Monday, December 28, 2009

True Story Tuesday by Rachel

True Story Tuesday?  Already?  I’m still recovering from the holiday hangover.  Not an alcoholic one, but… you’ll see…

First order of business… did y’all get a gander at my husband’s mad poetry skilz?   Really and truly he wrote that (here).  And I laughed myself to tears over it and it would have been an amazing Christmas gift all in itself.  No, I did not receive any firearms for Christmas (sigh of relief), but I did receive a pair of what Mr. Daddy lovingly refers to as “gogo boots” (cuz any kind of heel on this vertically-challenged chick is rather noticeable).

And the usual order of business – I just know y’all have some Crazy Christmas Capers to blog about, right?  To make it easier, maybe you’ve already posted one of those outrageous, hilarious, amazing, miraculous stories – and would love some linky love… just grab the TST code from the sidebar and add your link to the list.  We’ll be around with some comment fun :)  (And Linny – you SO need to share your Christmas miracle!)


WITH much further ado… I give you:


Cheers to You

We had a MARVELOUS Christmas – with a kiddo who is now thoroughly confused when we visit anyone’s house and they don’t immediately offer him a present.  At least it’s better than carrying him through a crowded store with him screaming about the obscene-sounding toy he wants, remember last year?

We had extended family coming up for the holidays and I thought it would be way cool to order up some custom Jones Soda.

See, you can put whatever picture you want on the bottle, and they even give you room for a message on the back.

I thought long and hard about what might be memorable, and finally decided that a picture of my grandfather would be a way to feel like he was part of our Christmas.

So I doctored up a photo – edited out the fish in his hands and added some festive touches.  I was tickled pink by the results:


I knew I was running out of time to have it delivered before our Christmas Eve celebration, so I grudgingly paid the $16.50 to have the 2-day shipping.

A week later, I tore into the box when it arrived… I was pumped beyond belief (there may or may not have been some slightly manic giggling as I envisioned everyone realizing my undeniable coolness in finding the ultimate party accessory).

My in-laws waited patiently as I pulled off layers of shipping tape and spilled packing peanuts everywhere.

I pulled out a bottle of Undeniable Coolness and displayed it triumphantly…



I was met with silence.  Disappointing, confusing silence.

I looked at their faces and looked at the Undeniable Coolness in my hands to see this:




Good Lord, who was this very surprised looking woman and why was she in my box?  What had she done with my Grandfather and how could I get him back?  And didn’t she know she was ruining my Undeniable Coolness moment???

I turned the bottle and read:



I love you so much!!”


It was too much.  I burst into hysterical laughter (bordering on “losing it” laughter) and ran to the computer to double-check the order.

I was relieved to see Grandpa’s festive mug smiling back at me – and realized the order number on the bottles was not the same.  Sonya was a long way from home, and so was my poor Grandfather.

Jones Soda had less than two days to ship me the corrected order – and they came through.  And get this… they were a total hit at the Christmas party.  Except, everyone toasted to Grandpa and drank Sonya.  Go figure…

The part that cracks me up the most?  Somewhere, there’s bound to be a blog talking about how poor Sonya’s boyfriend had some explaining to do when she received a case of  soda with a strange man’s picture.

(And if any of y’all want to show me just what a small world it is and hook me up with the other side of this story, I’ll pay a finder’s fee :)


Y’all have some good Christmas stories to share, I bet!  Want to play along and keep the goodwill going?  See you soon!


HeatherOz said...

Oh my gosh! I just laughed out loud and I think I woke up some of my kids! That is so funny! So glad you got the correct soda in time!

Anonymous said...

Oh no! I'm in hysterics here, picturing Sonya's reaction to your soda! I'm sure her boyfriend/husband had some 'splaining to do!

Leiah said...

too funny! i've wanted to order some since some friends gave their weddings guests a bottle with their picture on it. i guess now i'll always remember grandpa sonya if get brave enough to place that order!

Unknown said...

I read this last night and thought it was such a cute story : ) Wouldn't it be great to find Sonya and her man? : ) What a great idea about the soda! I love it. Genius!

inked33 said...

i haven't read through your blog *yet*, but i wanted to tell you that i read your comment on Linny's dilemma with Jubilee... great response. thank you for sharing :)

Kmama said...

That is soooo funny!! I swear, you just have the best stories ever.

He & Me + 3 said...

Oh my Rachel...only you. LOL That is the funniest. So glad Grandpa made it in time:)

Kmama said...

I forgot to say before...what awesome bokeh. Teach me!!

Michelle Pixie said...

I love that you put your Grandpa on the soda! I may have to borrow your idea for next year. I am still cracking up but thank goodness somebody messed up the order and everyone got to keep Grandpa in order and chug Sonya! ;)

Lisa said...

Now that is just funny. Especially how everyone "saved" the Grandpa ones and "drank" the Sonya ones. That is so what I would do, too. I think you may take the cake over my family. You all just have a calling. I hope "Sonya" finds you. That would be just perfect. Knowing you, it will probably happen! SO funny. And tell Mr. Daddy he is showing his age by referring to them as go go boots! LOL

Kari said...

Good thing you ordered somewhat in advanced or Sonya would have had to do! Glad Grandpa came in time to be toasted to!

And about entering the house and the kid confused because they're not getting a gift....happening here too!

lsnellings said...

That is too funny!!

Nocona said...

If I were Sonya I would have been mad about the picture choice. But that is funny!

Foursons said...

Oh my gosh Rachel. I'm with Mimi...only you. And when I say only you I mean ONLY YOU. Bawahahahaha! How in the world do these things happen to you? Seriously- I don't think you've denied the Truman Show theory yet. Am I right? And do I get to play a bit part in the story you call your life? Pretty please with a cherry on top?

We were driving ALL day today and it stunk big time. So badly that I wasn't even inspired to write while we drove for 10 hours straight. Sorry my friend, I think this is the first TST I've missed since I first started writing them. :(

Pam D said...

Oh my word! HOW do these things keep happening to you? It's like God looks down, holds out His great big hands (mimic-ing scales here) and says "Soda delivered without a hitch... or (and the other hand goes down) "big snafu and a perfect TST... which should I give them?" Of course, He made the right choice... He always does...
SO glad that Grandpa made it there on time, and in awe of your thoughtful and fun way of including him (Sonya and all)..!

Together We Save said...

Oh that is to funny.... thanks for pointing out my post title, ummm, I think I left out the word journal. LOL

Burns10rs said...

My first thought: THIS could only happen to Rachel. (Then I realized it also happened to Sonya's significant other--wonder what other stories he has to tell?) Thanks for the laugh!!

Lisa @ Boondock Ramblings said... I have to get over here and read more of your posts because I leave laughing almost every time. I never was able to finish the redneck poem, so I need to go back and read it while I have time...which actually I don't, but I'm going to do it anyhow.

Emily said...

Hilarious! And pure cane soda?? Is that as sugary sweet as it sounds!?

Unknown said...

haha that's hilarious! i just really hope the person who got your grandfather finds you! :-)

Jewelz said...

Oh how I have missed you Rachel and Mr Daddy...things have been pretty crazy here...still I am determined to rejoin the bloggy world....HELLO 2010.
It actually has just turned 2010 here Down Under.
✷✩✷✩✷✩✷HAPPY NEW YEAR✷✩✷✩✷✩✷
So I know I'm a little late for True Story Tuesday HOWEVER, I just know you won't mind...cause it did happen here on Tuesday...your time lol and I'm going with the better late than never excuse...but wait till you all see what happened. Just excuse the terrible ooohing and aaaahing sounds I make on the video. YES, there is video evidence as well as photographic.

please excuse my tardiness :0)


Megan said...

I'd say that's a big ole OOPS!! Haha!! so glad you got the correct order in time! said...

laughed til i cried! Ha!!!

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