Friday, January 01, 2010

Letters of Intent - THEY WROTE BACK?!?!

Howdy!  What a great way to start off the new year – with a pretty stinkin’ cool follow-up to suggestions by YOU… our awesome bloggy friends.

Remember when I posted this?  Nevermind clicking over… I’ll post it below for your make-fun-of-the-chick-with-the-slight-ice-cream-obsession pleasure:

Dear Ben & Jerry’s ~

We’ve known eachother for what – ten years?  And you were especially good to me during my pregnancy… my biggest quandary was simply choosing which yumminess to bring home and treat myself to.

I had to cut back on our quality time after Itty Bit was born… we were getting a bit too chummy and you were making yourself right at home – chilling out all over the place.  I mean, I couldn’t keep you off of me!

I apologize if I’ve caused you financial hardship by our less-frequent get-togethers.  See, I’m all about quality now – not quantity.  So I can really appreciate you when we do have our special time.

Which happened to be this past week.  Remember friend, what a stressful week I had?  A sick kid, a sick husband, a sick self?  And I just knew a bit of my old friend Chocolate Fudge Brownie would do me wonders.


Help me out here… what on earth happened?

I mean - I ate, and I ate, and I ate some more.  Which is not in and of itself that extraordinary or noteworthy.  But you see all that chewy goodness on the front of your package?  All dressed up in delicious brownies?

Where were they?

Cuz I was the bottom and there was not a single chewy brownie in that whole cup.

And somehow I feel worse.  Cuz I still had that sick kid, sick husband, sick self, and now I had a couple extra pounds of regular chocolate ice cream waving at me from my thighs.

So… a batch of fresh brownies delivered to my door would make the world right again.  I’ll be watching for ya :)


Ms. Brownie Fiend


Soo… some of y’all were feeling my pain and suggested that I forward the letter to Ben & Jerry’s.

Take a wild guess.

Yup, I filled out their online form with a silly little rant and a link to the original post.  And GOLLY!  I think they’re a-skeered of our wonderful bloggy friends!  Take a peek:


I heart you Darlene.  Yesiree, those are TWO coupons sent with the nice little letter!  And when I pulled out the first one and saw the holographic silver barcode on the back… I sure wanted to dance around like Charlie and his Golden Ticket.

Toldja it was so stinkin’ cool!!  Now we can get back to more serious business:


Thanks Julie – did you ever think your Letters of Intent would solve a world crisis?

Letters of Intent



And just in case y’all were still wondering if taking your complaints to the top does any good:  yes, Jones Soda came through in time, and the jewelry store replaced Mr. Daddy’s wedding ring on the spot.  We must complain well?

Now excuse me, I’m off to destroy my New Year’s resolutions with an obscene amount of Chocolate Fudge Brownie ice cream :)


Foursons said...

Yahoo! I'm so happy it worked! I have written Ben and Jerry's before and gotten the same coupons. They are an awesome company. Way to go Rachel! And I'm so glad you followed up on my Letters of Intent. This will go down in history. Maybe I need to do the same thing with the Legos company.

Megan said...

haha!! That's awesome!! So glad they came through for you!!

He & Me + 3 said...

Good for you. Actress' letter got her a generic post card response. Enjoy your ice cream:)

Trish said...

That is some great stuff right there!! Way to make the world right again!

Pam D said...

I love companies that back up hype with real customer service! yay... hope THIS pint has a truly obscene amount of brownie goodness in it!

Shana said...

That is so awesome that they sent those! Way to go Rachel! You can bet I would be enjoying that ice cream too!

Melissa said...

Love it! Wanna share?!!!

Lauren said...

That's awesome!! It's nice to see that some companies still care about quality and customer service!

Brandi said...

You go, Rach! Awesomeness! ;)

Sarah said...

Love B&J! You should visit their factory if you ever get the chance. My mom went, without me, when I was little and still won't stop talking about it.

Emily said...

I totally believe in the power of a good complaint! Glad you got the good stuff!

Momma Pixie said...

YumYumYum! Good to know their listening!

Kameron said...

Heck, I might just do the smae with my Magic Eraser mop rant!! I'll let you know if anything comes of it! Ahhh, it's good to be back even if I currently have a sleeping baby strapped to me in a front pack, am bouncing on an exercise ball and listening to classical music to drown out the sound of the keyboard so I don't wake her! Ha!

the Spocks said...

I am a honest person but I haven't thought of doing something like that maybe I should. So glad it worked for you.

renee said... i wonder if our friends at gardettos will ever read my post about the pretzel question??? :)

HeatherOz said...

I love PROPER customer service!
Way to go!
Enjoy your ice cream!!

Queen of Quite A Lot said...

I gave you an award over at my place. Happy New Year! (And now I want some ice cream.)

semicrunchymama said...

Whoo hoo! How's that for customer service!?! I love Ben & Jerrys!

Enjoy your ice cream!

Kmama said...

That is awesome!! I'm so glad they sent you something!!

Nocona said...

You have such a fun life.

Lexie Loo & Dylan Too said...

That is hilarious that they responded to your rant! I love it!

Dyann said...

Love it! I did the same thing when I was 18 or so when my glow-in-the-dark spiders didn't glow. They sent me a new package of Halloween spider web stuff with real, glowy spiders!

Mr. and Mrs. Nurse Boy said...

That is AWESOME!!! We knew Ben and Jerry wouldn't fail us on purpose, didn't we??? After all, my husband is a fan of their prophetic ice cream called, Chubby Hubby.

Mrs. Nurse Boy

Lisa said...

So awesome! Nothing like a little Itty Bit, Mr. Daddy & Cherry Garcia all rolled into one! I would have done a happy dance too! I'm still waiting on "Sonya" to find you! Then I will feel complete! :)

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