Sunday, December 13, 2009

Not Me Monday!

I thought I just wrote one of these?!?  Oh yeah, it’s Christmastime – the season where the days just fly by.  So it really truly was something like yesterday when I last wrote about everything I didn’t do, right?

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Just a quick clarification from last week… y’all didn’t seriously believe me when I said we cut some tree down from someone’s backyard, didja?  Cuz if we did, I sure as heck wouldn’t post evidence.  You can rest assured that we paid dearly for the tree, in dollars (and blood, remember?)


And in recent news, a FREEZING COLD I CAN’T FEEL MY TOES snap has hit the Northwest.  Not me who spent a good hour breaking up ice in the horses’ water tank.  To find my prissy girl snorting at the ice on the ground like it was some kind of hostile invader.


Yes, Not my girl who is still sticking her tongue out at me every chance she gets.

And I don’t believe y’all have been introduced to Joey… the newest guy.  He is Not a friendly GIANT BABY.  He does Not stick every dadgum thing in his everlovin’ mouth (including the ice Kona was snorting at).  And as I was Not breaking up the ice in the 5 degree weather in the pitch black, he did Not show his gratefulness by grabbing my glove and dancing away with it.

You’re just lucky you’re so cute Mister.




Tempting fate, we did Not take our previously unenchanted kiddo to see Santa again.  Remember last year?  The jolly fellow did Not make the mistake of poking his cheek and the little guy did Not look like he was gonna take his finger right off.


This year, I did Not keep the kiddo happy before seeing the big guy, by letting him stuff his face with cookies beforehand.  Move on, no cookie crumbs around here.


Nor did I prep the kid beforehand to make sure he knew he could ask Santa for something if he was a good boy…


I am totally NOT admitting that my innocent three-year-old wanted a GUN from Santa.



I did Not immediately say,

His Daddy’s a hunter!

Really!  His Daddy’s a hunter!


In other holiday traditions… (not that asking Santa for a gun is traditional… oh WAIT!  A Christmas Story!!!!  *sigh*  put me back on the list for Mother of the Year!)

We made snowflakes!  Little Jo spent much time perfecting hers.


This was Not my son’s idea of a snowflake.


His poor grandmother did Not have to display it with the other grandkids’.  I am Not snickering.

He did not somehow ALSO make an unbelievable mess of tiny paper clippings in making that intricate snowflake ;)


Moving on… isn’t this the sweetest photo of my favorite girls making Christmas cookies?


Not my kiddo whose idea of helping was to get busted downing the blue sprinkles.


Somehow, the entire afternoon did Not quickly morph into this:



After such a busy day… I did Not realize Itty Bit had been unusually quiet (even for this deaf mama).  I did Not find this in the bathroom:


Oh I’ll spare you the remaining pictures… there were Not massive bubbles all down the cabinets, all over the mirror, and Mr. Daddy and I were Not slipping and sliding all over the floor trying to clean it up.  The soap dispenser is Not empty and our kid did Not go to bed early.


Seriously, what have YOU not done this week?

Hope to see you back tomorrow for True Story Tuesday!


Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh -- that last photo, with the bathroom soap -- I have to admit I laughed a bit. OK, I howled. And a few snorts came out, too. And then I offered up a little prayer of thanks that my little guy hasn't yet thought of that...although I'm sure it's just a matter of time.

I love the photos of your son, both waiting to see Santa, and when he's on Santa's lap. So very cute! (And last year's picture was hysterical!)

Great post -- you completely made my morning!

Lexie Loo & Dylan Too said...

Your horses are so cute! I love the Santa pics-they are perfect! The first one is priceless!

Kmama said...

LOL You have such awesome pics with this post. Love the horses and well, just all the pics!!

I'm glad Itty Bit's experience with Santa went better this year, even if he did shock you buy asking for a gun. LOL

Michelle Pixie said...

I love your pix! Itty Bit gets cuter with every picture...If that is even possible!

Shana said...

I love that first Santa picture. That is too cool. Blaze did pretty well with Santa this year and didn't cry at all. I also totally understand the soap everywhere. Too funny!

Foursons said...

Oh how I love Itty Bit! That boy can get into some serious trouble!

The look he's giving Santa last year cracked me up. You have a character on your hands and you better hold on tight or he's taking you for a ride!

Tiffany said...

Sounds like you've had an adventurous week. And I thought it was cold in CO! But, what's wrong with asking Santa for a gun? I do every year! And guess what my oldest is getting from Papa this year? Yup, her first rifle! I think that's a fine present to request!

Stacy said...

I am still surprised that Kai never gets questioned for the obvious gun artwork that he does for school. They freak out about that stuff nowadays, you know!

I love that first picture from last year. Yeah, it looks like Santa might lose a finger there LOL!

At least he knows how to clean though...I bet your bathroom was spick and span clean after that little incident. ;)

Crayon Wrangler said...

Love this post! The words...the pictures...the pictures (wait, I already covered that!)

We had a bubble bath incident once. Cleanest floors I have ever had. Thought about scheduling one every month or so.

Emily said...

oh come on, at least your bathroom was clean after that! :) And those pictures of Itty with Santa are awesome!

Sarah said...

Would you believe I miss Northwest cold snaps. They're much better than the Alberta Clippers that always make their way to New England. I have to words for you why the Northwest is better than New England, wind, chill. (As in there isn't any, same with humidity)

HeatherOz said...

That was NOT hilarious! My boys DO NOT leave us similar messes in their bathroom. And certainly not with toothpaste!!

Eve said...

HAHAHAHA... I LOVE the bathroom redecorating!!

Hmm, it looks like Santa needs his beard adjusted or re-glued or he's gonna lose some believers this year! ;)