Monday, December 21, 2009

True Story Tuesday by Rachel

Hey y’all… True Story Tuesday snuck up on us again :)

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Wuv, Twue Wuv


This week is a special Anniversary Edition.  Yep, that’s right… the celebration of the day Mr. Daddy finally decided to marry this girl.

What were we thinking???

Well, actually… we were thinking of having a fancy dinner party and shocking my mother by casually mentioning saying our vows right then and there.  We ultimately decided to spare her the cardiac arrest and get married in a bonafide shindig.

Except, what were we thinking???

We had known each other a decade before friendship turned into that thing where the familiar grin suddenly gives you butterflies.  Madly in love, we decided to get married before the year was over.

Uhh yeah, what were we thinking???

The end of December?!?  Oh yeah.

When a million other things are happening?  You bet.

You know what it did?  It filtered out all the million little details that weren’t going to make or break the day.  The church was decorated for the season – we married in the twinkle of Christmas lights and candles.  Only our closest family members were there – no stress over a burgeoning guest list (“if we invite Christy, we have to invite Lisa… who will bring Mark and he’ll mention it to Jason who will ask Jennifer why they weren’t invited”).

Our heartfelt vows were officiated by the brother of one of our best friends, the evening was magical.  As husband and wife, we walked back down the aisle together…  straight to the banana split party that was awaiting us.

(Absolutely, yes we did).

That big shindig?  It was the next day… that burgeoning guest list?  It was any and everyone who wanted to join us two days before Christmas.  It was absolutely perfect.

And… since this wouldn’t be a True Story Tuesday without adding a crazy part…


Mr. Daddy had nervously asked if I wanted to see an heirloom set of family rings.  His parents carefully slid out an old envelope and revealed a sparkling antique platinum wedding set.  I sat there speechless as the most beautiful and unique rings fit perfectly on my finger.  (Umm… Mr. Daddy hadn’t mentioned THE ROCK).

I was completely sold and tickled pink that they had welcomed me into the family like this.  So we just had Mr. Daddy’s ring left to go.

We headed to the local Ben Bridge and I talked Mr. Daddy into agreeing to a little bling.  I returned a few days before the wedding to pick it up.  The woman asked if I wanted a teddy bear to put the box in.  (Why people put boxes in teddy bears is beyond me, but she said the first edition Ben Bridge bear sold for $$, so I though ah heck, a free teddy bear with a weird zippered tummy).

When she went to put the box inside, her eyes suddenly widened.  She slowly pulled out another box and gasped as she opened it.  She had very nearly given me a weird-zippered-tummy-teddy-bear with a ring already inside it.

And the kicker?  Remember it was a week before Christmas?  That ring was supposed to be in Germany.  Oopsie.

But Mr. Daddy’s ring was stylin’.  Remember this, stylin’.


Back to after the wedding… we’d booked a belated honeymoon and decided to stay in town for awhile.  After the reception celebration wound down, we headed out to buy our Christmas present to each other.

Yes… it was a big flatscreen tv to watch baseball on.  Romantic, no?

Even more romantic, fresh off our reception the wife is haggling with the salesguy over their price-match guarantee and getting an education on how high-def technology works (don’t ask me, I still don’t get it).

We proudly approach the checkout with our first joint purchase in a huge box behind us.  As the new husband is filling out the paperwork, this new wife just happens to be admiring her ring.

And in a romantic gesture, I reach out to hold that handsome man’s hand and look at his ring too.

His beautiful platinum stylin’ ring.

With a gaping hole in the center.

Yes my friends… two stinkin hours after our reception, Mr. Daddy’s wedding ring had fallen apart.

To say I was mortified would be an understatement.

This brand new bride and her rock-less husband hauled butt with their new flatscreen tv wedged into the car – all the way over to the jewelry store where said new wife showed them the very unstylin’ ring.

They were rather shocked to realize the ring had been worn for less than 24 hours… good thing I don’t believe in omens, eh?

Sooo… don’t miss out on one of the funniest 40 seconds of your life… just press play and take a break from the holiday stress.  Then go link your funnies up :)  Pretty please?


Lexie Loo, Lily, Liam & Dylan Too said...

That's a great wedding story! Well, except for the fact that the ring fell apart! ;)

HeatherOz said...

I LOVE that movie! My ALL TIME favorite. I got it for Lily for xmas!
I have a similar wedding day ring malfunction story. Ours was discovered at the altar and my husband almost passed out but I was very excited. I will have to share this story some day. Maybe I should wait til our anniversary? April.

Pam D said...

Awwww.. happy anniversary! I'm so glad that you found each other (isn't it funny how you can be standing right NEXT to a treasure and not realize it for a very long time?). The bear story is crazy, too... I wonder what the folks in Germany ended up doing for a ring? (or did the store use FedEx or DHL and forget about any profit just to get the ring there on time?). Loved the video, too... hee hee....
Happy Merry Anniversary Christmas New Year!!!!

Kmama said...

Happy anniversary. What a great story!! It's awesome that you went right out and bought a TV!!! How fun!

Rachel said...

Happy Anniversary to my handsome guy... looking forward to many more :)

Emily said...

So, what ended up happening? Did they give you new bling on the spot? We had a similar ring incident w/ Alex's ring too.
Happy Anniversary!!! My mom really wanted us to have a Christmas wedding, but nooooo, I didn't want to wait to get married so we had an August wedding. And every December I always think about how beautiful a Christmas wedding would have been!

Mr. Daddy said...

Happy Anniversary DEAR!!!

I would marry you all over again, and again and again....

I love you...

no more rhymes, I mean it...

Goodness and Mercy Mom said...

Oh, happy anniversary!!! What a great wedding story. Love the banana split reception!

Thanks for your sweet comments on my blog. (I'd MckLinky our Christmas story except it would be mean to make your readers think they were about to read something funny then dump our adoption story on them.) We are just so thrilled to finally have our son home after waiting 9 years to have a family. Thanks for celebrating with us!

We hope you and your family have a very special Christmas together. May there be many more "once upon a miracles" for your sweet family in the coming year.


Foursons said...

Happy Anniversary! I love the ring story. I'd really love to hear about the outcome of the ring that belonged in Germany. That jewelery story was having quite a hard time.

I love that your wedding wasn't about the event, but about the two of you spending your lives together. Perfect.

Michelle Pixie said...

Happy Anniversary!!

My hubby's ring completely fell apart too but I can say it wasn't 24 hours after the wedding...I would have been mad! Although his fell apart at the 7 year mark and thankfully a new ring is the only itch he got! ;)

Anonymous said...

Awww, Happy Anniversary!!!

I cant believe it about his ring though!! I hope you gave it to them, making you go back in to that store because their rings cant stay together! haha actually thats where we got hubs ring too!

Brandi said...

Happy Anniversary!!! December is a great month, no?! Love the ring story and ♥ the easy-going, no stress wedding! ;)

Nocona said...

At least it was not your ring that lost it's bling. Sweet story.

He & Me + 3 said...

Does anyone want a peanut? Just curious? Happy Anniversary to one of the funnest couples I know...well know through the blogland. You two are so sweet. Hope this year is absolutely the best one yet.
Loved your story! Love that movie too!
Happy Anniversary and Merry Christmas!

Anonymous said...

Best. Movie. Ever!

I love this story -- your wedding sounds like it was so uniquely the two of you, and it's weddings like those that are always the most memorable (and, as a guest, the most fun to attend!). Happy anniversary!

Can't believe his ring fell apart like that! Were you able to get it repaired/replaced?

brian said...

Happy Anniversary, Rachel & Mr. D! Great story. But who needs a "rock," Ms. R, when you're married to one? :) Another great story! Does anything "normal" ever happen to you two? :)

Lisa said...

Okay, how on earth did I miss this? I don't even remember seeing it on my dashboard? Only you two! LOL So I am assuming they fixed the ring? lol

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