Sunday, December 06, 2009

Not Me Monday - O Christmas Tree version

Heyyyyy!  Hopping back on the Not Me Monday wagon in time for some Christmas cheer.  Join MckMama for more Not Me Mondays from all over the world!


Let me preface by saying that I loooove me a real Christmas tree.  Seriously… isn’t a little tradition worth the endless vacuuming?  And howsabout that benefit of supporting your local economy?  And that little part about your redneck husband threatening to forevermore answer the door in his tighty whiteys if you even whisper a thought of a fake tree?

Oh, that part is just me?


So it’s all worth it, right?


Ahh, it’s that time of year to go cavorting through the tree farm – on the hunt for the perfect spruce to bear our treasured ornaments.

Remember Itty Bit’s first year?  Wow… I hardly remember him being so small.  (Mr. Daddy, don’t you dare say you don’t remember me being that small either).IMG_0873


The second year I think he was barely awake too.



The third year, he woke up from his nap ready to go.



And this year, you can see how he’s grown.


(Mimi – I thought of you when I spotted this hat – I know how many fun ones you have!)


Notice Mr. Daddy retaining posession of the bow saw?  File that away for later, k?



The little guy got a little restless – two picky parents can cause tree selection to go into overtime…



Not my normally-logical husband who gave our three-year old a bow saw (AKA weapon of mass destruction)



After rescuing several nearly “trimmed” trees, my sweet and safe tyke did Not suddenly forget the dire warnings and take a swing at my head.  With.the.bow.saw.

My Prince Charming did Not instinctively (and unwisely bravely) try to grab it before it connected with the back of my head.

Guess what part Mr. Daddy did Not connect with?  :(


The blade did Not also catch my hair and jerk my head backwards – I did Not nearly drop Itty Bit in surprise.  I did Not nearly drop him again when I saw the blood coming from Mr. Daddy’s hand.

I was Not ready to go home at that point.

We had Not pretty much given up, when we spied this one in a nearby backyard… :)  Shhh!



Itty Bit did Not pitch an absolute fit to be able to “help” carry the tree back to the truck.

That is Not him holding onto four pine needles in his generous plan of assistance.



I am Not OCD about decorating a tree.

I do Not have to struggle to refrain from banning my child from the room or letting him use the tree skirt as a blanket…



But when that hard-earned tree is up… you realize that it wasn’t really about what’s ON the tree, but what’s AROUND it.


(aaaaand a BIG round of applause for my Man for the selfless sacrifice of a substantial chunk of his thumb and a couple of fingers – love you and couldn’t wish for a better best friend to spend this Christmas with).


MrsMann said...

Aww! Your closing line is so sweet... he should give you another baby just for it. ;)

Kmama said...

Oh man! Flying bow saws, eh? You're lucky that Mr. Daddy apparently loves you as much as you claim in your closing that could have been one heck of a disaster!

What an awesome pic to end it with!!

Shana said...

Oh wow, so glad your hubs is ok! And you and Itty Bit! Overall I would say it was a success though. I love the last picture!

Anonymous said...

Ok, say it with me everyone ... awwwwww.

Mr. Daddy shaved for the occasion too. I used to love Christmas tree hunting. Unfortunately allergies deter my love of the tree hunting.

Pam said...

You are right...its what is around it that matters. Great pics.

He & Me + 3 said...

OUCH for Mr. Daddy. So glad all ended with a tree in hands. Love that last picture. I also love that hat and as soon as I spotted it in the post I thought...Gotta get one. So cute.

Foursons said...

Y'all's life is so great for a blog. Either that or you just know how to turn the everyday, mundane, frustrating day into a great blog post. Glad you got it up and everyone came out virtually unscathed. How is Mr. Daddy's hand?

Emily said...

He is a real prince charming saving you! And that looks like a great tree. When I was growing up, we went to a tree farm a few time to cut down our own. Unfortunately there aren't any tree farms around us now. :(

Melissa said...

Oh wow! Mr daddy cut it close huh? I totally understand wanting to go home...we had ourselves kinda a one a those week-ends too! Glad that you found a tree and were able to get it decorated. It looks beautiful :) And your so dang cute!

lonestar said...

Wow, that was quite the adventure! I hope Mr. Daddy's hand recovers quickly... and I love, love, love that last picture! too sweet! (Itty Bit's hat is really cute too, lol) :)

brian said...

Ok, funny and all, but come on--you "buried the lead," as we say in journalism class.

Yeah the whole tree saw thing was scary and funny. But...

Mr. Daddy without a mustache??? That's really the story here.

HeatherOz said...

I'm pretty sure Not Me Mondays are not supposed to inspire laughter AND tears! That last picture is so sweet!

City girl turned Country Girl said...

Oh my that was a great "Not me Monday", I love how you have pictures of Mr Daddy and Itty Bit from each year!!! And wow talk about scary, I was about to scream watch out Rachel LOL!! And for sure that last picture takes the cake!! Beautiful!! Great graduation picture....Not that he's going to grow up and go to high school and graduate because he will surely stay Itty Bit forever!!

Nocona said...

What beautiful pictures. said...

So sweet!

yikes on the thumb!!!!

Lexie Loo & Dylan Too said...

I loved this post! The picture at the end is PERFECT!

Anonymous said...

That picture at the end really made me tear up....that is tooooooo darn precious!!

I love the picture of him helping carry the tree, hilarious! Also my sister inlaw is also the one that gives the kids dangerous stuff to play with, unintentionally of course, we all give her a hard time!!! I can see her handing one of the kids the saw as well!
What a great tradition of cutting your own tree!

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