Sunday, October 25, 2009


Shana from Blaze ‘n’ Crochet tagged me in this meme.  This one looked fun – and I’m tagging all our followers, cuz we’d love to find out more about YOU! Just leave a comment and we’ll swing by :)


A - Age:  Thirty-something

B - Bed size: Queen. Would rather stick my freezing feet on Mr. Daddy than have more room :)

C - Chore you hate: Watering the horses in winter is not my favorite thing to do… hard to break up the ice in the freezing cold.

snowy horses

D - Dog's name: In-laws’ dog thinks he lives on our porch – a very sweet and rambunctious Doc.

E - Essential start-your-day item: Mr. Daddy’s fresh-brewed coffee.


F - Favorite color: My favorite room is the cheerful kitchen – in true red, tang orange, and green apple. The green has been a longtime favorite.


G - Gold or Silver: Howsabout white gold?

H - Height: 5’3” – believe it or not, I actually grew taller after high school.

I - I am: Looking forward to Christmas already.

J - Job: Law enforcement agency $ guru.

K - Kids: One darling miracle and one arab-saddlebred who thinks she’s a human.


L - Living arrangements: Temporary residence that will soon be exchanged for our new home - on a beautiful piece of land next to our rockin’ in-laws.

M - Mom's name: We call her “Ah-Ma”.


N - Nicknames: Y’all already know Mr. Daddy and Itty Bit. I’m usually “Rach” or “Buffy” (Buffy the Invoice Payer), but my favorite is “Mommy”.

O - Overnight hospital stay other than birth: Ach! Ear surgeries count for the overnight visits in my childhood.


P - Pet Peeve: Dangerous drivers.


Q - Quote from a movie: Are you kidding me? Every line from The Princess Bride is quote-worthy! Howsabout, “Stop it, I mean it! Anybody want a peanut?”  Or this one:


R - Right or left handed: And again from The Princess Bride… “I am not left-handed!”

S - Siblings: One very funny little sister.


T - Time you wake up: Oy… 5:47am most days :(

U- Underwear: Yes ;)

V - Vegetable you dislike: Not a fan of onions.

W - Ways you run late: Checking my blog before heading out the door.

X - X-rays you've had: Three broken wrists, one broken thumb, jammed fingers, ballet stress fractures, auto accident spinal injuries, ear stuff… bored yet?  Oh yeah, and my Ugly Friend:


Y - Yummy food you make: Fajitas! Probably the one thing that doesn’t make people sick…

Z - Zoo favorite: Hey hey, we’re the monkees!

Thanks again Shana – this was fun!  See, that wasn’t so hard.  Tag, you’re it!


brian said...

Wow...that's a lot of posts for one week. You make me feel like an underachiever...

Is that really you in the hospital bed?

Mr. and Mrs. Nurse Boy said...

I am hoping to do this sometime this week! Fun list! Love all of your pictures.

Mrs. Nurse Boy

He & Me + 3 said...

I just did this tag today. It was fun too. Love all your pictures. That quote from Princess Bride is hysterical. I love that movie.

Brandi said...

Love all the pics. My boys saw some horses on the side of the road when we were traveling and they were wearing some plaid covers (I don't know the technical term) and they just giggled hysterically because the "horses were wearing dresses!" ;)

Pam D said...

Shameful fact.. I have NEVER seen The Princess Bride. Seriously. But the quotes.. they make me WANT to! Love all of your alphabetized facts; now, it's Mr. Daddy's turn....

Pam D said...

Brandi... hahaha! That made me giggle.. :<) Plaid covers... made me think of sofas! And I can just imagine your boys.. how funny is that??

Paige said...

Love your list Rach. I've been needing a focus for a post. Maybe this is just the thing! Thanks. Always learning new things about you!

Shana said...

You are very welcome! Loved your answers!!

Rachel said...

Brandi - they're called blankets (I'm still giggling). And they definitely help the poor horsies through the winter if it's a cold one and they haven't had a chance to grow a winter coat.

Brian - yep that's me. It was the first surgery I remember and it was pretty traumatizing :(

Love hearing that some of you will join in! Can't wait to read yours! said...

This was a great post...breaks my heart seeing the tiny you being wheeled off to surgery.

City girl turned Country Girl said...

HAHA those are great!! I will do mine tomorrow!!

Kmama said...

Very cute. I'm going to try and get this in this week. I probably won't be all snazzy like you and have pictures and stuff!

Pam said...

Thats so cute. Makes a person wonder and think what they would put for each letter.

Lisa said...

Of course I shall partake... but not now or I will be late because I should be getting ready instead of checking blogs! LOL And the picture of you in the crib almost made me cry. Itty Bit looks SOOOOOO much like you. With the light hair you can tell it even more. I LOVE lists (*ahem, OCD?!?! LOL) so I shall definitely get to this later!

robin said...

Loved the post. I wondered about the pic about the ear surgery and when I checked your 'profile' then I realized...duh! I had no idea!

I did it too, it was fun! Thanks!!

My husband was 5 foot until he graduated high school, then he grew nine inches.

And, I am always looking forward to Christmas, even in January, lol!

Anonymous said...

Oh how fun! I did it too and it was a blast, although I don't have near the hilarity you do.

Eyeglasses & Endzones said...

Mrs Ima Bump! I remember that post! It was too funny!!! Watering horses in the winter Grrr..

Lexie Loo & Dylan Too said...

It was great learning more about you! I was planning on doing this today after seeing it on a few other blogs. I didn't know you had horses! I agree, breaking up the ice is an awful chore!!!

Stacy said...

Love hearing more about you! I am having a hard time keeping up with blogging lately, or I would take the tag and run with it. :)

Oh, and I hate watering horses in the winter, too. You know they make tank heaters though, right?? Of course growing up we didn't have one of those, so it was lots of buckets of water.

Anonymous said...

That was fun! Maybe sometime this week I'll try and give it a go?!

Sarah said...

My answers are up. It was a good distraction for my foul mood yesterday.

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