Thursday, January 07, 2010

Thank You Very Much

Even though Kmama bailed on her TST this week (we still love ya and think you should absolutely post your
“dribble” story next week!) – I still need me some good ol’ Thank You Very Much therapy :)

The Daily Dribbles

It’s been a rough week already… with Mr. Daddy working out of town.  Ah, don’t worry about me, I’ve got my imaginary doberman and my not-so-imaginary shotgun, Thank You Very Much.

Thankfully he’s home now, but only after two very cold days in which I managed to kill the woodburning fire FIVE STINKIN’ TIMES.  They don’t teach that in Pioneer Girls,  Thank You Very Much.


To the husband who posted a picture of my rear-end (again) on what was formerly MY blog, Thank You Very Much.


Speaking of “God’ll get ya": take a gander at this lovely photo sequence and see if you can figure out what happens when little boys don’t have perfect aim.  Or rather, maybe they do!  Thank You Very Much!

IMG_4942 IMG_4951IMG_4952


(ahem) God’ll get ya

Thank You Very Much



After seeing the last blog post up on the screen, a certain little boy requested a bedtime story.  When prompted for a topic, he oh-so-charmingly said:

Once Upon a Time…

Mommy had a big butt.

A really really big butt.


(okay kid, I get the idea)


Thank You Very Much

(see why I need therapy?)


Sorry for the derriere theme as of late… we like blog butts and we cannot lie.


Now go link up your own gratefulness link this week! :)


Kmama said...

"We like blog butts and we cannot lie". Oh my goodness. I'm laughing. Really hard.

I have another TST that I may do in place of the "dribble" story, but who knows. I'll probably draft them both and pick from there...but defintiely count me in next week!!

Thanks for linking up (even though I'm a shmuck!).

Brandi said...

Nothing like the suspense of scrolling down as fast as I can to see who/what got smacked with the rock! LOL!

I guess I missed a butt post somewhere...?? My boys both tell me all the time my butt is BIG. That doesn't bother me too much. What gets me is when they ask if they can poke my "marshmallow" stomach. Boy, that'll make anyone want to start working out!

Foursons said...

Oh gosh, I am cracking up at Itty Bit's aim. I was thinking it might have hit in a more manly place, but the knee smarts pretty darn badly! Mr. Daddy is looking like he hurts quite a bit!

Love the tongue sticking out in your picture. Paybacks are hell.

Mr. and Mrs. Nurse Boy said...

You never fail to make me laugh!!! Blog butts... too funny!

Mrs. Nurse Boy

Queen of Quite A Lot said...

Too funny that Itty Bit is! Reminds me of a certain little girl who I jokingly told once could bite my butt and she replied with "Oh goody an all-day buffet!" Did I mention she was only about 8 at the time? All I could do was laugh and wish I had been the one that thought of it.

Kameron said...

Oh yeah, Itty Bitty and Nate will get along just great this summer. If you're still down to meet up with Heather and I and bask in all of the girly babiness while the boys destroy things, that is!

Nocona said...

That was funny.

Lisa said...

"We like blog butts and we cannot lie. You other bloggers can't deny......"

Okay, i guess I should quit now! lol I thought he was gonna get hit, um, somewhere else! Glad he didn't, I guess! (Especially if we're debating over Itty Bit Jr.)

I need to type my TYVM, but have been too lazy today. Isn't that terrible? I do have some, but I think I will watch Nicolas Cage first. Sigh.

Michelle Hoad said...

I'm going to have to disagree with your husband. Baby butts are the cutest.

One of my kids started calling me Big Momma until I threatened her with extra chores and a loss of allowance.

Momma Pixie said...

How on earth did you capture such a great moment?! Those moments seem to fail me...I am never that prepared!! Great stuff! I say this is why they make our kiddos so cute otherwise we may not be so tolerant of their pointing out our flaws. ;)

He & Me + 3 said...

Too funny. Poor Mr. Daddy..that smarts. How did I miss the butt?

Following HIM said...

So stinkin' funny! I am still laughing at what Mr. Daddy had as payback and the story about the butt!

Lisa @ Boondock Ramblings said...

You poor lady. You and I could trade horror stories. You should read my post from yesterday. You'd relate. I can tell! :-)

Emily said...

*Ahem* It could have been worse, Mr. Daddy!

HeatherOz said...

Yes, brutally honest 3 year olds! Ya gotta love 'em! I used to tell myself that everything looked big to a LITTLE kid, but now that they are getting closer to my height (4'11") they still let me know that my derrier is massive!

City girl turned Country Girl said...

Sorry for the Hubby gone stress!! I know that all to well!!! AHEM...I must admit~ I like Blog Butts and I cannot lie!! bahaha lolololol!!!

Anonymous said...

Love, love, LOVE that photo sequence! That just made my day!

I once had a preschooler in my classroom who told me (with absolute love in her voice and stars in her eyes) that she hoped that someday she'd have "a nice big bum just like yours!" Ummm...thanks?