Friday, October 23, 2009

Letters of Intent

Dear Ben & Jerry’s ~

We’ve known eachother for what – ten years?  And you were especially good to me during my pregnancy… my biggest quandary was simply choosing which yumminess to bring home and treat myself to.

I had to cut back on our quality time after Itty Bit was born… we were getting a bit too chummy and you were making yourself right at home – chilling out all over the place.  I mean, I couldn’t keep you off of me!

I apologize if I’ve caused you financial hardship by our less-frequent get-togethers.  See, I’m all about quality now – not quantity.  So I can really appreciate you when we do have our special time.

Which happened to be this past week.  Remember friend, what a stressful week I had?  A sick kid, a sick husband, a sick self?  And I just knew a bit of my old friend Chocolate Fudge Brownie would do me wonders.


Help me out here… what on earth happened?

I mean - I ate, and I ate, and I ate some more.  Which is not in and of itself that extraordinary or noteworthy.  But you see all that chewy goodness on the front of your package?  All dressed up in delicious brownies?

Where were they?

Cuz I was the bottom and there was not a single chewy brownie in that whole cup.

And somehow I feel worse.  Cuz I still had that sick kid, sick husband, sick self, and now I had a couple extra pounds of regular chocolate ice cream waving at me from my thighs.


So… a batch of fresh brownies delivered to my door would make the world right again.  I’ll be watching for ya :)



Ms. Brownie Fiend


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Eyeglasses & Endzones said...

He He He...I love this idea...and I feel the same way about my Ben and Jerry's...there were ZERO peanut butter about a miserable economy!!! ;)

Kmama said...

No brownies? NO brownies? NO BROWNIES?? False advertising!! I would be raising up a huge stink about that one. When brownies are on your mind, they are ON YOUR MIND. What a rip-off!

Brandi said...

Seriously... no brownies? And Mr. Daddy didn't sneak out and eat them when you weren't looking? Daddy Bub so tries to pick the good stuff out of the ice cream. Man... bummer.

Mr. Daddy said...

OK DEAR, should I be jealous of that Brownie fellow????

Pam said...

Love the post and I understand your feelings. I have noticed the past year that a lot of things have changed, like your brownies in your ice cream. Have you noticed that when buying a Glade candle that the amount of wax put in that container is less? Have you noticed that the size of a lot of things you might have purchased in a while has changed or they stopped adding a lot of what is in a product (your brownies)...the thing here is we are paying more and getting less. My question is will it change as things improve?

Foursons said...

OK- mail this off exactly as it is. Do not change a word! Seriously. I'll be waiting to hear the response on pins and needles, 'cause girl I'm in the fight with ya' on this one! How dare Ben and Jerry's to have false advertising on their container! Do you have a Twitter acct? I have heard amazing things happen when people tweet about the unjustices of products they buy and use.

And Mr. Daddy- Be worried. Very, very worried.

Thanks for linking up- you're awesome!

Pam D said...

No brownies, and a commenter with no peanut butter cups. I think you should both contact Ben and Jerrys. They market it as premium ice cream, and they sell it at a premium price. Even if they reduce the size of the container by an ounce or two, the product itself needs to remain true to what you expect. Let 'em know... (take a picture of your sadly-waving thighs...except that you don't really HAVE thighs that wave). Oh, I know..take a pic of MY thighs (wide angled lens..) and photo-shop them onto YOUR body. THAT would get someone moving over there at B&J headquarters..

Anonymous said...

You best be forwarding that to Ben & Jerry cause the least they should do is make up for that one! ;)

When I think Ben & Jerry's I have to laugh because my BFF was having a serious conversation one day with her dad and he just randomly threw out that he likes Cherry Garcia. So now when I'm at a loss for words I'll throw that out every so often just to watch reactions. HeHeHe

lsnellings said...

What were they thinking leaving out the brownies!!!

Unknown said...

Now that's an ice cream that I surprisingly have not tried! Thanks, I needed to add some more calories to my day!

He & Me + 3 said...

Oh this reminds me of when I was a little girl & we would go get Bubble Gum ice cream and my brother and I would count who got the most pieces of hard gum in their ice cream. WE had to search and search for the gum. LOL
That looks delish brownies or not:)

Floortime Lite Mama said...

write to Ben and jerry please - this is a crime !write them the exact same letter you wrote here

Floortime Lite Mama said...

Oh BTW - what is all this you say about fat ?????
u r skinny

Heather said...

Oh no!!! That's like getting Cookie Dough ice cream without cookie dough, or Raisin Bran without raisins, or a pregnancy without junk food!! Ugh.

But seriously, what a rip-off.

Mr. and Mrs. Nurse Boy said...

WHAT?!?! No brownies??? That is simply wrong. So very wrong. Nobody should mess with a woman's ice cream. NOBODY!

For the record... Nurse Boy favors Chubby Hubby and says it was a self fulfilling prophesy!

Mrs. NB

robin said...

LOL!!! That is seriously funny! I'd definitely send it...I'm serious about my brownies too!

Liz {Learning To Juggle} said...

Well now that is just wrong....They should send you another pint full of brownies!!! I think I would cry (no really I probably would...I am a crier!!)

City girl turned Country Girl said...

*giggles*!! WOW that gave me a belly ache just looking at it LOL!! SO much chocolate!! Sorry they ripped you off on your brownies:( I think they owe you something!!

On another note I hope you guys are all feeling better!!

Peggy said...

They must be cutting back. My husband spent all week last week digging through his b&j cookie dough and only found one peice. I though he was gonna cry.

Tina said...

What? No Brownie chunks? I hate that this happened to you.
My hubby works for Blue Bell Ice Cream so that is the only brand that I am "allowed" to purchase!! But BB never skimps on their chunks of cookie dough, pie crust, banana split goodness, etc.
Better luck next time!! Can you get Blue Bell where you live?

Brutally Honest said...

Seriously? Not a single brownie in that whole thing! Augh! Getting to chew on one of those brownies is what makes it all worth while. Oh well, at least the calories don't count when it's not made correctly, right? Right?? said...

That's just WRONG...

only a little more wrong than the fact I am going back this far to catch up on you blog...

But you know that's just my bloggy style :)

I hope you love me anyway ;)

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