Sunday, February 21, 2010

Itty Bit Update

I don’t think exhaustion can even accurately describe it.

It all started here.  Remember when I vented about parents who don’t watch their children at amusement facilities?  We tempted fate a second time later in the week and went to a local bounce house to give Itty Bit some play time with Cutie Left and Cindy Lou Who.

The place was packed and it was quickly apparent that a good share of the kids in the Toddler/Little Ones area did not have an adult in attendance.  We let the kids run and play – with the implicit understanding that each of them had one of us adults watching them at all times.

See those hands lifting Cindy Lou Who up to the slide?  Mine.  (After she got screamed at by an unsupervised 2-year old who received a timely “manners intervention” from yours truly)


And on my shift with Itty Bit, I was watching him too.  Yes, he was climbing up the skee-ball alley, but the photo proves I was watching him :)


And when the boys headed over for pizza, they were under the watchful eye of Cutie Left’s dad, with me following behind.


The point was not to smother them, but to keep them safe – as it was crowded and chaotic.

The boys returned to jump in a bounce house and that’s when it happened.


A kid who had been running through the inflated toys area unsupervised for the past two hours, decided to be the bully of the preschool zone.

He ran at Cutie Left and attempted to knock him down.  The little athlete – he just righted himself and moved away.

Itty Bit did not fare as well.

The bigger kid grabbed him roughly by the arm and started swinging him around.  Itty Bit lost his balance and began to fall.  Before I could crawl into the structure to physically stop the bully, he ran full force at Itty Bit.  He headbutted him in the back and laid him flat.

In a heartbeat, my Mommy voice came from no where.



The bully growled and lunged at me and if I hadn’t stepped away from the netting, would have struck me with both hands.

Itty Bit was picking himself up, dazed and confused.

Mr. Daddy was by my side as a school-age girl approached him and asked, “are you his parents?”

“No, why?”

“Because he just spit in my face”

I was so disgusted.

We had not seen anyone check on this boy at any time – he couldn’t have been more than 4 or 5 years old.

Mr. Daddy looked into the bounce house again as the boy lunged at another kid.

And my sweet and easygoing and tolerant-as-the-day-is-long man found his DADDY voice.


The kid startled and stopped.  He exited the play area as we began gathering the kids and deciding to call it a night.

(The teenagers who were running the facility were not interested in supervising this area.  Frankly, it’s still the parents’ responsibility and I was not about to take a kick to the face to physically deliver him to the front desk).


I was worried.  Of course I was.

Itty Bit has only one remaining kidney.

When I received his diagnosis while pregnant with him, they didn’t even know if he would live.  My mind went back to those ‘worst case scenarios’ and the fears that I push to the back of my mind.

I can tell him he can’t play football.  He’ll probably hate me as a teenager.  I can tell him he can’t wrestle, he’ll probably think I’m the worst mom ever.

But how do I protect him from a random injury when he is simply playing like all little boys do?

Right now I feel helpless.  We need answers and I want to be reassured that all is fine, but I am fighting panic that this will be the visit to Children’s where the other shoe drops.

How many times have I left, thankful that I didn’t hear the words dialysis or surgery, or transplant this time?

Here’s where we stand:

Itty Bit has complained of pain while urinating.  And has suddenly started going far more frequently (six times in 90 minutes, and three times in 30 minutes).

The hit to his back was exactly in the area that needs to be protected.

Friends, I believe in a miracle-working God.  I believe that Itty Bit is already a walking miracle and God can surely touch his body and heal him.

Would you pray for him please?  That God would make his body function perfectly.  That he would not need medical intervention.  That God would give us wisdom in every decision.  And for answers.

I am so grateful for this kid.  This 3-year old that makes me want to be the mom he deserves every day.



Leiah said...

I'm so sorry! I'll be offering up prayers for healing & physical relief for Itty Bit...prayers for peace and emotional relief for your and Mr. Daddy. Just like Itty Bit feels safe and comforted while in yours, may you feel that same peace as He wraps you in His loving arms while you wait for an answer. I'm stepping out in faith that all news will be good news. Hugs to you all!

JenniferNe said...

Thank you for bringing his to us! Of course we will pray. That is what friends are for. We may not be friends in the real world but I have got your back in cyberspace any day!

K said...

in tears Rach
Praying for the 3 of you
Has the doctor said anything - is his kidney okay - do you know

Lynsay said...

Aw guys. I don't comment much but love to hear the updates. Am praying right now. When are you going to Childrens? Love and hugs.

Lynsay said...

Aw guys. I don't comment much but love to hear the updates. Am praying right now. When are you going to Childrens? Love and hugs.

Emily said...

Bless his heart. And yours too. I'm sorry you're having to go through this. We'll be praying for him, you, and Mr. Daddy.

Anonymous said...

I'm so sorry! I hope you get good news when you go to Children's. How long until the appointment?
Itty Bit, and you & Mr. Daddy, will be in my prayers over the coming days.

Ruby Red Slippers said...

Kids like that make me so upset...or rather the parents do-
I will be in prayer for your little guy-and you and your husband.

Shana said...

Oh Rachel. I am praying so hard for him. I will also add him to the prayer list for church this morning. I can't believe how kids are allowed to act these days. it is ridiculous. I am so sorry this happened.

Mr. and Mrs. Nurse Boy said...

I am praying!! What awesome parents you are and what a fantastic son you have been blessed with!

Mrs. NB

Anything Fits a Naked Man said...

Oh, my goodness, I will pray!! Thank you for bringing this to our attention. And I concur with the other commenters, you are an AWESOME parent!!

Foursons said...

I'm so sorry that another parent's neglect can have such potentially disastrous effects on your son. Thank goodness that we know the ultimate Healer. I pray that His hand will be in this situation from the beginning to the very bitter end.

HeatherOz said...

PRAYING!!!!!!!! and sending reassuring hugs!!

Liz (Loving Mom 2 Boys) said...

Oh NO!! Rachel I am praying for Itty Bit!! What a horrible thing to have happened at a place that is supposed to be safe and fun!!

renee said...

definitely praying for you guys!!!! hope it all goes well! please keep us posted!!!

Simply Valorie said...

That brought tears to my eyes. :( I'll definitely be praying for itty bit. I'm sorry that happened at all. Kids can be so mean! Too bad his parents weren't there.

Michelle Pixie said...

Sending prayers and all the good energy I can conjure up your way. My best friend's brother was born with cancer and the doctors gave him an experimental drug that cured the cancer but left him with a life long kidney disease. When they had discovered what had happened they had to remove a kidney and hope the one would be okay for a while, since then he has had two transplants (which the disease eventually attacks) and will have to continue a life of dialysis and transplants. He is 30 and an amazing young man. Itty Bit is strong and is already such a miracle, he is going to do great things!

{Kimber} said...

prayers for your little one

Melissa said...

You will definitely be in my prayers this week :)

MrsMann said...

Prayers for Itty Bit & hugs for his momma who needs some comfort!

Heather said...

I'm so sorry Rachel!! I am thinking of Itty Bit and hope there is only GOOD news to come.

We went to that bounce house for the first time this week, and I, too, was horrified at how many rambunctous, un-supervised kids there were. Luckily, Aidan didn't want anything to do with the bouncy houses... but I could easily see how injuries happen (well, with stupid bullies running around!!)

Tomara said...

Oh Rachel! I'm so sorry for such pain! I had no idea about Itty Bit's health issue. I will most definitely say extra prayers for complete healing for him... as well as some extra comfort for you! God is still able to do miracles. He can and will provide!

Kmama said...

I'm so sorry you are having to deal with this due to the neglectful parenting of others.

Second, you both are far better than me, because I probably would have put him hands on that child and physically removed him from the play area.

Shanda said...

So sorry to hear that Little Bit is strugling and that fear is rearing it's ugly head. Keep your belt of truth linched tightly and remember all of the times God has been faithful in the past with him. I am standing with you in prayer - one mothers heart bonded with another.

Have you ever tried probiotics with him?
Love and HUGS!

Danielle said...

I am definitely praying for you all. This pains me to hear since this is due to the neglect of another parent. So sorry. Hugs!

Tiffany said...

Like I said before...grr

Know that we are praying as a family for you guys. For wisdom, peace, clarity, provision, protection, and healing. Hugs!

robin said...

OMG!!!!! OMG!!! I would be LIVID! I think I would want to pull that brat around until someone claimed him and then told them what he had done while my hubby cared for our own! I can't believe those kind of parents!

I wasn't aware of Itty Bit's issues...but I'm sending lots of positive thoughts and prayers!!

Anonymous said...

Holy smokers Rachel & Mr. Daddy, that is some brutalness. I'm in shock at the horrible child's cruelty.
Many prayers for you!

Brandi said...

Oh no! I hate those bounce houses - rowdy kids and no adult supervision. That's how Lil' Bub broke his arm last year. Of course, will be praying for your precious Itty Bit with all I've got.

Semi-Slacker Mom said...

I am so sorry this happened to you. His parents probably just dropped him off so other parents could babysit him. I am praying for you. Hope good news comes soon. I am also praying for the other child & his future.

danette said...

Oh Rachel, I am so sorry! I had no idea... all of you will be in my prayers. Hoping for all good news when you go to the doctor, how long do you have to wait for an appt?

blwinnin said...

Hope Itty Bitty is healing as I write. Grrrrrrrr to parents who aren't parents! Prayers for all. said...

Sending up big prayers right now!!!!

GunDiva said...

Good vibes to your whole family. Grrr...

Stay strong, Rach. I know it's hard when you have a kid with health issues. Just remember, you and Mr. Daddy are great parents and Itty Bit's lucky to have you.

brian said...


Very concerned, and saying a prayer for Itty Bit, you and Mr. D right now...

He & Me + 3 said...

OH Rachel, I am praying right now for your baby. My heart is breaking for you and the anxiety over this that you are feeling. Praying for complete healing for your boy.

The Household 6 Diva said...

Praying for healing for your precious little man... and for your peace and strength to see it all through... (HUGS)
Ann Marie

City girl turned Country Girl said...

Oh Rachel!! This makes me SO sad and SO mad at the same time!!! Parents need to take responsibility for their children! It is not up to the public to do that! I am so very glad that you kept such a good eye on him! And he will strongly be in my prayers for fast and natural healing!!

HUGS & PRAYERS for you all!!

Anonymous said...

I'm so sorry you've all had to go through that. You'll be in my thoughts for sure.

Stacy said...

Oh my goodness...praying for your little guy! I hope he is feeling better now.

Shame on those parents!! I know I am an eagle eye when my kids are in places like that. You can't trust other people's kids...or just other people, unfortunately. I tend to avoid them like the plague...not worth the stress. :(

Anonymous said...

I am so bothered by a) mannerless children and b) neglectful parents. I am so sorry that this is going on for you. Y'all are in my prayers.

Killlashandra said...

First I hope he is ok and it's a bruise that heals normally after being checked out. Praying it's so. Second, I have done my fair share of parenting other people's kids in a public area. Long ago I got over any fear of telling off someone elses child if they were behaving badly. I'll never forget chewing some 10 year old for throwing mud at a rodeo one time. I'm sorry it happened and wish some parents took parenting more seriously. :/

Lisa said...
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Lisa said...

Phew...I am so happy to hear everything is okay.

You are one heck-of-a-mom, with your husband being one heck-of-a-dad, all to one heck-of-a-kid!

Hugs and love to you all!

Lexie Loo & Dylan Too said...

Saying prayers for your sweet, little boy!
Hang in there, Rachel.