Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Thank You Very Much

Kmama is back! And so is her weekly free therapy, Thank You Very Much!


The Daily Dribbles

First off, y’all know that there are definitely situations that merit a whole THANK YOU VERY MUCH dedication of their own, and you just have to bite your tongue fingers and bail on posting it.  Cuz you never know who might be lurking - that you know in real life - who hasn’t admitted it.  I mean, can you imagine if our coworkers read our TST  posts?  They’d take Mr. Daddy’s tools away and purposely lock me outside…

(And I’m not talking about you guys SRJR – I know you laugh at all the goofy stories you were there for, but are stinkers about leaving zero comments ;)

Let’s just say there was a bit of Christmas drama that completely did not need to happen.  And in the middle of a celebration of the Greatest Gift, I was so dumbfounded by selfishness… that I admit to popping off a singular uncharacteristic retort to the rudeness.  Thankfully it was not a blood relative of ours, otherwise I would have asked them to step outside for a grande battement demonstration (translation – a ballet kick to their unkind butt).

Now that I’ve left you totally perplexed by lack of details, I’ll say that it feels almost as good as saying a Thank You Very Much to the situation and now I can pretend it’s resolved, right? :)


To whomever decided to UNFOLLOW (yes, the word deserves all caps) us over Christmas, Thank You Very Much!  Seriously???  How did you even have time to blog hop over the holidays, much less to give us that lump of coal?  I am sorry we posted: too much/too little/too many crazy stories/too much information.

And to the THREE NEW FOLLOWERS … mwah!  love love!  Truly Thank You Very Much!


To my child who was “asleep” in his bed for an hour before suddenly screaming and causing me to race across the house in a blind panic, Thank You Very Much.

To the Christmas tree that necessitated the furniture rearrangement in the living room, Thank You Very Much.

To the Unbelievably SOLID coffee table that was now placed directly in my blind panic path, Thank You Very Much.


To Mr. Daddy who made that Unbelievably SOLID piece of furniture that destroyed my kneecap, Thank You Very Much.

To the screaming child that I breathlessly limped to rescue… who calmly said, “I hafta go pee pee” to my tear-streaked face… Thank You Very Much.

(and you are so, so lucky you’re cute, dude)

To the tv commercial that immediately aired as I dragged myself back to the living room…


Are you kidding me?!?  To the universe that conspired to mock my pain, Thank You Very Much.


Oy… I feel better.  Well, except for the bum knee, that is.  Go hang out with Kmama for more!


Foursons said...

I lost a follower during the Christmas week also. I wonder if it was the same one? Bah humbug to them too. But I picked up a few more just like you! Crazy!

OK- dumb deaf question. How do you know when Itty Bit is screaming? Please 'splain to the simple minded folks.

I need to start thinking like you and turn EVERYTHING into a blog post. Seriously? That commercial popped up right at that moment? AND you thought to blog about it? I need your brain.

Heal that knee quickly or Itty Bit is going to use it to his advantage!

Anonymous said...

Ouch! Your poor knee! And that comerical came on as you were hopping around after smashing it?!? How incredibly ironic was that?!

Unknown said...

that knee bump does not sound fun! I do that all the time - I'm NOT graceful :-)

Kmama said...

Oh my goodness...I've had those crazy "run across the house in a major panic" moments, only to seriously maim myself. My favorite was when I caught my pinky toe on the corner of the wall. That summons those silent screams, which you're now probably laughing at me because I'm sure all screams are silent to you. ;-)

I'm glad Itty Bit was okay, and I hope that you are too.

Thanks for linking up!

P.S. So intrigued about the Christmas drama now. ;-)

Leiah said...

OK, I'm with Julie there is some 'splaining needed.

I'm so glad to have "met" you and Mr. Daddy this year and am looking forward to blogging through 2010 with y'all!

renee said...

i just recently lost 2 followers...and when you only had 31, it kinda makes your heart hurt. i feel your pain...and speaking of sorry about your kneecap! that hurts! i've been there. feel better! and as always, YOU CRACK ME UP!!!

Shana Putnam said...

I felt so bad because I lost 2 followers during the holidays. What can you do though. I felt so abdly about not posting much but man it is a busy time of year. I am here though and I have read even if I haven't commented. This week will be hectic too because Chris is on vacation and we are cleaning out the entire house and purging nonsense. he found his wedding band in our closet. Go figure. it has been missing for over a But anyway, Happy New Year and I am sorry you have a bum knee.

Pam D said...

Lawd.. it sounds as if the same 2 people "unfollowed" everyone (except for me, because they never followed me in the first place!). Maybe someone's email got shut down? Or maybe they're bailing on blogging completely? Anyway...
I just have to ask... how it is that a deaf woman runs around in a blind panic? Taking away TWO major senses might be a bit much (and no, I will not now refer to you as Helen Keller). I know.. totally insensitive on the humor, but somehow I think you'll "get" it and giggle. That's just how my crazy mind works (and I totally had a giggle fit at the commercial.. I love irony!). I'm sorry about your poor knee..I hope it gets all better soon! AND... I wish the Happiest of New Year's for you, Mr. Daddy, and Itty Bit. May it be filled with plenty to blog about in only a good way! (((hugs)))...

Michelle Pixie said...

Ouch! Your poor knee! I love when the kiddos scream for a total non-emergency and then when it's for real they suffer in silence. At least that's what mine does! ;) Happy New Year!!

He & Me + 3 said...

I lost a follower to that week. Hmmm. Craziness I tell you. Sorry about your knee...but I laughed just a little.

HeatherOz said...

Waking up to baby screams always inspires panic in me! My sleeping mind just can't cope. Sorry about your knee but thanks for the laugh!!

Jewelz said...

I thought I WAS following you and my feed was off on holidays of it's own...turns out the only thing on holidays was my brain LOL :0)
Happy HAPPY New Year Rach, Mr Daddy and Itty Bit.
It's gonna be a GREAT one.


Lexie Loo, Lily, Liam & Dylan Too said...

Okay, that was a seriously funny post! Thanks for the laugh!

Lisa said...

Oh, lordy. I have laughed as hard at the comments as I did at the post. I just gotta say, I love Julie's openness to be brave and ask what we wonder. Do you feel vibrations, etc, or just "mommy knows it." Plus, HOPEFULLY you weren't offended by Pam D 'cause she cracked me up. I had noticed all the senses mentioned, but HONESTLY meant no ill will with my giggles. If ya can't laugh, you'll just cry, right? AND I lost a follower too. :( I can see why they left me. I have been a bad blogger for the last little bit, but you and Julie have been right up there like normal. Sheesh. Must be a New Years thing: Clean out my Bloggy Closet?!?!

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