Friday, February 12, 2010

Letters of Intent - Changing the World!

Letters of Intent

Time for Letters of Intent, courtesy of Julie at Foursons.  As I said to Dana this morning – Letters of Intent is going to CHANGE THE WORLD!  She’s now the fourth blogger I know of who has gotten a response from a company who was searching the internet and came across her Letter of Intent about their product.  Well, Julie and I both sent the companies letters, but seriously?!?!  The best part?  Maybe this will convince businesses that it is worth continuing high quality in products that we love.

Otherwise you’re gonna get Letters of Intented and that’s just no fun.  (Don’t you love how I just made it a verb?)

Anyway… I don’t think any company is gonna call me on mine this week… because this particular breed is widespread and apparently doesn’t care about appearances.


Dear Parents Who Shouldn’t Be:

Having the ability to reproduce doesn’t mean you should.

When you decide to have a child,  you accept the responsibility of keeping that child safe to the best of your ability.  Even when it impinges on your “me” time.

And especially when you decide to bring them to an adult establishment such as this:


Cuz obviously when you bring them here, it is all about YOU.

Apparently, it is not at all about the boy who couldn’t have been older than two who followed us, asking Mr. Daddy for tokens.



And it is not at all about the three-year-old who hung out with us and played air hockey for 15 minutes without anyone checking on him.



It is apparently not at all about the crying toddler who looked up at me and wailed, “Da-da!  Da-Da!”


Cuz all of these kids had one thing in common:

There wasn’t a parent or grandparent in sight.

Shame on you.

(Tell me, not one of those pictures above shows a child old enough to be left unattended.  If you disagree, I will share my story of an attempted kidnapping with you.  The child was me.)

There are a million places for kids to get hurt.  A million places for them to hide.  And a million kids who are bickering and pushing eachother around the various motorized amusements.

I am sick at the thought of how easy it would be for someone with wrong intentions to harm one of these young ignored children.

So parents who were at Chuck E Cheese this week – please hang up the phone, quit Facebooking from your cell, step away from the fourth visit to the salad bar – and get out there to spend some quality time with your kiddo.

I’m sure they’d rather spend it with you.


A Worried Mom


Anonymous said...


And here in Oklahoma, a child cannot LEGALLY be left alone until the age of 12! AND, they cannot be left alone IN CHARGE of another child until the age of 14! Which dumping the kids places (malls/game places/libraries) so you can go do whatever YOU want to do!

Man, this one just gets me EVERYTIME. Darn stupid parents. Any MONKEY can procreate...but a HUMAN actually builds a relationship with their offspring.

I LOVE this Letters of Intent! Funny how it's working out, huh? LOL

(And yes, I still totally thought it was Mr. Daddy HAHAHAHA)

Kmama said...

Great letter. I can't imagine allowing Buddy to play in there by himself. Honestly though, I guess it's not so much that I would worry about him not knowing what to do, but I worry more about the bratty, misbehaving kids (with no parental oversight) pushing him around.

I hate Chuck E. Cheese. Hate it.

Leiah said...

I.loathe.those.places. We used to have one here that was called 'Discovery Zone' but we called it Disaster Zone because it never failed. Some unattended kid would have peed or vomited in the ball pit, they were always pushing and shoving the little ones out of their place in name it. The worst was when some toddler's diaper came loose in one of those climbing tubes. Yep, it hit the tube. It still makes me wretch to this day thinking about it and all those kids that came down with it all over them. And what did the momma do? She got mad and said they humiliated her and her child. Seriously?

Windthicket Fables said...

Awww. That is sad. I love Chuck E. Cheeses, but I can't stand it when parents ignore their kids. Especially little ones.

Foursons said...

Chuck E Cheese's is one of the places I cringe about when we have to go there for a party. The place is over run with kids who are not supervised and it drives me crazy. It is so stinkin' loud (lucky you and your hearing aids) and the counter where you cash in your tickets is usually poorly run. Seriously- I HATE the place.

Thanks for linking up- isn't all the great response from our letters amazing?! I'm so excited about it all!

Unknown said...

That makes me so glad that Chuck E Cheese is NOWHERE near our town. But, we still get our fair share of unattended children at places, and it drives me batty too. Especially when you have to step in to protect or correct said unattended child, and then the parents miraculously appear. Annoying & rude.

Catherine Anne said...

Love the pics

Michelle Pixie said...

One of the upside's of our move two years ago...The kids have no idea this town has a Chuck E. Cheese and we haven't told them otherwise! We never drive to that end of town so they have never seen it with their little eyes and I guess it's true what they say "Out of sight, out of mind!" thank goodness! I loathe that place for the exact reasons you explain. I love that parent's feel a sense of security by the "glow in the dark stamp" that you have to get to enter their fine establishment and prove you have when you leave...Um everyone has the stupid stamp?!

I just sent a letter off to the HOA about the bus stop issues and was told “We can’t make parent’s be responsible.” HUH?! I guess maybe that will kick in when their child disappears from their world!

Muthering Heights said...

That makes me so sad. :(

We somehow wind up playing with a bunch of stray children in my neighborhood whenever we go outside...some can't be more than three!!! It makes me wonder what the parents are doing...

Unknown said...

Great post,
so very sad, I encounter this daily with my job too... kiddos wanting to follow me. It's a sad world we live in!

GunDiva said...

I hate Chuck E. Cheese for those exact reasons. Those and the fact that it's unbelievably expensive.

I agree with your opening statement, just because you can procreate doesn't mean you should.

We recently had a 24 day old baby die who was left in a garage. Yep, her partying mommy thought it was perfectly acceptable to leave a newborn in an uninsulated garage with a space heater. When the coroner's office responded, the ambient temperature of the garage was 41* F. At least Chuck E. Cheese has heat.

Shana Putnam said...

To the comment above mine OMG that is horrible. Poor babies and kids go through so much these days. The mroals of our country are down the tube. It blows my mind that these are the same people that blow their tops when something is said about their children being alone or even just rude and undisciplined. Man, it is just crazy.

HeatherOz said...

Oh Rachel! Why why why? I can't stand it! I don't let my kids stick a pinky out the door without being supervised. How can people not worry about some strange sicko who's favorite place to hang out is Chuck's!

Jana said...

Just went to cec's there was a crawling baby hangin with me, mom was somewhere else. I love babies, I could have totally stolen that one, but I am also nice and sane. thanks for sharing this rachel. I am with you all the way.

Floortime Lite Mama said...

gosh you are soooo right
One of the things that really annoys me is that so many lovely people seem to have so much trouble getting pregnant
while many awful people who dont want kids have them easily !!!
you are so right - how easy it is to lose a child
being the mum of a child who wanders so easily it is my constant fear

robin said...

Oh yes...I know exactly what you mean!!! I am SO tired after leaving that place (where we go only for parties) because I continuously follow my preschooler everywhere the entire time! I also throw the toddler in the baby backpack because there's no way I can chase two at once. And I also notice, while there are other party kids all around, their parent(s) are no where in sight. I think they figure that the little stamp on your hand to match up adult with kiddo at the door is a failsafe, so to speak. Nothing replaces the watchful eye of a caring adult though...

Emily said...

Perfect letter. It drives me BANANAS when I see parents NOT parenting!

Lisa said...

OMGosh. I cannot believe it. You were almost kidnapped too? Serious as a heart attack here. Girl, we got WAY too much in common! I didn't think there was anyone else like my family in the ENITRE WORLD, let alone the USA! lol PLUS, (for real, not making fun, surely to goodness you know I would never do that on such a serious note) I have considerable trouble hearing at times due to fluid in my ears and sinuses. (which "helps" cause my vertigo) I am blessed/cursed with either beyond PERFECT hearing (like hearing every squeak, wrong note, buzz of the tv when the cable is off but the tv is still on, train 7 minutes away, pop of the floor boards, only 10 times too loud so that it hurts) or muffled hearing like I just got out of the pool. (and not "selective hearing" like many men suffer! lol) Wow. Seriously. I have never mentioned it before because I already sound like a "I wanna be just like you" stalker freak or something! LOL Plus, I am blessed not to suffer everyday, and your situation has made me keenly aware not to take good days for granted. Learn something new everyday, huh?

Oh, yeah, parents like that drive me wild too. Do they even CARE if anyone takes off with their kid? Is that their goal or something? Sheesh.

Kameron said...

That bothers me to no end. I can't believe that some people are even allowed to have kids.

brian said...

I've seen this too. I totally agree, Rach.

Aunt Crazy said...

I would have been tempted to take each of those children to the counter and reported them as "lost and found" so that the parents had the humiliation of having to come to the counter to get them and look me in the face.

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