate...he was just annoyed with the situation.

And Don was out of line.

Paige said...

Great response Rachel. : ) Nicely said.

Carmen said...

Rachel I think it takes a brave person to talk politics, lol...I have my opinions and I never voice them on my blog. I know there is no freedom of speech in America anymore, we Americans have no rights in our country, we are the only ones with no rights. I grew up in a Democratic household and I have been a Democrat my whole life. When Reagan became president I was 18 and my Dad said the world wouldn't survive. This is the first time in my life I voted republican. It has nothing to do with skin color, it had everything to do with his character. I don't think this world will survive this president. I hope I'm wrong, I hope he is the person all the people thought he was when they voted for him. He hasn't proved it yet.

Susan said...

The proper way for Don to respond to Mr. Daddy's letter would have been for him to write HIS opinion on his OWN blog--without the name calling and mud-slinging against others whose opinion differs-- and then invite Mr. Daddy to read it for another viewpoint. His bitter attack and your respectful response left me thinking, "Guess who appears more evolved?" There is no reason to feel hurt over misguided insults. Everyone has a right to their opinion, but no one has a right to disrespect someone else for having an opposing opinion. Itty Bit is growing up with parents who are not apathetic to the issues facing our nation. That alone makes him luckier than most children. He will be taught to think for himself, and whether or not he agrees with his parents when he is making his own decisions as an adult, he will obviously be treated with respect from the ones who raised him. Thank you for teaching others how to respond with respect. It's time for Americans to get back to behaving with more dignified manners.

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