Sunday, November 01, 2009

Random Catchup

Y’all know how I try not to do these ‘all-in-one posts’, right?

Cuz usually they end up getting waaay too long and ultimately that equals boring…

So if I promise to throw a bunch of pictures in and let them tell the stories, would that be easier?  Let’s just say that the past week has been interesting…

So the rest of the story on that pumpkin patch thing:

The kids had a blast.  They had the prerequisite little animals to feed (for a nominal fee, of course).


And a huge slide (for another nominal fee, of course) – which Itty Bit took turns displaying how many ways he could obey the “feet first” rule:

IMG_1992IMG_2027IMG_2123 IMG_2108


The adults were considerably more expressive about the experience:



IMG_2132 (cue Sound Of Music themesong)


And for another nominal fee… you could hike a cup full of feed up a pulley to the goat treehouse.


Which is considerably more impressive if you realize how much zoom I’d used:



So off we went on the tractor ride to go look at the pumpkin graveyard.  No rotting pumpkins worth buying, but do you think this kid cared?


Even May-May wasn’t overly impressed with the selection.  She’s got a real poker face, eh?



Then off to see the poor reindeer.  Look how concerned the kids are:



Then we all enjoyed Itty Bit’s epic meltdown as it was time to leave the reindeer.


Oh, it got better:


(Mr. Daddy’s response?  “Which way to Mecca?”) 


He cheered up at being chosen strongest-person-to-pull-the-wagon.  May-May looks a little concerned here…



And just because I love her and she’s the most beautiful grandma on the planet… here’s my mom.



Remember, we walked out of there with nary a pumpkin to carve.  Never mind… we’ll have some fun at the church Trunk or Treat…

See, it started out okay – trying to keep the kiddos happy for a picture.  See my little fisherman?  Yes, apparently he’s a Scottish fisherman – I am oblivious to your mockery.  I even raided Mr. Daddy’s tackle box for the ultimate bait.

Uh-oh… he’s starting to swing that around.  Can’t be good.


Did I call it or what?  Yes, Little Jo got whacked with a rubber worm.  You would not believe the hysterics.  Which are totally unfathomable considering her penchant for creepy crawlies

IMG_2203 Don’t you just love Itty Bit’s look of glee, and Cousin A’s dramatic expression?

And here my friends, is the ULTIMATE champion of how to take a terrible group picture:IMG_2207 First, we have an injured party covering her face, two random hands from the sides of the photo, one very amusing “Rocky Balboa” impression, one perpetrator refusing to smile for his mugshot, and the final insult is the cutie with her eyes completely shut.

There ya have it…


And in case you wondered… YES – it was a terrible idea to include anything that could be conceivably used as a weapon as part of a 3-year old’s costume.

I was completely mortified to find my wayward toddler standing behind a woman dressed as a hooker… repeately poking her in the butt with the fishing pole.  And what was totally wild about it, was that she stood there talking with a guy acting like it was totally normal.

And I’m not gonna tell you what Mr. Daddy said about that…


Jenilee said...

Hey just happened upon your blog today! and I love the slide pics and thinking of the sound of music theme song... so funny! enjoyed your pics!

K said...

LOVED the pics and the stories - what a lovely way you have of looking at your marvelous life - enjoying every little bit with humor and joy
LOVED mr daddy's comment

Brandi said...

OMW! Laughing hysterically at all these pictures... and Itty's meltdown BAAAWHAHAHAHAH! ;)

Rachel said...

Oh - and that is NOT Itty Bit's coat! It was cold enough that he had his own coat on underneath that one, and borrowed the lovely second one from his girl cousin :) Just sayin' ...

Heather said...

You definitely know how to catch up without making it boring!!! Love all the pictures, especially Itty Bit going down the slide (and the view from the top!).

Love the group shot and Itty Bit's praying to Mecca... hilarious!!!

Pam D said...

Oh please... DO tell us what Mr. Daddy said...
*ahem* Wow.. very cool pumpkin patch, but NOT cool that they charged for every little thing. boooooo. dweebs.
No comment about praying to Mecca.. I'm afraid that the guy who went off on a rant LAST time might go ballistic on me. 'nuff said.
And yes, that IS one rockin' grandma.. and I just love the fact that in almost every post, your extended family plays a role. Itty Bit won't understand until later just how lucky he is to have all of that family around... SO much love, and laughter (and poking each other with fishing poles, and.....).
Once again, I implore you... DO tell us what Mr. Daddy said.... ;<)

Emily said...

LOL...hilarious! I love that ya'll went down the slide too. And that Itty Bitty threw a stellar tantrum and then poked a hooker in the bum! Awesome!

Lisa said...

I am with Pam D... What was Magnum Musing? LOL I just absolutely cracked up at this. Thanks. I needed the laugh so badly. Poor Itty Bit and his melt down, though! I can't believe the "hooker" lady just stood there.

He & Me + 3 said...

This post was just hilarious. I am so cracking up at the turning the pole into a weapon. Boys can do that with anything & that meltdown face looks like someone I know and love that lives in my house. Oh they are twins. Love it.
Was this hooker dressed lady at the church Trunk or Treat or did I read that wrong? either way I am LOL at itty bit poking her in the butt.

chili pepper said...

What a great adventure. The adults were far better than the kids at expressing their overwhelming joy on the slide. Thanks for sharing!

Julie said...

a hooker at church! OMG!

What an adventurous post :)


Kmama said...

LOL I love the pictures telling the story, especially the last one. Did Little Jo recover?

Buddy was a Ninja and had a sword, however, he actually did a great job keeping it on him and not on anyone else!!

Anonymous said...

I LOVEEEEEEEEE this post!! I was crackin' up! LOVE the sliding pictures....and Itty Bit looking back up the slide...YUMMY!! I LOVE it! Your mom IS beautiful!

And praying to Mecca....PRICELESS! HAHAHAHA That is so my kids! And me on occassion... ;)

And I know Mr Daddy was in the Not Me post, but I was totally checkin' out his least the roast version. Come cook for me. Please? Pretty please? LOL Or at least teach Mike a few tricks....

Stacy said...

Love all the "...for a nominal fee" comments. ;) Wow, they know how to nickel and dime you there, eh? Sorry you couldn't find a pumpkin for the kids to carve. That's too bad. Our pumpkins were carved and rotting on our front step...because we just HAD to carve them weeks ago.

LOL at the group photo! Sometimes those are the best ones just for the memories! :)

Liz (Loving Mom 2 Boys) said...

yup...definitely nothing boring about that post!!! I can only imagine the harm one (or both) of my boys would inflict with a fishing pole!! (you should see what they do when they find their hockey sticks!!)

Anonymous said...

Oh Rachel you are so funny! And I really enjoyed this post. Itty Bit's meltdown...How can a child still be so stinkin cute while having a meltdown?! I only wish I was half that cute during mine (and I am sure my husband does as well!). ;)

City girl turned Country Girl said...

OMGosh Itty Bit's meltdown was CLASSIC!!! LOL He is so adorable!! I know why he didn't want to leave...

Elaine at Matters of the Heart) said...

Oh goodness, he is just so adorable. Oh how I have missed you all.

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