Monday, October 19, 2009

True Story Tuesday by Rachel

Hey y’all, it’s True Story Tuesday time! A chance to share something outrageous, amazing, hilarious, miraculous and (mostly) true that happened to you!


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(you already know it’s gonna be good, don’t ya?)

This one is from just prior to Itty Bit’s arrival.

The current residence was just not going to work for adding a baby to the mix. A beautiful view of the lake, a quiet lot, and the size was right.

Unfortunately, the lovely wooden stairs were the clincher in why we needed to find another place. My 7-month pregnant belly had slipped down those steps three times already. And I didn’t even want to think of the panic of chasing a crawling kid around those things.

So off we went with our realtor friend, looking at homes with property – just in case we got a chance to get a horse again.

Nothing really to do with this story – but here’s my first horse that I had gotten a few months prior:


Ain’t she cute? She was the perfect size for me and look how adorable she was with the dog!

And here I am – clueless that I was 4 weeks pregnant!


I cannot believe I ever got that close to the horse that turned into a psychotic freakoid and became dangerous (once the drugs wore off, you lying horse traders).  Ahem… back to the story.

So I was heartbroken having to give up the horse and hoping for a place with fields for a less dangerous horse.

We found a place for sale not far from Mr. Daddy’s parents. It was an old farmhouse with a giant barn and shop. I really thought it would be a good fit for us.

We walked up to the porch and greeted the people that were drinking and playing cards. They seemed surprised to see us, though the realtor had called ahead. Then we walked in and the place was a mess, stuff strewn everywhere. More people were inside and excused themselves - taking their beers out to the porch.

We picked our way through the mounds of clothes in the living room, to the kitchen with piles of dishes and food. I was trying to picture the place all cleaned up and painted… it was a challenge.

We walked through an open mudroom (and MUD room would have been appropriate), to see tiny bedroom in the back. There was some dude lying on the bed in there with more piles of stuff stacked around him. He looked like he was sleeping so we quietly backed out.

Our realtor was trying to make the best of it – staying professional and talking about what could be done with the place. The door next to the bedroom had to be the bathroom – there was no place else. So she swung open the door and kept talking.

“Here’s the bathroom, you could always add another one.”

“You could put one upstairs if you finish off the attic.”

“I think this one has a full size tub…”

I think she finally saw our wide eyes - and just then, she turned around to realize that she’d been standing there describing the bathroom, with the door wide open, while a man was obviously on the toilet.

He was completely silent – as were we – and our realtor turned a brilliant shade of red and started stammering. She backed out of the bathroom as quickly as she could, pulling the door closed behind her.

The entire house-hunting party stood there holding our breath – knowing that we desperately needed to be somewhere where we laugh uncontrollably.

We stumbled down the porch steps and tripped over eachother on our way back to the car… “Thank you for letting us see your… house!”


Oy… we saw so much more than we wanted to!

What about you? Ever been the victim or inadvertent cause of an embarrassing moment? Do share! Add the link to your post below and we’ll be by to give some comment love!


Lisa said...

Lordy, I would have died! Wanna take bets that the house is still on the market? LOL What were those people thinking? Have they not watched the home and garden channel? You gotta make it look like a resort and then MAYBE you can sell it!

I can't believe you made it out of there with out laughing in their face! Wonder what the poor guy on the john was thinking! LOL

Rachel said...

Totally laughing at Lisa's comment... cuz the house is STILL on the market, over 3 years later! We just drove by the other day and busted up laughing when we saw the "For Sale" sign :)

McCrakensx4 said...

Oh My GOSH...I would have died standing there...what a sight, and smell!!! When our house was on the market it was my fear that a realtor would want to show it as it's worst...but nothing as worse as that!!! WoW!!!

Emily said...

Omg! What that house actually on the market or did y'all want into another one by mistake?? I don't think I would have made it out of the house before laughing hysterically (and giving those homeowners a piece of my mind!) So, I'm guessing that's not the one you purchased either!
Oh, and I want to hear the psychotic horse story sometime...sounds freaky!

Kmama said...

LOL I have a great "house hunting" story, but I think you might have beat it!! I totally would have cracked up right then and there. There is no way I could have waited until we got out of the house. LOL

Lisa @ Boondock Ramblings said...

We went to see a house like that one time. It wasn't quite that bad, but the back end was falling off of it and it looked like it had been pieced together. It was seriously odd and I can't believe a realtor even walked us through it!

Stacy said...

Oh lordy! I would have turned 5 shades of red, too! Wow, they obviously REALLY wanted to sell that house. I wonder if they were the renters? They probably didn't want the house to be sold, so they didn't try too hard to keep it tidy for the realtor.

I didn't get a TST written up for today. Too much going on this past weekend and week. Hubby is home sick with a sick kid and our friends are laying down some floors. Busy, busy!

Floortime Lite Mama said...

OMG sooooo funny
I cannot belive the man did not say anything said...


The funniest things happen to you. Oh my gosh. This is a great story!!!

Stacyonthecouch said...

What I found funny is that the man let you all stand there while he was doin his business ... wouldn't you flip right out as soon as you heard the door handle being touched?? rofl. Maybe he wanted an audience?? .... eeehhhh

Pam said...

First let me say that I laughed when I saw the dog on the horse. How cute....but the laughter continued as I read about the man "doing his business"....what a funny yet horror story for the real estate woman!

Killlashandra said...

Wow I thought realtors were supposed to phone first. ;) Sorry about the horse trader. When buying a horse always show up early to the apt. Catch the seller a little off guard or always get someone to ride them before the horse sale. :)

Cute picture though.

brian said...

BTW...all Appaloosas are crazy :)

Susan said...

I spent this whole post waiting for you to say at the end that the realtor had taken you to the wrong house! Instead, I ended up thinking it was a good thing you left before the police raid--were those guys smoking any funny smelling stuff?? Cuz that would have to happen for a guy to sit silently on the pot while an agent described his surroundings, right? I can't stop laughing!

P.S. I had to do some catching up of a few of your recent posts, and I've been very watchful for anything that would tip the scales in your desire for another child. I found it. In the post where you answered the questions about Mr. Daddy's pick-up lines, you quoted him as saying that the pair of you "would make cute kids". With an s. As in: plural. You could argue "implied contract". You're welcome. My work here is done for today. ;o)

He & Me + 3 said...

I can't stop snorting. That is hilarious. How did you not just bust out laughing while standing there. That poor Relator. LOL that is soooooo funny!

Anonymous said...

What? You didn't buy the house??? =)
I would have been sprinting to the car!

Pam D said...

First of all, one look at that horse's eye in the pic with you and I can TELL that it was a crazy horse (Crazy Horse.. Indian.. Appaloosa.. there IS a connection there somewhere). But the story. The story. The STORY. I really, really, REALLY do NOT understand how ALL of these things could actually have happened to you and only you. I'm pretty sure you couldn't just be making it up (and if you are, then you seriously need to quit your job RIGHT NOW and start writing novels). But help me out here.. anyone? Does ANYONE else who reads this blog have even 1/10th of the crazy stuff happen to them? Or maybe the rest of us just don't notice? I don't know; I just know that you certainly picked the right meme to host. No one else could possibly do it better....

Foursons said...

How in the world does stuff like this always happen to y'all? Every week I'm desperate for a story to write and y'all knock 'em out right and left. I must be boring. *sigh*

Foursons said...

OK, I wrote my comment and then went back and read the other comments. Turns out I'm on the same wavelength as Pam D. here.

Unknown said...

oh my word!! you seriously have the craziest stories!

Brandi said...

LMBO! That is just too funny! I have the giggles now. :)

robin said...


lsnellings said...

I think I would have just died!! That poor guy on the toilet!

City girl turned Country Girl said...

OMGsoh!!! That is hilarious!! I seriously do not know how you guys end up in these situations!!

Too funny about it still being on the market LOL!!

Lisa said...

Can't believe I called the house is still for sale! LOL No wonder, though! And I can believe all these crazy things happen to you, because they happen to us, too! We attrack the "crazies" or something! LOL

MommyBrain said...

What was that realtor thinking? I can't believe you made it past the porch and mud room and stacks of clothes. I would've looked at my husband and with my eyes said, "There is no amount of paint that can make this work. Get me out of here." But I am not one to see the hidden potential in a place like that ... I'm more of a move-in-ready kind of girl :)

I've never walked in on someone ... but I've been walked in on. So embarrassing!

Kameron said...

That horse had a crazy look in its eye! Thankfully you weren't killed by it or die laughing at the house viewing debacle. That is just amazing!

Aunt Crazy said...

HAHAHAHAHAHA...I'm laughing so hard that I can't even think straight enough to form a decent comment. The others have said everything so well...LOL

natalee said...

found your blog through kmama,,im following now

Foursons said...

I just got around to reading all the link-ups. You had a theme going this week and never even knew it! Bodily functions galore all around!

Anonymous said...

Oh my poor POOR Rachel!! Are you sure Mr. Daddy's name isn't Dennis? As in Dennis the Menace? I swear it's that same little boy all grown up and taking our poor, SWEET Rachel along for the ride of her life! :D

You're welcome Mr. Daddy. LOL

I'm sorry I missed TST. I have been SWAMPED!

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