Monday, November 02, 2009

True Story Tuesday by Rachel

It’s True Story Tuesday y’all!  Time to share our old or new stories of something amazing, outrageous, hilarious, miraculous and (mostly) true that has happened to you!  We make it easy… just grab the TST code from the sidebar, and link up the web address of your actual post below, … we’ll send some linky love your way!


This one goes back to almost exactly a year ago.  To set the scene, you can read Mr. Daddy’s version of it here.  Long story short… some big dudes were changing a tire at a gas station, and one of ‘em had a bit of a (ahem) wardrobe malfunction.

Longtime readers know this story well… since they wouldn’t let me live it down for the longest time.

The lesson learned was that you should always have a camera with ZOOM… and not rely on a puny little cell phone when the image requires stealth and a safe distance.  Otherwise, as in this case… the big dude might catch you trying to take a picture of his bare naked butt.

Without further ado -the rest of the story…

(0riginally posted here.)

Okay, this has gone on far too long…

Mr. Daddy decided to post that lovely little story about his sweet wifey poking her head out the window, then leaning out and angling for a better shot of a total stranger’s mostly naked bum.

Then getting totally busted by the other guy who was with him.

Then their suddenly hurried exit from the gas station lot when they realized just how big those two mad dudes were.

(At the risk of obliterating any respect you might hold for me - if you haven’t read his post, I'll wait right here for ya.)

So let me lay it out for y'all. I know you’ve already heard it from Mr. Daddy, but it bears some explaining. Cuz, man this story has been spreading like wildfire around here!

You know what…?

I got nothin’

It happened just like Mr. Daddy said it did.

No sense in trying to explain it.

Cuz I cannot for the life of me, figure out why I though it was even remotely a good idea to try to capture that sight on a cellphone camera… or any camera for that matter.

I mean, how do you even apologize for that?

To make matters worse… Dear Husband sits down at my family’s table on Thanksgiving and says,
Rach asked me for my phone so she could take a picture of a stranger’s naked butt.


(I crack myself up with these hearing loss puns)

As one, my entire family is speechlessly looking at Mr. Daddy in horrified interest.


My mouth turns to Play-doh and nothing intelligible comes out.

Then my aunt’s sweet naïve mother says in her 100% Italian voice (you know, with one eyebrow raised), “WHAAAAAAT?”

There is no place to hide, and I’m not giving up my seat for the game of Spoons.

“mumble mumble, there was this guy, mumble, full moon, mumble mumble, camera


Everyone has even stopped eating - so shocking is this piece of news. So Mr. Daddy tells the tale in all his mock indignation and leaves the entire extended family with not a single hope for my corrupted soul.


I survive the brutal re-enactments and head home. To wake up to Mr. Daddy’s creative genius in print. On our blog. You know, the one I used to put my best foot forward on?

And the comments are UNBELIEVABLE.

Like wet-your-pants-funny.

I read two of them and realize they are another husband-wife team. I chuckle loudly until I reach the last line of the husband’s comment.

Okay, if you open your windows you will hear my muffled laughs as I was reading this delightful story...and I am trying to keep my composure since Dw is taking an afternoon snooze on the couch not 10 feet from me giggling into the palm of my hand...What is up with men like that anyway? Can they not feel a breeze whisking its way down their cheeks?? Come on dudes! Stop grossing out the entire world! Loved it and still smirking...can't wait till he wakes up and I can read it to him...

( Husband)
You "crack" me up! I'm still trying to "wipe" the smile off my face. Linny was just giggling as she read it to me. I am so very thankful your wife didn't have a zoom lens! I’m sure they were hoping not to be the "butt" of your jokes. I'm still trying to figure out how to work this into tomorrow's message... maybe a title like, "Showing your best side butt don't let your guard down."

When I got to that last line, I felt the color drain out of my face. If you know this couple, they are the fabulous ones from
A Place Called Simplicity.

The part that scared the bejeebies out of me, is that this man is a

P A S T O R.

And somehow my temporary insanity is going to mean that someday at some pastors’ conference, they’re gonna talk about the 14 different versions of that “girl trying to take a picture of a guy’s backside with her husband’s phone” story.

And ya know what? I’m okay being the “butt” of that joke.


Tell me you’ve done something far more outrageous… all for the sake of a blog post, right? :)

So find that amazing link and add it to the list below – we love TST stories!

17 comments: said...

As always, you crack me up!

Unknown said...

I just love coming to visit as I know that I'm always gonna get a good laugh! Thanks Rachel!

MrsMann said...

I sure wish Dw was still the Pastor of MY church just so I could hope to be there when he throws this story into a message! LOL! You guys are the best!

Kmama said...

I've been caught trying to take pictures of people before as well. My favorite place to take pictures? At concerts. I got some great pictures at the Kid Rock concert this year. LOL

Emily said...

For the record, I totally would have taken a picture of that naked behind too! If you look ridiculous you deserve to have your picture taken! LOL. Just make sure the car is gassed and ready before you pull out the camera. Amateur mistake. :)

Aunt Crazy said...

I would have taken a picture too...LOL!!! You make me laugh!

Pam said...

You had me "cracking" up!
To funny.

Anonymous said...

So I must know did Itty Bitty get his fries?

I would have taken a picture too and would have been totally 'bummed' (hehehe) that I didn't get the shot! ;)

Foursons said...

I live my life like it is going to be a blog post. I'm constantly writing in my head and then kicking myself when I can't come up with a good TST post- like today's. Ugh. Sorry.

I have a feeling I was used in a sermon recently. The assistant scout leader of Jakob's den is a pastor. And I was talking to him about going back to work and I told him that I just didn't see how I could pick up a full time job because my life in general is a full time job. He looked at me and nodded with the wisdom only a pastor can nod with and I have a feeling his sermon was writing itself in his head much like my blog posts do. hahahaha

Stacyonthecouch said...

Hilarious story, but what I am walking away from this with is much more than a great laugh .... I am sooo happy I will now be able to take WTF? pics with my phone and use them for my blog! Every now & then, I come across something or someone that I just have to share ... but I didn't ever think it was ok to do it ... now that I know there are others, I'm totally jumping on board!


Pam D said...

Hmmm. The comment above mine appears to be spam. Or, Mr. Daddy is hacked that you get all the love this week and is trying to steal some of the love. I'm guessing that trolls were able to pick up on all of these "backside cracks" about posterior photography. Anyway. I'm sure you'll eliminate the offending comment here shortly (although, you do let mine hang around, and many of them probably SHOULD be eliminated. And does elimination somehow tie in with the theme of this post?).
And does anyone else but me have friends who keep sending them those "People of Walmart" emails that are LOADED with the very type of photo that you describe? I'm beginning to suspect that people actually dress up and go to Walmart in hopes of being photographed as a "People of Walmart". Gotta have big dreams....

E @ Scottsville said...

OH man, thanks for the laugh! I needed it today. =0)

Mom Of Many said...

You guys are a hoot...I can't wait till we can play in person....and take pics to prove it....I have thought often of this story...still makes me smirk...

Love from Colorado!! xo

Eve said...

That is just too darn funny!!

Don't worry, you are not alone. I've done my fair share of ridiculous things, but I just figure it's all fair game (if you are gonna wear your pants too low, it's likely you will eventually end up somewhere on the internet). I'm probably on the other side of a post or two as well - not for wearing my pants too low - but there are probably hundreds of photos out there of me tripping over my own feet (which can cause all sorts of embarrassing exposures), so...

Lisa said...

How could you spare us the "rest of the story" for so long?!?!?! I feel betrayed.... drug along... so alone... oh, not really.. just totally CRACKING up. And guess what, just a couple days ago Dylan bent over (in the house thankfully) and showed some crack and it made me think of your story! LOLOLOLOL

You guys are too much.

Pam D said...

So. What is up with Mr. Daddy? He has been absent lately from the comment section, which has greatly reduced our banter. I miss the repartee; hopefully it wasn't a turn off for other readers. *sigh* I DO tend to get over the top.... but really, you give me some great material to run with. Hugs...

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