Sunday, December 20, 2009

Not Me Monday - A Giveaway Gone Wrong

Seriously, how bad do you have to screw things up to be able to make an entire Not Me Monday post out of it?

I’m talented like that (no comments from the peanut gallery).

Thanks to MckMama for the chance to confess everything we have Not done this past week – in an effort to inspire kinship with all you other perfect people :)

Go check ‘em out if you survive this story…


So… remember waaay back when we threw a quick giveaway?  And how nothing can ever go as planned around moi?

See, poor SHMODE won the awesome giveaway that was part of a fundraiser for AmyB’s son.  You’ll see why I say “poor” in just a minute.

She was supposed to get a terrific COURAGE t-shirt… and I’d also ordered one for myself.  The order had been delayed and our poor winner had been uber-patient.

When the t-shirts arrived during an insanely hectic week, I tore into the shipping bag and squealed in glee.

Then I stepped out to check the shipping rates to Canada, give the kid a bath, feed the horses, wrangle 16 loads of laundry, and clean the kitchen.

When I was all done, this was Not my frantic letter to poor Shmode:

Hi  -
I have tried and cried and pulled my hair out... and I have come to the unavoidable conclusion that I am hopelessly frazzled and I can't put off writing this email any longer...

A few days ago, the package of t-shirts finally came!  I was thrilled and immediately set aside yours to take to the shipping center.

Unfortunately, the t-shirt decided to take a trip, and I have a horrible sneaking suspicion that it got scooped up with all the packaging and taken out with the trash :(  (This is the point of the story where I blame my husband, though I'm not sure who cleared the counter of the 15 packages that came that day).

I have turned the house upside down and have not been able to locate it.  I offer my profound apologies and wanted to make this right.  If you like, I can order the exact same t-shirt and have it shipped directly to you... or you can choose any other similar-priced item from their website? You might even like something better than the t-shirt, and that's fine.  I feel awful about this and have been dreading sending this email (in hopes that somehow my 3-year old hid the shirt somewhere and I have yet to find it???)

Or I can send you an Amazon gift card via email, or Target, or Starbucks, or whatever you'd like?  I don't know what's local to you, but would dearly like you to enjoy your prize!  Please let me know and I'll jump right on it.

Again, I am SO very sorry.  (We call this "Mommy Brain" around here :(

Poor Ms. Shmode did Not e-mail me back this sweet reply:

Hi Rachel!

Hmmmm ... I may have a better idea.  I really was concerned about the amount of shipping, and not truly in need of another t-shirt, so how about you make a donation to somewhere special to you, some kind of charity in the amount the tee was worth.  I'm happy with that, I'm sure you'd be, and my drawer would thank you ;).  I'm okay with whatever charity you can think of.

Oh, and I have mommy brain on a daily basis myself and always, ALWAYS blame it on my husband. *snort*  Please don't beat yourself up about it, but I must say there must be a blog post with pictures about the t-shirt, and maybe even a "Not me" moment about it? ;).

Merry Christmas Rachel & Mr. Daddy, and of course Itty Bit.


To which I then did Not reply:

Oh my goodness - are you the sweetest thing ever.

Though I have to admit, you being so understanding of my idiotness actually made me feel worse.  I mean, at least you could have thrown a "gee, you've really lost it" in there somewhere, right? :)

Howsabout a compromise?  And I promise, it sure seemed like a "God" thing because I hopped onto Etsy (my current addiction) and searched for sellers in Canada.  Because I just KNEW someone there wouldn't charge an arm and a leg for shipping and they might have something really special.

So imagine my surprise when up pops one of my favorite sellers - though I had yet to buy anything from them... so I figured it was meant to be.  Then I saw exactly what I would love for myself and hoped you would like it too.  And it cost the exact stinkin same amount as that t-shirt (may it rest in peace).

I wasn't feeling as bad about the t-shirt anymore because I knew the purchase price went as a donation for AmyB's son - but I was sure glad not to have left you with *nothing* after winning the giveaway!

So... I'll do as you so generously suggested - we'll still donate to our favorite cause in your honor - and you can expect something in the mail from an Esty seller soon!  The order was completed yesterday, so it should be on the way quick!

(And yes, I ordered one for myself and experienced the strange feeling of realizing it cost more to ship to ME, lol).
And yep... the whole Mommy Brain incident sure merits a blog post - though I'll wait till you get your prize and you can tell me if you love it or hate it or re-gifted it (I won't be offended, I promise!  I mean, heck... I threw your shirt away!  maybe.  probably...)

Looking forward to catching up with you when you get it - let me know and we'll let everyone else have a laugh at my expense! :)

Merry Christmas,
That sweet woman did Not turn around and send me an email that left me howling in laughter:

Hey crazy lady, you've lost your mind! 

Was that good? ;)

I do love a surprise, I can't wait to see what it is when it gets here!  I did laugh, but only a little, when you said the shipping was more to you than to me. 

I read this email and then later on in the day (yesterday) a small package came in the mail. I was thrilled thinking it was this Etsy product you ordered and couldn't believe how fast it shipped.  I opened it up and it was a teeny silicon keyboard brush... uhhh, thanks Rachel?  I burst out laughing, truly thinking that it was the gift (I know it's rude to laugh at a gift, but it was funny).  Then I remembered I had ordered that myself a few weeks back and forgot about it.  I had my own 'duh' moment yesterday, and I thought you'd get a laugh out of it.


I am Not still feeling slightly mortified that I threw someone’s prize away.  I am Not totally cracking up about the ensuing hilarity.  I am Not kinda sorta worried that she’ll get her substitute prize and go, “huh?  I want the t-shirt”.

Thanks Shmode – for being such a good sport.  You’re a peach.  Hope you get your REAL prize in time for Christmas!


So now that I’ve bared my never-happened emails to you, don’t y’all feel like spreading a little holiday cheer Not Me Monday style? :)


Pam D said...

Rachel, I have NO idea what anyone else will say, but I just have to say "Thank You!!!!". It seems lately as if all of my best intentions get buried in some kind of mud and mire and muck. I KNOW it's not God, and yet I still battle with frustration. But, He works it out,and He showed that bigtime in your latest post.
Love ya!

Megan said...

Hahaha!! That whole thing is too hilarious!! Thanks for the laugh. I "snarfed" out loud! LOL

Kmama said...

LOL! I think we've all been there at one time or another. Like a month or so ago when I lost my contacts. Like, not in my eyes or in my case. WHAT?? I was so freaked out.

I'm glad the situation was handled and everyone is happy!

He & Me + 3 said...

Oh girl that is too much! She is such a sweet bloggy friend. I love this turn of events!

Mr. Daddy said...

"O" sure blame the guy!!!!!!

Thanks DEAR....LOL

Foursons said...

This is so stinkin' hilarious! Only you Rachel...only you. Hahaha- There. Did I make you feel better?

Anonymous said...

I am still laughing about this, even after being part of the hilarity!
I am so looking forward to my Etsy stuff! I KNOW I'll love it, *smootch*.

Elyse said...

Loved this NMM! You had me laughing out loud! Mr. Daddy's comment about blaming the guy made me laugh too!
Merry Christmas!

Michelle Pixie said...

Oh that is funny! Sounds like something that would totally happen to me and I of course would promptly blame my hubby as well! ;) Sorry Mr. Daddy!

Emily said...

Now that is hilarious!

Lisa said...

Oh my goodness. This is hilarious. And, yes, Mr. Daddy, we blame the men whenever we can! LOL So glad you all got it worked out!