Thursday, December 10, 2009

Thank You Very Much

Technically there’s still a few minutes of Thursday left, so I’m still on time, right?!?!  Time to join KMama and her Thank You Very Much therapy.  Therapy?  You say I need therapy?  (you bet I do)

This may possibly be insanely boring as my brain cells are running on fumes at this late hour…  But I sure didn’t want to miss out on a chance to express my sincere gratefulness this week…


To the VERY lucky dude who decided that three and a half inches from my driver’s door is where your big rig had to park… those lines are there for a reason, Thank You Very Much.

parked-too-close  (I didn’t have my camera, but seriously – it was THAT close!)

I did not appreciate having to contemplate crawling in through the passenger side.  I believe that you owe me a letter of thanks for not “accidentally” smashing my door into yours.  Kinda like you “accidentally” didn’t see the lines.  I like my letters of thanks with milk chocolate, Ghiradelli preferrably.  Thank You Very Much.


And when I relayed the story to Mr. Daddy, the guy had the nerve to ask me how I knew it was a dude.  Seriously?  Have you ever seen a WOMAN driving around town with this lovely badge of honor slapped onto the shell of their Dodge pickup?


And at the time I noticed the terrific parking job… I felt absolutely no remorse for loudly calling the dude a big giant TURKEY.   Cuz you walked right into that one dude.  Thank You Very Much.


Whew… thanks KMama.  I feel better already!  Come play along!

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Kmama said...

I have seriously had to climb in through the passenger side before. Grr.

I drive a big, HUGE, suburban and I always, always pay attention to the lines...especially if i pull through. I need to be pulled far enough ahead so that someone can park behind me.

I really, really don't understand how people can be so inconsiderate.

Thanks for linking up!

Brandi said...

Someone did that to me at Toys R Us about a month ago and I had to climb through on the passenger side WITH the baby in his carseat!!! Ugh. I wonder sometimes what the heck goes through people's minds.

Nocona said...

That is funny that your husband questioned if it was a dude or not. No woman especially a mom with kids can park that close to people because of getting kids in and out of the car.

Anonymous said...

Oh my gees! Well...thats not cool....after I got in my car I would have slammed my door open....thats just me though. hahaha they deserve it!

Lexie Loo & Dylan Too said...

I hate when people do that! That happened to me this morning at Dylan's school. I had to put Lexie in from the passenger side, crawl over to her side to strap her in, then climb up to my seat. UGH! Did you manage to get out easily?

Anonymous said...

I've had to climb through the driver's side before and...grrrrrrr...was not pleased about that at all! The only thing that kept me from leaving a strongly-worded note tucked under the other car's windshield wiper was the fact that I couldnt' find a pen anywhere in my purse or car!

Foursons said...

I've had to climb through the passenger door before and it irks me something fierce when that happens. Jerk offs.

Emily said...

You know what they say about guys who drive around in big trucks...

And I'm pretty sure I would have smashed the door...on accident, of course! I'm a model citizen.

Michelle Pixie said...

At my last job at least once a week I would have to climb in through the passenger side because some idiot would park too close! I was always the first or second one in the building, I was sure it was some moron who couldn't manage to get themselves to work on time and flew into a parking space without a second thought! Grrrr!

HeatherOz said...

My husband can never let that sort of thing just slide! I think they usually end up with a ding or a drink of some kind on their car. I would never do anything like that though. Promise! hee hee