Thursday, January 21, 2010

Thank You Very Much

I seriously didn’t think I’d be able to get to a Thank You Very Much post today… but it’s been a doozy of a week already and I’ve just got waaay too much snarkiness to go to waste.

After all my whining, head on over to Kmama’s for some “I hear ya” moments!

The Daily Dribbles


In all seriousness… a great big THANK YOU VERY MUCH to everyone who joined in on Battle of the Blogs – Round One!  We had a great time – stay tuned for the results and a few words from our sponsors.  Oh wait… we don’t have any sponsors?  Yeah, well – if anyone WANTS to be a sponsor, I’m sure Julie and I could be convinced to do some sumo suit wrestling for your entertainment.  Cuz we’re all about our image and all, Thank You Very Much!


About that “image” thing… to the little PhotoShop wizard who did the pictures for the Battle of the Blogs (cough JULIE! cough), I think you were being a bit unfair, Thank You Very Much!  Love that you posted a glamorous picture of you on vacation with your croc purse.  Then added a picture of me edited to look like a tiger was biting my butt.  Not to mention the unusual placement of the (ahem) girls that made me look like a walking advertisement for  What?  You didn’t think I was going to actually post the picture here, did you?  That’d be just a wee bit too much public humiliation, Thank You Very Much.



To the person who believes it is their sworn duty to make my life miserable during any working hours… God’ll get ya honey, Thank You Very Much.

Just because I sweetly reminded you that you failed to follow your own rules and forced staff to scramble, does not mean that you had to CREATE a new rule just for me to follow and club me over the head with it.  I already deal with ONE three-year old daily, what’s your excuse?  I’m sure you’d love to know that important people who matter are aware, very aware of your behavior issues, Thank You Very Much.

(Oh Lordy friends… if I could actually tell you what was going on, you’d be all over it.  Let’s just say that somebody needs a grand butt-chewing and a reality check.  Sponsors anyone?)


To the sister - yes, my ONLY sister - who thinks it’s okay to move away (sob), are you kidding me?  Look what you’ll be missing out on, Thank You Very Much!


Seriously.  Enough of this.  Come back already, k?  We’ll do thai and tiramisu and get our toesies painted.  Take the kids to the park and let them get their craziness out.  Seriously, you’d be a mean mom/aunt to deprive them of it, Thank You Very Much.

IMG_1391 (Love you very much and miss you already)


Gee, thanks a lot Kmama.  I think I prefer the snarky to the big ol’ pity party I wound up with, LOL.

Head on over and see what everyone else is grateful for!  And don’t forget to tune in soon for the Battle recap! :)


Momma Pixie said...

I hate when family moves away! Unfortunately I was the family that moved away and I miss them terribly, I am hoping to be living near them again in the near future, hopefully your sister won't stay gone for too long!

Between you and Kmama today is a day I am glad I don't have to deal with co-workers. I have a 1 year old whose sick and cutting 4 teeth but I think I'll suffer through my situation!

Daddy Bub said...

Good stuff, BTW, I had to abandon my blog because someone has to keep things running around here. You know with all the blogging Brandi does. LOL, I'll probably get into trouble for that. I wanted to post some stuff about the left wing, bleeding heart, liberals that are running our country this morning, and Brandi said "you cant put that political stuff on my blog, I'll lose followers".

Kmama said...

Aww, you linked up! Thanks!!

What is up with coworkers lately? Will you post that story at any point in time?

next week WILL be better, right??

Anonymous said...

Haha Im laughing because you said hubs was using that word all day the other day! Im like, where the heck did that come from?!

Im sorry but I went over and glanced at that picture and you hardly look like a walmart shopper!! I dont think you could ever even if you tried!

Shana said...

Oh I hate when loved ones move away. Oh yeah we were the ones that moved all the way to Wyoming from Georgia and left our family and friends In all fairness we came back 4 months later. I would have stayed but it wouldn't have been much fun without Chris.

Emily said...

Awe, I'm so sorry your sister moved. :(

Brandi said...

Oh do tell!!! Come on, you can share your co-worker's stupidity with a few hundred bloggy friends. We won't tell. ;)

Um, I also want to give you a big THANK YOU of my own... encouraging him to blog. Pshhhhht. If he gets more followers than me I will FLIP OUT. :D

Danielle said...

I know having a sister move away had to be hard. Atleast you have wonderful pics of them. :)


Lisa said...

I was reading your post. I really really was, I promise. But then I rolled over your labels accidentally, as I was reading. That thing is so cool!!! Just the kind of entertainment I needed, lol.

I am sorry about your sister moving though. It's hard on the whole family:(

Lauren said...

My sister lives far away too and it totally bites! :(

Mr. and Mrs. Nurse Boy said...

Family can't move away, can they?

Except for the in laws, of course.

Kidding. Kind of. ;0)

Mrs. NB

He & Me + 3 said...

What sweet pictures. It is so hard when family moves away. HOpe that the visits are often:)
Now you have to tell the co worker story. Thank you very much:)

Ruby Red Slippers said...

LOVE it! Very funny-
And your sister moving away? That stinks!!

Foursons said...

OK Rachel. Do you want skinny or saggy breasts? Huh? I can't do both deary. AND...that picture is getting reposted on my blog tomorrow as paybacks for bulldozing me on the debate. All is fair in love and blogging, right? Right?!

Lexie Loo & Dylan Too said...

I'm so sorry your sister is moving away. :( My sister moved away for 8 years, and I missed her so much. It's so hard. said...

Aw, poor girl. I can only imagine how painful it is to have your sister away. So sorry friend.