Thursday, January 14, 2010

Thank You Very Much

The week has flown by and it’s already time to whine complain express your gratefulness with KMama’s Thank You Very  Much weekly therapy.

The Daily Dribbles

To the rude receptionist who lost it when I told her I needed to reschedule… after waiting TWENTY MINUTES past my scheduled appointment:  my time is valuable too, Thank You Very Much.

(Y’all know us peons would have had to forfeit our appointment if we were 10 minutes late, right?)


To the same aggressive receptionist that Mr. Daddy got on the phone when he attempted to reschedule my appointment… ain’t so fun being rude to my charming husband, is it?  Thank You Very Much.

(For the record, Mr. Daddy stopped her in her tracks at the first sign of attitude… attaboy!  We know how to deal with 3-year-old behavior… never underestimate the power of a toddler’s parent!)


And to the lovely receptionist again, who went out of her way to whine to ANOTHER DEPARTMENT that I’d missed picking up my hearing-aid part by refusing to wait the week before, Thank You Very Much.  Since it had nothing to do with my appointment with ANOTHER DEPARTMENT – wouldn’t that be considered illegal to share my medical information?  (Which ironically, I realize I am now sharing with the entire internet).


To (you guessed it) the charismatic receptionist who decided to do this tattling to my nurse at the front desk while I was in the waiting room… why yes, I DO LIPREAD, Thank You Very Much.


To the nurse who apparently was friends with Receptionist Of The Year – ARE YOU KIDDING ME?  Getting mad at me because I don’t remember the exact date of my last hearing test is soooo not important in the grand scheme of things (and not relevant to that appointment anyway), Thank You Very Much.

Please remember that YOU have all my medical records, and after being profoundly deaf for three decades, I don’t exactly wait with baited breath to see the results of my 429th hearing test, Thank You Very Much.

And you’re welcome for the pageant smile I gave you the entire visit… I was determined to kill you with kindness after watching your exchange with the whiny receptionist.


(While I may seem overly whiny about this particular beloved specimen of a person – please consider the following history:

A few years ago, she went head-to-head with me and lost when I told her she was mistaken in her refusal to comply with their obligation regarding my benefits.  Her meanness left me in tears and my friend who was undergoing a very visible chemo for fourth stage lung cancer was attempting to help.  She threw her hand in our faces and yelled at us to STOP TALKING!

I related my story to customer service while crying and (long story short): the medical center CEO wrote me a sincere apology, reimbursed me with CASH, and Ms. Tyrant was sent for customer service training.  Man… maybe I oughta write a Letters of Intent tomorrow and send them a copy?)


Go check out KMama for more – hope y’all have less craziness to be grateful for.  Oh wait, that didn’t come out right…


Michelle Pixie said...

I think I would have someone’s job! You are so right that she is in total violation of the HIPA and you should totally pursue that. I just don't understand why people are so mean. I love that Mr. Daddy is your go to guy to take care of business, that's my job in my house, my hubby loves when people have pushed us to the limit that I can pull my inner bitch out and dish it right back. You really should write a letter of intent and send it to them and clue that CEO in on the fact that his customer service training needs revamping or maybe just hire someone who actually understands who the customer is! Grrrr!

Kmama said...

Rachel, I work in Human Resources, so I am totally versed in HIPAA compliance, and yes, that would be a violation. What a piece of work. Seriously!!

I think the training was lost on Ms. Cranky pants and instaed of training, they should invest in a better receptionist. Grr.

Thanks for linking up!

Danielle said...

Those darn rude receptionist. I scheduled an eye appt just the other day and waited 45 mins, only to have to reschedule, she tried to give me attitude too. Ahem, excuse me, I am the one sitting here waiting 45 minutes? Why must they be so rude? Glad the hubbs took care of that one for ya, :)


Brandi said...

Oh for the love, she should have been fired over the last incident! Totally laughing that you read their lips, though. ;)

Jana said...

I just love your blog, I cannot believe how mean spirited people are, its totally a problem for me too, because when they get mean I feel about an inch tall...but since I am 5'9 I think they get scared when I speak up. especially while wearing three inch heels. If I was there I would go as your body guard.=D

Emily said...

You know, there just isn't enough training for some customer service people. I totally would have given her a piece of my mind.

Leiah said...

Oh no she de'int! I wonder what said CEO would do when he saw "violation of HIPAA compliance" in black & white, 14 point font? I deal with a lot of crazies (see last week's Letter of Intent for instance) I can't imagine being that rude to someone who is the reason I have my job. Keep us updated on this one. I'd be interested to see what happens since it's not her first offense, with you or anyone else I'm sure.

Pam D said...

It's so very hard to "be Jesus with skin on" and turn the other cheek, isn't it? But that pageant smile was perfect (AND it probably pissed 'em off worse than if you sat there with a thundercloud raining and lightning over you the whole time, too... double bonus!). Trying to think of how Jesus WOULD handle this... wondering if she's this hateful to everyone, or if she has a burr under her saddle about you? And if so, why?? (bet she's jealous of that gorgeous smile... jealousy makes people U-G-L-Y). I don't know, but after watching you work through the court appearance with the car wreck lady, I have no doubt but that you WILL let God work through you. Cause that's just how you roll....

Mr. and Mrs. Nurse Boy said...

Grr.. what a grumpy piece of work that woman is! So sorry you have to deal with that!

Mrs. NB

Stacy said...

You sure have bad luck when it comes to bad customer service people in health care. :( I would definitely write another letter to them. That lady needs an attitude adjustment!

HeatherOz said...

sounds like she could use a refresher course! Where do these people come from?

GunDiva said...

You know, I just happen to have some freshly certified Medical Assistants who would be happy to fill those spots and if I ever found out that they gave any patient attitude like that, I'd personally kick their a**es and they all know it. Grrr....

I did giggle a bit about the lipreading :) Be honest, don't you ever want to repeat back to them what they just said? That, combined with your Pageant smile, would be *perfect*.

He & Me + 3 said...

Sounds like working at WalMart might better suit her. :) I can't stand people like that...

Pam said...

Not just the receptionist, everyone seems to be rude these days. I have ran into if from Taco Bell to sales reps on the phone. Not sure what the world is coming to.....
as for waiting, I look at it this way, I make an appt. I expect to be seen within a good frame of time. My time, although I don't get paid what a doctor just as valueable as mine.

Foursons said...

Ummm...yes! Letter of Intent NECESSARY! Especially since we're on such a roll.

I can't believe that lady still has a job. I don't think I could have smiled through the appt. I would have been talkin' smack loud and angry like.

Floortime Lite Mama said...

Oh no !! what a rude lttle mean pants she was

Muthering Heights said...

LOLOLOL, no, people should NEVER underestimate the parents of toddlers!!! We handle. Our. Business.

lsnellings said...

The receptionist may need to consider a career could probably help her with that by filing another complaint. Ugh! Sorry you had to deal with that unpleasant woman! said...

Gosh, that is incredible. How rude.

It is so frustrating to be treated with disrespect at medical offices, but it seems to happen so often.

And then to have it compounded with two of them being jerks...I am sorry you had to deal with this.

It may be time for another visit to customer service. You deserve better my friend!

Lexie Loo, Lily, Liam & Dylan Too said...

I can't believe they treated you like that!!! What crappy service.
Just keep smiling, girl!

Jodi Thornton said...

You would think, in a world where people should feel lucky to have a job, she might think twice about being so obnoxious!

You should totally write another letter!

Anonymous said...

I can't believe how incredibly rude people seem to think they have the right to be. I'm sitting here steaming after reading this! Did you write a letter? Do it! Do it!

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